Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Unthinkable Violence

Unthinkable Violence

With eyes closed tightly we think we see. We act on what we think we see and are sure we know the right of it all - imagination replaces reality - and some hope and comfort is found in contorted information spewed from every electronic device our money can buy.  Chanting that things are not so bad, things are better than they were, assuring us that tomorrow will be a step forward to a newer and better world where government takes care of all our needs and helps us in managing our daily lives.

Do American's believe when they see and hear the political speak of our president? Count the votes…. And the answer is most voters/citizens do believe.

There has been a Tea battle cry, "Take our country back." It's not our country. The country belongs to all of us.  It is only 'our' country in the broader sense of we. So many of us in the Tea Party are making this effort because of children and grandchildren. If this American mess we are in just impacted me I would say a few explicit words, shrug it off and not give it another thought. 

Many of us in the Tea Party were part of a group, way back when, that was saying "never trust anyone over thirty." Does anyone remember that time? I don't have a clear memory of why we finally woke up and realized the older group were not to be trusted. Most of the current problems started way back then and we were right - they shouldn't have been trusted…. The problem is we kept electing them over and over. Each reelecting assured them they were doing just fine and had  our support. They did have our support and so few were really paying attention to what they were doing We (or enough of us) didn't realize they weren't doing fine. However, this reelecting did something even more damming.  It gave the elected a sense of omnipotence. They became an upper political class separated off from the people who they promised and were elected to serve.

(Old Beatles tune, "Money can't buy you love." Maybe not love but votes for sure and often times just the promise of  money in the form of caretaking will get the voting done just right.)

We grow up being taken care of.  In the process of growing up we were taught certain rules of conduct. As young adults we left the nest and moved into the broader American way of life without too many bumps. Jobs were provided and if we performed to reasonable expectations we were incorporated into the economic system with homes and families being the rewards. The operative part of this system that most of us grew up under had to do with the belief that we had to perform. That was our part in the American way of life. We performed - we got something. We performed really well - we got more. This seemed like an even deal to most. But not all…..

Even in this simple equation many people were left out. Many who were not left out noticed the 'left-outs' and for sure the left-outs realized they were left out.   But many didn't see. More often than not the 'left-outs' were blamed for being 'left out.' At some point during the sixties there were so many left-outs government as well as many other people decided something had to be done. The 'old deal' no longer seemed to work. The New Deal offered promise with some hope thrown in for good measure. Social support programs were created which at their core were in some ways replacing the family raising and caring for their children. which in the early stages seemed like a right and good thing to do. In this altruistic effort important consequences were not anticipated.  Buried in this social effort was a promise that the people on these support programs never had to leave home or perform for their food, clothing, or shelter. This buried promise forever separated the left-outs from the rest of the people who had to perform.

Violence, the word itself has a ring to it that is unique. There isn't another word quite like it. We watch movies where the 'good guys' kill off the 'bad guys' violently. We think it's OK… so long as the bad guy is clearly identified as bad. But there is a  violence that mostly goes unnoticed and unmentioned, certainly in the national media and it is the legal force of our government against the people.  It is so incorporated into our way of life that it goes unnoticed by the people at large. We hear about it only in the extreme when this power get directed towards one person.

The 'cliff' vote in the Senate was an example of this violence. (At the core of the bill was 41 dollars in tax hikes and 1 dollar in spending cuts.) What our president is doing to the minority groups by his relentless efforts in affirming  beliefs that they are downtrodden because of white Americans and that they should not have to perform  for their livelihood is  a violence that will continue for generations.  For the nation it is debt, deficits, and demography that escapes understanding and hides a violence that is at work moment to moment and day to day against a way of  life we have known. Unrelenting destructive violence.

California has 876 new laws that go into effect today. We have readers in a majority of the states and I wonder if you know how many new laws and regulations go into effect in your state today. It is this behavior in state government that is the core of destructive violence and has the greatest impact on the people. Over all across the states the number was 29000 new laws with possibly even more new regulations.

That is a sad note to the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013.

As most reader know I am a fan of Newt Gingrich. When going gets tough I will often pull up one of Newt's videos and re-watch it for the umpteenth time. Below is a link to a recent speech he gave at the Reagan library. Watch it… It will lift your spirits and helps to refocus on the election twenty two months from now.

This fight is not over. The country is still intact. We have not lost our vision…. Our neighbors are not the enemy. It is our government that is a threat to our liberty and our freedoms. We must replace them all.

Our wish is that all of us and every other citizen in America will have a Happy New Year.