Friday, September 28, 2012

Workers, Jobs, and Other troubling things

Hey, hey what do you say, how many jobs got kill today?

Time is running out…. November  is only a few weeks off….

To say the liberal media is not doing its job in covering Obama and his speachifying objectively is so. AND so what? Who I complain about is our conservative press. The Fox people and others who are supposed to be conservative. Each and everyone of them turned into a caricature of the Andy Griffith character in the old movie "A Face In the Crowd." They simply pick up the liberal media's story of the day and say, "Gosh That’s Not Right." We need to accept the fact that they are simply part of the Political Class and move on…. The richness of the internet give this group more than simply clues as to what is important to conservative voters as well as the nation.  We do their research for them. We deliver it to them and get ignored.

The greatest disservice to the American voters has been the news medias' beliefs  that Obama wants to do what all presidents before him have done to protect the nation, encourage business development, and create jobs. Nothing could be farther from his agenda. This man is a revolutionist whose goal is to change this country. The fastest way to do this is to push the country off the financial cliff.   He has no interest in job creation. He wants and needs a larger group of dependent citizens to accomplish his goals..… Obama does have an interest in growing the national debt, growing a dependent underclass, lowering America's leadership in world affairs, protecting Islam, taking wealth from earners and transferring their wealth to non-producers…. These are the things done in all other socialist nations.  The conservative press says he is failing in goals they imagine a president should have. Liberal media is saying he is simply hampered in his efforts by the Republicans and thank goodness for them. This President is winning. He is accomplishing his goal which is to overwhelm all  the systems in government until it fails. Out of these ashes he will, if given fours more years, build a true socialist system of government. Read his writings and see the Obama - 2016 movie… Homework works…..

We need to accept that this election is a tipping point. Should the conservative voice win,  maybe we can start reconstructing a government for and by the people. If the election gives Obama four more years then we will see a rapid slide into socialism which most don't have a clue as to what this would mean to them.  (I have a friend who was telling me he wakes up every morning and says, "Why me Lord?"  I asked him since there is trouble isn't it a good thing that we are here to deal with it rather than simply pass it on to our children? He nodded, Yes, but not happily.

Obama and Nancy would have us believe that Occupy Wall Street is made up of well educated, out of work, spontaneous group of American citizens. Do some home work and see what organizations support and sponsor these demonstrations.  Each of these supporting groups' goals are to change America in similar ways as Obama… AND certainly the liberal media is not shinning any light on them or their goals and neither is the conservative (pardon my use of the term) press. These demonstrations remind me somewhat of the "love-ins" of the late sixties. This quote below, written by some clever writer, certainly reminds me of the sixties.

(I'm really bummed out, Man. I took out major student loans to attend a prestigious university for six years while studying Pre-Colonial Bantu Poetry, and now I've had no success in finding a job. I don't understand it. I ask for interviews, I put on my cleanest Che Guevara t-shirt, straighten my dreadlocks and polish the stud in my nostril, and those weird fascists in the fancy offices won't even take me seriously. This country sucks, Man. And my Mom....she's so out of touch...she wants me to move out of the basement. And I'm running out of pot. It's all George Bush and Karl Rove's fault. )

Here is a list of people we need in office and they need us to get some money to their campaigns quickly. The clock is ticking and the Dems are flowing money against them. If all of us in the Tea Party sent five or ten buck to each candidate that would be a real chunk of change and might make a huge difference in outcome. 

Josh Mandel (Ohio)
Ted Cruz (Texas)
Jeff Flake (Arizona)
Richard Mourdock (Indiana)
Deb Fischer (Nebraska)
George Allen (Virginia)
Tom Smith (Pennsylvania)
Dan Bongino (Maryland)

Note: We all know what the major problems are so I won't recant each of them but here are some numbers, that have become shocking, just on Social Security:

As of June - 2012 the civilian labor force was 155,163,000.
As of June - 2012 there were 111,145,000 in the private workforce.
As of June - 2012 there were 56,174,538 collecting some form of SS or disability benefit.

The ratio of SS beneficiaries to private employees has passed the 50% mark.

There are now half as many people getting some kind of Social Security benefit as there are workers in private employment paying into Social Security. Solving the Social Security problem is one of the easier problems to fix if compared, lets say, to the national debt or health care.

Looking at a a problem which is much more complex. Jobs that are required in order to stay afloat. It takes about 125,000 new jobs per month just to keep up with population growth. (These are the younger group reaching working age and/or finishing college.) We need 250,000 new jobs per month for a year to drop the unemployment rate by a little more than 1%, …..We have seen one million people drop from the official labor force numbers in just the last two months. So they are no longer being counted as unemployed. So the unemployment figures stay the same. Isn't that a neat smoke and mirror government trick! The government does similar tricks with GDP and housing numbers. Using these 'tricked'numbers" Obama can say ,"Things are looking better."  Liberal and conservative media can say, "Thing are looking better."  I wonder what these one million folks that got dropped say?

Using these government reports Lou Dobbs over the last few weeks has been taking shots at businesses and their failure to hire. Lou, I don't think, has ever been accused of being the sharpest tool in the shed. This is a man, like so many others, in the media or congress who have never run a business of any kind...Never signed payroll checks to employees…AND never filled out a business tax return… who somehow has knowledge of those who do these things in their business life on a daily basis. These businesses just got hit with yet another 1571 pages of new federal regulations. These businesses don't have a clue as to what their federal taxes will be come  January 1, 2013. These same business can't estimate the health cost of each new hire over the next few years. These are the businesses Lou broadly condemned that are mostly small businesses and are just barely keeping their doors open during this economic recession. 

Businesses are the anchor of the economy. They are the engine that drives everything. They are the job creators, not government. Businesses should be considered by all as valued friends. They are the goose that lay the golden American dream.

Shame on government, shame on the media, and shame on us for letting this happen. Fire anyone who attacks our goose.

We must elect the conservative candidates in the list above…. We must end this election cycle in control of the Senate.

If we can take a depth breath for a moment and consider who we are fighting, and we are in a fight, is it Obama or other American citizens? (Could be both.) One of the funny things I keep running into with the Tea folks is the idea that there is a huge group of liberal voters who want this country to become a socialist nation. The word "liberal" is misleading and the word "socialist" is not understood by most. This voting block is made up of people who have no idea how government works, national history, economy, politics in general, and are totally disconnected from what Tea folks assume is known, thought  about, or understood. The are unconnected and ignorant.

Forty three day, eight hours, and forty two minutes until the voting begins.

I think Obama will be dazzling in the presidential debates. Many are believing Romney must win these debates clearly in order to win the election. In my naïve way I think it is our votes along with the undecided voters that we might sway who will win this election. BUT watch the 'youtube below' and see who Obama's core voters are.

I just watched a brief interview with a young black women who had just left an Obama campaign stop… She said, "This was one of the greatest moments in my life. For the first time I know that I don't have to worry about my house mortgage, my food, and cost of gas.  Obama will save me." 

Take a look at the Obama followers (video below) and accept that these are your neighbors, maybe some co-workers, a few friends thrown in, and maybe even some distant family members.  


Friday, September 21, 2012

Obama - 2016

"There hasn't been one day during the entire Obama presidency when as many Americans were working as on the day President Bush left office."

Has nothing changed? Well, just about everything that is important has changed. Hope and Change was promised… Change has come but our 'hope' in this young President has all but vanished among many  -  but not all….. We find our self wondering why haven't all voters abandoned him?

A society without means to detect lies and theft soon squanders liberty and freedom….

Most voters get their information from friend and  family who, more often than not, get their information from news sound bites from the liberal media. Simple example: Obama says the Republicans want to raise taxes on the middle class and deny women health  coverage. Clearly lies…Media reports his  statement over and  over and that is what many voters begin to believe, then tell their friends.

This is how it was done in the novel 1984 and in the thirties in and Nazi Germany leading up to World War Two. Tell the lie over and over and soon it is believed. Did this work in these two examples? You bet it did…. 

I just got back from watching the film "Obama - 2016"… I had been hearing how good this documentary film was and the impact it was having. The film ended and as the audience walked out no one was talking. My wife and I weren't talking. We got in the car and drove a good while before she broke the silence. She said, "The country is lost," then started crying.

The film helped connect the dots. Slowly the picture started forming as more and more dots linked up. Obama promised that he would change this nation. He has done so. What the film also does is to help us see the broader reaches of Obama's  destructive behavior. Once he has made these systemic changes he promised,  we will not be able to get back the country we grew up in.

I don't want to keep rambling about this film.. Please, go see it.

"The spread of evil is the symptom of a vacuum. Whenever evil wins, it is only by default: by the moral failure of those who evade the fact that there can be no compromise on basic principles."

What did we imagine would happen as we watched political leaders of countries such as Egypt, Libya, etc. fall? The Obama government and liberal media assured us this was a good thing. People wanting freedom from their oppressors… Sounds good? You bet. Taking down of these leaders left a big hole and surprise- surprise guess who jumped in it.

What did we expect. Who were the rebels who, not by themselves, overthrew their leaders? The answer to the question is what we see… The 'vacuum' is being filled by conservative Muslims and some radical Muslims with all their pent up hatred towards this country. We have been supporting all of the leaders in all the mid-eastern countries for years. Tyrants… buying each of them with American dollars that was used to consolidate their power.  We are perceived as evil by  people in this region of the world. 1) Because of our historical  support of dictators in their countries. 2) Their religious beliefs say that non-Muslims are evil. There is a simple directive in the Quran that says Muslims must convert or kill non-believers. This is not a fringe group of radicals ideals. This is a corner stone in their belief system. Certainly all Muslims don't practice or believe this in a literal way…. However, there are more than enough that do take this directive literally.

The time is well past for us to question our foreign policy regarding the mid-east as well as other areas of the world. These policies, for the most part, have been in place for decades. The world has changed. We must decide if this old policy of 'buying' friends in government really is a good thing or just another failed policy. If you look at voting in the United Nations all one hundred and eighty six emerging countries always vote against us.

In general we are not liked and are not trusted. They want us to keep sending them our billions of dollars but not our policies or religion.

Closer to home and back to the elections…uhummmm I somehow think the Tea folks are doing and have done everything they can think of and will continue this for another 52 days. I somehow think our candidate is not doing his part…. I think the polls are reflection this reality. When you see polls that say the  average voter thinks that Obama will do a better job with the economy and job creation than Romney you have to ask WHY? Why would they think this. The answer lies with Romney and his conduct in this campaign and has nothing to do with the economy or job creation.

The liberal media from the liberal point of view did the right thing in driving Newt out of the race early on. They knew this would be a close aggressive campaign and that Obama had a really poor record to run on. Romney is not being aggressive and the public has, through the help of the media, reinterpreted Obama's accomplishments.

When we get through this campaign cycle I think we must find a way to replace all the local and national GOP leaders. This group has morphed into the broader group of the elite political class. For this group a government for and by the people is simply a silly idea and certainly not part of their beliefs or goals.

I'm sure I just missed it but has anyone heard any candidate say that they are running for elected office in order to restore the government back to the people?
The question is so naïve I don't know why I wrote it.

How long has the people vs government or government vs people complaining been  around?  Have we complained about this or that thing over the years but have we fully appreciated or recognized what our government has become?  We just keep hoping government would right itself, get back to the basics, and move forward. Obama is the wake up call. Who he is and what he believes is the sum of all of our complaints over decades. He encompasses all of our lost of rights and liberties. Expanding a wealth transferring government and impinging on every aspect of our private and business lives.  Although he is the tipping point Obama was not around when the groundwork of transforming this nation of one for and by the people to one of people for and by the government. This was done by both political parties supported by an elite political class one small step at a time.   

A society without means to detect lies and theft soon squanders liberty and freedom…

With this said, we must consider our current president and try and understand who he is, what he believes, and what his goals are before its to late. These questions are the basis on the movie Obama - 2016.

From Dreams From My Father Obama says:

"I ceased to advertise my mother's race at the age of 12 or 13, when I began to suspect that by doing so I was ingratiating myself to whites."

"I found a solace in nursing a pervasive sense of grievance and animosity against my mother's race."

"I never emulate white men and brown men whose fates didn't speak to my own. It was into my father's image, the black man, son of Africa, that I'd packed all the attributes I sought in myself: the attributes of Martin and Malcolm, DuBois and Mandela."

From Audacity of Hope Obama says:

"I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction."

These few examples explain the morals and character of our President. He says what he stands for and acts on his beliefs. It was all there for the seeing. He was out front with his writing but not in his campaigning.

I could keep quoting from Obama's writings but if we, as a people, wanted to know who he was before we elected him we would have done our homework and read his books. Obama - 2016 is that missing home work…..(Does anyone know how or why neither of the Obama have a license to practice law in Illinois any longer?)

If shame is to fall it should fall on us. 

Below is a link to Rubio's speech at the national convention. I know everyone saw the speech but I think its is a good reminder of how young leaders deport themselves and  how simply they can express their beliefs and values.

Also, I want to close this article on a positive note.


Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Big Bang

People only accept change in necessity and see necessity only in crisis. J. Monnet

In human experience when confronted with changes, we sense some level of danger and loss.  Loss at all levels of awareness is resisted. Familiar is safe….  If each of us searches back in time to things that we define as missed opportunities we will find our reluctances to grab the moment - stepping outside our familiar boundaries – was simply rationalized in ways that allowed No to be much easier choices than Yes.

These experiences big and small happen on a daily basis. Simple things such as what we eat, where we go, who we visit, what we buy, and even who we vote for.

Anyone who has read even one my articles knows that reelection of good-old-boys is a subject that I harp on about political employees. All elected political folk know if they don’t make waves, stay inside of the middle-of-the-road boundaries, keep a low profile, don’t lie, cheat, or steal too much, the voters will reelect them. Just to assure their success in the next election cycle they throw in a little-pork-barreling around their district or state with money here and there for projects that some socially active or political group of voters want, of course with their names clearly pasted on each of these projects.

If FDR was still alive he might still be president. If Jerry Brown’s father was still alive he might still be governor of California. Because of Jerry Brown’s farther California set term limits for governor and because of FDR the presidency was limited to two terms. What we cannot do is set limits for congressional Senators or Representatives. It seems the Court has limited what we can do with term limits and this group. So it is up to us to limit their time in office through our votes.

Just take my ranting on limiting terms in office as in “Oh well, there he goes again.” In my reading of many Tea Party sites across the country this is not an issue on their web sites or seemingly for any of their members. In my opinion this is too bad. My best bet is they don’t fully connect the GOP guys and gals, who have been in elected office ten or twenty years, with the problems we are facing as a nation. They somehow believe it is the Dems who have done this dirty deed. This may be just a observation but for sure the dots aren’t being connected at some level in lots of minds.

The BIG BANG happens in sixty days. As a start we need control of the Senate. In order to control the Senate we must reelect the good-old-boys there (gag-me-with-a-spoon.) and hire a few more, hopefully, conservatives. It will be close according to the current polls. It looks like the House is safe in numbers and if Romney and Ryan can get some momentum going maybe we can pick up some Senate seats off their coattails. Without the senate vote presidents have a really hard time making any changes what-so-ever.

Cruz is on my support list and he seems safe in the election. A few months back we started sending Mandel a little money. He is running against Brown, who is one of the older five or six term good-old-boys in Ohio. Mandel is behind. (But he seems to be pulling up some.) Go on YouTube and watch some of his speeches. He will remind you of Rubio and Cruz. Please, don’t cross Akin off your list of people to support. (Google him) Read his history. See his conservative votes on all the important issues. The GOP has pulled his funding because he made a gaff concerning abortions. This man is prolife to the core. He is running about four points down in some polls. He needs money badly. He is running against Claire McCaskill, a really hideous liberal senator and a strong supporter of Obama. West has to run in a new district in Florida this time around and money is pouring in against him.

These are my sales pitches for the moment. Know that lots of people will not fully make up their minds until a few weeks before the election. That’s when the candidates’ campaign money can decide the campaign one way or the other.

Well, the Dems show gets underway this week. Rumor is they had about five thousand seats not spoken for a week or so ago. (Don’t know just what that means.) Polls are suggesting that Dem voters are not as excited as they were in 2008. I don’t take that to mean they won’t go to the polls and vote for the guy again. Somehow, I would bet the liberal news media covers this convention very differently than they did the Tampa convention. What do you think?

Going back to the issue of change…. I wonder how we could go about making changes that would be perceived as positive in these various social programs. Over time the social support has morphed into a way of life for a huge group of citizens. I’m not sure just when or how our thinking moved from social support to entitlements to lifetime support for individuals and families. For sure, so long as we are willing to pay young women to produce children they will continue to produce children.

We can’t even talk about these programs without someone yelling “racist”. There isn’t any other part of our society where people are not accountable and responsible for their behavior.

President Johnson was warned about what would happen over time when he and a Democratic Congress pushed these social programs through congress. We are picking up the costs today for what he did three generation ago in the mid sixties. Obama just accomplished the same thing with the national health care program in that generations to come will be paying the ongoing costs of what he did in 2011.

We tend to think of Senator Tom Coburn, from Oklahoma, as a good example of a conservative senator. This is the man who felt he had the right to step into our homes and tell us we could no longer use incandescent light bulbs and that florescent bulbs were good enough. The bill he wrote was passed into law. It was supposed to go into effect January 1, 2013 with outlawing incandescent light bulbs. This was not popular with many voters so the good senator agreed to postpone the implementation of the law till January 1, 2014. I wonder IF he picked up this trick from Obama.

There is a reality with elected folks and it is they can’t seem to see farther than they can spit.

To sum this missive up: Send money (doesn’t have to be much) to conservative candidates -  it is time to start holding people in social programs responsible for their behavior -  and last but not least let’s begin to question our reelecting and then re-reelecting these same old good-old-boys. They are destroying the country.

A society without means to detect lies and theft soon squanders liberty and freedom….

I find it helpful for me to not think about the elected as Democrats or Republicans but as combined as the Elite Intellectual Political Class. In their heart of hearts this combined brotherhood believes that government knows best and that the citizens should appreciate and accept their wisdom and leadership. (Like in shut up and sit down.) Really how different is Tom Coburn’s arrogance of putting his foot in our houses and dictating what light bulbs we can use from Harry Reid or Nancy’s arrogance in nationalizing our health delivery system? (Only - in - degree.) Whoever we leave in these elected positions long enough will become demigods.

We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by force."

Obama 2016… Find a theater that is playing the film, take the children and if grandchildren are old enough take them. Round up all your kin folks that are fence sitters or lack interest in the coming BIG BANG in November. Buy their ticket and popcorn and think of the cost as a political contribution.  We need to pick up seven to ten percent more votes than we are currently polling to win this election without having a lot of coronaries. Most of the people who see this film will not vote for Obama.

"The spread of evil is the symptom of a vacuum. Whenever evil wins, it is only by default: by the moral failure of those who evade the fact that there can be no compromise on basic principles."

Take a minute and watch this short video. If we as a nation and can accomplish such marvels why is it we can’t find men and women who will do what we hire them to do in our federal government?

Let us look to each other for strength. Share our hopes and dreams. Smile quickly, laugh out loud, hold hands, and sing together. There will always be an Obama and bad governments but they are the few and we are many. This is our nation. We are the owners, the stewards, and the protectors. Our history is witness to for all who choose to threaten our liberties our opposed our freedoms. 

Take a moment and watch our neighbors share their dreams.
 Control –click  - will follow the link  (You may need to copy this into your browser to get it to open.)


Monday, September 3, 2012

The Enemy of the Day

Ah, when I was younger we always knew who the enemy was. The stories we read and the movies we saw taught us to recognize the 'bad' guy. Not only did the young children know about the 'bad' guy but the adults knew also. We had our Hitler, Japanese army, and later the Russian menace. All easily and clearly definable 'bad' guys. What a wonderful time… The word that come to mind is 'simple'.. It was all so simple.

 Between then and now something has happened that morphed simple into confusion. Such as lying is OK… National debt is OK... Forty millions don't pay taxes is OK… Sixty million on food stamps is OK… Graduating children from high school that can barely read or write is OK... Nationalizing businesses is OK… Burdening future generations with debt created by this generation is OK…

 To be told these things by the politicos is one thing but having half of our population believing such political deceptions in another. The political class could get by with this crazy deceptive behavior when we all went to the polls in the back of the watermelon wagon but today we go in Lexus and new pickups.

 Probably the idea of voting for this 'guy' because he doesn't appear as bad as that 'guy' is so embedded in the voters' mind that is seems like this is just the way it should be done.

 The elections in November give us one more chance to get rid of the men and women who got us here. They have done what they were elected to do which is to lead but they chose the wrong direction. They did this by listening to other members and the party leadership. Not to us. They work for us and they have become a liability on our personal and federal balance sheets. It's time for us to cut our losses. Learn from our mistakes and move on. But how? We tell them we want a smaller government and they expand government. We tell them we want a lower and simpler tax code and they expand the tax code as well as our taxes. We tell them we don't want them involved in our personal lives, our business lives, and they involve themselves more in both.

 Vetting any candidate is hard and the simplest way is to look at their history. Which tells us little… We can't see into their character or into their hearts so we are always buying a 'pig-in-a-poke.' What we do know is that anyone who runs for public office is wants the prestige and power that goes with that office. They are not in these races to be protectors of the 'down trodden' middle class. What else we know is that once they have gained that power they will turn heaven and hell to keep the power. They will lie, cheat, and if it come to it sell their oldest son.

 What got us here is we did not oversee the elected guardians of our nation. These elected will not fix our national problems because they are the problem. So it is we, the owners of the nation, to clean up and pay the debts. Until we have struck fear in their hearts by firing enough of their brothers they will not listen to our wishes or follow our guidance. I'm not sure if we clearly understand what we must do?

 The constitution is the mission statement and the job description for the federal government's elected officials is to carry out the mission. BUT it is we who must clearly remind each candidate what their duties are and what we expect from them as employees. At the same time knowing what they agree to during a campaign for office may well not be what they do while in office.

 Finally people in Indiana are saying enough to teachers, administrations, and the public schools system.

Struggling Indiana public school districts are buying billboard space, airing radio ads and even sending principals door-to-door in an unusual marketing campaign aimed at persuading parents not to move their children to private schools as the nation's largest voucher program doubles in size.

 Unlike voucher programs in other states that are limited to poor families and failing school districts, the Indiana subsidies are open to a much broader range of people, including parents with a household income up to nearly $64,000 for a family of four. The median income for an Indiana family of four was just over $67,000 in 2010, making many of the state's nearly 1 million public school students eligible for vouchers.

 Last year, the effect of the new vouchers was limited because the law passed just four months before the start of school, and many parents were still unfamiliar with the program. But this year, more than 8,000 students have already applied for vouchers, and there is room for up to 15,000. The number of participants could grow even more next year, when the ceiling on the number of vouchers is eliminated.

 School staff members have gone to the homes of students who switched to private schools last year or who dropped out and asked them to come back. The district is touting its magnet schools, teaching methods that include Montessori and Reggio and a performing arts and visual arts school.

 My experience in the real world is if you do badly you don't get rewarded. Period. More often than not you get fired. Effectively the voucher system fires the poor teachers and poor managers of the schools by taking away their money.

 The thing about government, schools systems, unions, welfare recipients, and elected officials is they never know when they reach a tipping point with us. They forget whose money they are spending. A good part of this is our fault for never saying NO clearly. We have continued to throw money at the failing institutions and organizations.

 Getting back to the election… That is the first order of business. Someone lost control over an e-mail...
 The big worry expressed in a new email from Obama's Chicago HQ: "The Republican base is energized." The reason: Romney attracted 15,000 at a rally over the weekend.

 The email: Paul -- I just got this disturbing report: Yesterday's Romney-Ryan rally in North Carolina pulled in an overflow crowd of 15,000 people. 

 There's no spinning that number. It's a LOT of people, and the Republican base in energized. 

 And that's not all. Since the VP announcement, Romney's campaign has brought in over 70,000 donations from his Tea Party base. 

 We've got to step up our game and mobilize our supporters -- starting right now.

 Donate $3 or right now to help us rally our base around President Obama's agenda >
 Listen to what one Republican supporter said about Paul Ryan: "I love him...He's going to excite the Tea Party and get them on board..." 

 We can't let the Republicans claim the momentum. 

 Thanks, Brynne Brynne Craig DCCC Field Director 

 I can only hope they are right in their reading of the Republican momentum….

 Please consider sending Todd Akin some money. He is now leading Claire McCaskill, truly a hideous liberal in one poll. Since Todd's gaff the national GOP will not give him campaign money. This man has a long steady support for family, prolife, and conservative principles. Yes, he made a mistake but that does not change his history or voting record. (Look him up and read his history. You will like him.) Mailing address: Todd Akin for Senate - PO Box 31222 -St. Louis MO 63131

 We are in the home stretch. (65 days and counting) This is when we must double down, suck up what little energy we have left and get rid of the rascals in OUR government. Prime target Obama along with Claire McCaskill…. Just to name a couple.

 I really like Charles Krauthammer and read him whenever I can. He said, " So summarizing the campaign, its Obama campaign saying, ‘Mitt Romney will lay off your dad, kill your mother with cancer, deny your sister contraceptives, throw your son out of college, and if you're African-American, put y'all in chains.’ Then they say, ‘We aren't going negative? No, no, we are talking about issues.”

 Can anyone believe we have let ourselves get into a mess like this?

 To end on a lighter note and a new song from Ray Stevenson: