Sunday, November 6, 2011

November 8

A friend sent me this brief video….What caught my attention was this group of people have the awareness of their future and instill in their children a sense of responsibility….I look around and realize that we, in the greatest nation the world has ever seen, have lost our way…. What we do today directs out future… Our children need to know, not simply intellectually, but experientially what they must do to protect the nations legacy….

This needs to be done in a 'hands on' way just like the father in this video teaching his daughter. Take them to the polls…..Talk to them about the importance of what is being done…. Let them see your commitment…If possible, let them be part of the experience...

November 8 is a turning point… The direction of the State, over the next four years, will be decided…We will decide it…

Carpe diem


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