Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Hollow Man

I have been feeling left out….

It seems that most of the national media has a parade of "people-who-are-in-the-know" on all things political believe Obama is a well-meaning good president who should and will be reelected. Not one of the media companies has asked me what I thought or what I think about the president's leadership.

 This is not the first time this slight has happened. I have a few friends in the Tea Party's 'national media' who tell me they too have experienced the same kind of slights.

Something seems to be happening within that august inner circle of liberal sanctum. Both the New York Times and the Washington Post during the past few weeks have begun to put some distance between themselves and the president. I don't blame them for coming so late to the party. In their collected 'minds' they feel they need to be 'fair-and-balanced' in their reporting these last few weeks of the campaign. Certainly the LA Times will never do such a thing.  

In spite of the slight and still without any way to do a real "shout-out' across the country, here is my opinion of what November seventh will look like:

Romney will have an Electoral College count between 307 and 316…...

Before anyone runs to the bank with this 'hot' prediction know that I have on more than one occasion have been wrong. (Like when I predicted Obama would not win the last time he ran.)

However this time I am sure I am right. 

There is an old quotable adage about fooling some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all the time….Or something like it…. The some Obama can still fool do not know/understand that our national debt, under his leadership, has just reached $50,000.00 for each and every one of them and also all of the rest of us. (Children included.) They hear numbers but cannot/do not connect themselves to the paying off this debt.  This is like people in the third generation of welfare folks who do not know, care, or think about whose money is sent to them each month.  They are simply disconnected from this reality.

The 50K is important but not nearly as important as understanding Obama's real goals for the country. Obama is a hollow man full of rage against America's majority, white Christian Americans… He has said so in his writings which most have not read.

This may sound 'racist' but I can't tell you how much I had hoped he would be a successful president. However, on day one in office Obama took it upon himself to raise taxes on a carton of cigarettes seven dollars. Only congress has the power to raise taxes, was what I was taught, but no one complained. I wondered what would come next.

Now, after four years in office, we all can pretty well guess/know what comes next because we know a lot about this man's character. We use this term in any number of ways but the most common way is to apply a common set of values and beliefs along with the score on our trustworthy meter each of us carry around in our daily lives. So when anyone is lying, misleading, manipulating, conning us we sense what they are doing and our trust alarm goes off.

For Tea Party folks Obama sets off our 'trust alarm' and rightly so…. BUT not for all our voters…. Wonder why? They hear and see the same things we are hearing and seeing… Is it possible the Obama supporters have a different set of values and beliefs that are so different from ours? Have we, as a country, become this divided? Obama pitches to sub-groups and not most Middle Americans. I think these groups make up the better part of his base. There is a very large part of his base that is referred to as the liberal. It is this group, who in my mind, has caused the most damage to the nation. The failing education system jumps up first, the taxing and all of the other various departments in government who regulate our personal and business lives. Here is where we can see the differences in values and beliefs most clearly.   

We are crashing under the burden of the liberal ideals and it is these very ideals that allowed Obama to be elected.

The Tea Party folks as well as others have a general set of goals for the next congress and president. I think our goals are very similar to Romney's goals. I think he will hit the ground running BUT we must give him the senators he needs to work with him. Without control in the senate few things that are of importance can happen.

Let us put what little energy is left focusing on the senate races. This will be very close given what the polls are indicating. Akin and Mandel need our financial help quick… I mean like last week…. If a half million of us kicks in ten bucks I think both of these guys could win. AND we need these two to win. Not only do we need their votes in the senate but we need the folks they are running against out of the senate. 

Romney will have an Electoral College count between 307 and 316…

I am repeating my prediction because I had a good time pulling out the Electoral College map and running the numbers. Something you might like  to do also and it will give you a way to decide where you can best spend you last election dollars.

11 days, 8 hours, 9 minutes until the polls open. That’s it. That’s all the time we have left.


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hard Times = Hard Choices = Hard People

    In our 'times' it is the liberal media, through their creative use of sound bites, that has the power to focus, control and direct a larger group of American voters.   Sound bites and TV ads work on the minds and hearts of voters. So often there is a broad use of the term 'liberal media' as if reporters and standout anchor men/women have the final say as to what is reported and what is said on their news cast.  The news companies Boards of Directors job is to make money for the stockholders and themselves. They decide company policy and agenda. They hire the people who will best carry out this agenda. Makes sense….. If the Board decides the liberal agenda draws an audience and therefore will sell more widgets they then will make more money from advertising. Makes sense….. So if you are Fox News you hire a person who sees the world in conservative ways and if you are CNN you hire someone with different personal biases than Fox news would…. This business plan evolves into a like minded viewing audience and allows advertisers a way to sell to that specific voter/consumer group..Good business practices…. OK, we now have a overview of how this works and the basic goals… ALMOST….

    I say "almost" because our news media have stepped over the edge of what are good business practices into destructive social engineering. This is a new and unique problem that is having severe national consequences and monumental moral ramifications. The Boards of Directors of the major media news corporations have decided their role in the elite political class is not to simply sell products but it's their job and duty to decide what their viewers should hear, know, and think. So it doesn't matter if the voter is watching say CNN, an anchor in the liberal media, or Fox loosely termed conservative media their goals are exactly the same, which is control, as best they can, what people hear, know, and think.

    We as viewers, have the sense we are exercising choice by choosing one of the elite  group over the other and this illusion is created because the rhetoric is somewhat  different between the liberal news media and candidates and conservative media and conservative candidates. However, the goal is not different between the two. As George Orwell pointed out, if you control the language, you control people's thinking; and if you control people's thinking, you control their actions.

     Alana Goodman's observation about the debate: "The debate was a bloodbath. . . . We were not seeing 30-second sound-bites hand-picked for us by Obama's journalism cheering squad, or teleprompter-assisted speeches, or dueling press conferences where Romney is grilled but Obama is treated with kid gloves. Up until now, the mainstream press has allowed this president to sit in a bubble, largely unchallenged. Their narrative is that he's likable, he's smooth, he's amazingly cerebral. As for Romney, he's been branded as stilted, out-of-touch, and phony. Amazing how that conventional wisdom collapses when you peel away the selective lenses and the outside chatter, leaving two men alone on a stage, armed with just their own words."Oct. 4

     Orwell was writing in the early part of the last century about government controlling the population by manipulating information. Wonder what was going on then and what he saw that led him to this realization? Whatever he noticed way back then is not being realized by most American voters who are the best informed people who have the most access to information in the history of the world. We are guided. We are directed. We are conditioned by government and the news media to accept what we are told as the truth. You would think these elected couldn't keep getting by with this same trick over and over. Our Vice President's performance last week was a wonderful example.

    Another wonderful example of elite media distortions:  Limbaugh said,This goes beyond simple incompetence or media malpractice.” “This is genuine corruption. We find out that — and from The Washington Post’s own pollster — that they based last Friday’s poll of Romney being [down] 10, 11, whatever it was — in those three swing states — on 160 people with a margin
     of error of plus or minus eight. I’m not kidding you.”“It’s important that you know about it because it’s — this is corruption,” he said. “I mean, for them to run that poll and try to present it as something serious — there’s no doubt here this has gone way beyond just bias. These people have thrown in with a political party. They’ve thrown in with a political party to the extent that they do not report news. They create the news they want people to hear and believe. They will not report news that is in any way they think harmful to detrimental to their side.”

    Star Parker, a columnist who post on the Townhall web site writes:

    The United States today is a nation that is much less white, much less married, and less traditional than it once was. These are growing trends and each reflects in at least some large part constituencies with values supportive of Obama’s world view - activist government and moral relativism.

    What was once the exception to the rule in America – not being white, not being married, not having traditional views on family, sex, and abortion – is now becoming the rule. And these constituencies are becoming sufficiently large to elect a president.

    National Journal released a poll right before the debate showing Obama and Romney dead even nationwide – 47 percent each – among likely voters.
    The poll shows Obama’s white support at just 38 percent.

    Obama was elected in 2008 with 43 percent of the white vote. It appears that he could be re-elected with even less.

    I love liberal dreams and hopes. I loved them when I was a young Democrat and still love them today as an old conservative. I want everyone to have what they need. I don't want anyone to go hungry. I want everyone to be taken care of if they are sick…. I want every child to have a opportunity in life to be all he/she can be. With this being said, I know that each of us have different abilities and some have many disabilities and it takes a creative government working with businesses and citizens in a national effort to focus all resources to make places within our economic system for every citizens no matter the level of ability. A place to work, to contribute, and support themselves and their families to the extent of their abilities. This is/was the American dream of yore… Is it gone? Was it lost or did  someone take it? In some distorted - convoluted way the ideals is still in the hearts and minds of each of  us. It is us. That dream is who we are.

    Simply, this group of elected in office at this moment, ain't them. We can't accuse any of the good-ole-boys in this group of having a creative thought, a sense of wrong, or any  awareness of their responsibility for the state of this union. These are the ones we must continue to send back home.

     2010 was a good start. We will do some more replacing this time around and in 2014 we can finish our house cleaning. Their story spinning days are at an end. We in the Tea Party have 'been learnt' and their placating day are over.

    I'm sure my drawing attention to Josh Mandel in these news letters is wearing thin at this point. I have encouraged everyone to take a look at Josh and his record in elected office. Watch some of his videos. Below is an article from a well thought of  newspaper in Ohio. The article draws the difference between the two candidates well.

    Vote for Mandel on Nov. 6
    The Marietta Times, Editorial
    October 13, 2012

    The role of U.S. senators is to represent their constituents' best interests in Washington. Josh Mandel, who has served Ohioans in the Marine Corps, the General Assembly and now as state treasurer, will do that when Buckeye State voters elect him to the Senate.

    Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, who is running for re-election against Mandel, views service to his party and its leaders as his top priority. That has meant Brown often votes against the best interests of Ohioans.

    Brown has been steadfast in his support of President Barack Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev. He has been a staunch supporter of the national health care takeover - "Obamacare" - despite the cost to Ohio.

    If Obamacare proceeds, thousands of Ohioans pleased with the health insurance they have will lose it. Thousands of others will pay more for health insurance. Still others will be fined thousands of dollars for refusing to buy government-approved health insurance policies.

    Brown has supported the Obama administration's attempt to force electricity prices up by hundreds of dollars a year in most Ohio households, by wrecking the coal industry.

    About 82 percent of Ohio's electricity is generated at coal-fired power plants - several of which already are scheduled to be shut down because of the Obama administration's new rules. They will be replaced with higher-priced generating capacity.

    To understand what higher power prices mean to jobs in Ohio, consider the Ormet aluminum plant in Monroe County. There, more than 1,000 jobs may be lost because of electric rate increases.

    Mandel will use his Senate seat to defend Ohio. His philosophy calls for a repeal of Obamacare, substituting real health care reform.

    Mandel will reject the Environmental Protection Agency's war on coal, holding prices for electricity down.

    He will insist on fiscal responsibility in the Senate - which has not managed to pass a budget in 42 months.

    A fairer, more jobs-friendly tax code, a realistic energy policy including maximum use of American natural gas and oil, and support for basic rights such as that to keep and bear arms also are on Mandel's agenda. They have no place in Brown's thinking, as he has demonstrated during his time in the Senate.

    Ohioans need a senator to represent them - not liberals such as Obama and Reid. Vote Mandel in the Nov. 6 election.

    This is a pretty strong endorsement. Josh is now statically tied with Brown in the polls. I know we are all tired of sending money to candidates at this point but these next few weeks are critical to Josh and his campaign. (Brown has all the money from Mr. Reid that they think he needs to win.)

    The political polls in the swing key states are beginning to favor Romney. (Florida, Ohio, even Virginia) Could it be that the voters are beginning to wake up to who Obama is as a person and as the leader of the free world? Also, this morning a few of the national polls show Romney leading Obama… I can't imagine what the Obama campaign will do but given the history of Chicago politics we can expect unrelenting attacks against Romney personally in every media. If the next debate doesn't go well for Obama again I think that is when the onslaught will start.

    The film, Obama - 2016 is an important film for people to see. It can be bought on a number of Tea Party sites. If you haven't had a chance to see the film (and many haven't) buy a copy and invite friends over to watch it with you. Send copies to others and that will be the very best contribution, I can think of, that can be easily made at this point in the campaign. (along with money, of course).
    There is an old Delta blues song that has a refrain that goes:

    I seen hard time many time before
    But these hard times are hard, hard, harder than every before
    Hard time,
    Hard choices,
    Hard, hard people (Who never  go gently into that good night!)

    23 day, 3 hours, and 16 minutes from the  start of voting. So little time and so much left to do.


Thursday, October 4, 2012


ANNUIT COEPTIS: ….. God has favored our undertaking.

This is just a little note congratulating ourselves, Romney, and his staff.

This is the first morning, in I don't know how long,  that I opened the computer and felt some  relief from the stress of this presidential campaign. I thought Obama would be brilliant in the debate and he wasn't . I thought  Romney would be his flat self and he wasn't…. I am glad I was wrong on both points.

Now the game - is - afoot.

Obama reminded me of Carter in his debate with Reagan. With Obama simply repeating his talking points in an effort to distort the ideas Romney has been building on in his campaign.

I think it is possible for Ryan to do the same with Biden. Biden has become a caricature  of Biden. Who, over many years, seems to have become a hollow man. Just a good-ole-boy living out the last of his years in the senate.

I got a e-mail this morning which was written in large bold letters saying over and over: IT’S THE SENATE STUPID…IT’S THE SENATE STUPID…… I guess the writer thought I or we would have forgotten the senate race is almost as important as the presidential election.  If we don't get control of the senate Harry Reid will keep doing what Harry has been doing. Harry can limit what the President and House members can do….

Below is a list of candidates we must support. We need all of these men/women in office. Some are running behind and All need campaign money. If all of us send 5 dollars to each candidate it would make such a impact. These last thirty days will tell the tale. The Dems sent out request for donations right after the debate last night. (I guess they thought the liberal voters would be worried enough after Obama's performance that they would, out of desperation, willingly send money.)

Josh Mandel (Ohio)
Ted Cruz (Texas)
Jeff Flake (Arizona)
Richard Mourdock (Indiana)
Deb Fischer (Nebraska)
George Allen (Virginia)
Tom Smith (Pennsylvania)
Dan Bongino (Maryland)

Obama (our current president) says:  

I never emulate white men and brown men whose fates didn't speak to my own. It was into my father's image, the black man, son of Africa, that I'd packed all the attributes I sought in myself: the attributes of Martin and Malcolm, DuBois and Mandela."

"I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction."

Somehow, given who Obama is as a person, we elected him. What a blight this will be on our history.


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Party Is Over

I haven't found anyone who is out of work, on government programs, losing their house, etc., that thinks they are in their financial circumstance because others in the society have more than they do or earn more than they do. I am sure those folks are out there and can be found if there was some reason they needed to be identified. Our president has made great efforts to get this group, who have less, to blame and covet the wealth this more successful group.

I don't have any idea how successful Obama is being in this divide and conquer campaign.

Certainly many have rallied around his cry of how unfair it is that some have more than others. The liberal press is doing their best to sell his story. It seems that the Obama believes he can continue to divide the American voters and win another four years in our house. Our value system has become so warped. Who can know if his scheme will work yet again? Current polls indicate it just might.

To a larger picture and that is how do we change the way this government governs? The ways the elected people have changed our government into a self-serving fraternity has happened slowly and out of view of most citizens. Do we believe that IF Romney becomes president and the majority of the good-ole-boys in office stay in office will they govern any differently? We hope so…. BUT what have been our past examples? What have we seen?

As long as there are any of the old guys and gals left in office they will teach the newly elected how to make the system work for them. The principled ones with a simple set of moral values will not be swayed and the rest will.

It’s a little scary to think we need to replace almost all of our elected representatives. Some of them are names we have known since early adulthood, guys that have 'brung - home' the financial bacon back to the state they represent. Not only would we have to find others we think are worthy of our trust, we would also need to replace the key GOP leaders in our respected states. BIG job.

Usually we don't act till until the crisis get right on our dinning rooms tables, staring us in the face, screaming wake up….. Until the crisis reaches that point we simply deny how serious the problems really are.  Are we there yet? Look at the polls and see the numbers of citizens who think Obama is doing a good job with the economy and has high approval ratings. I realize how out of touch I am with these voters. I look at these numbers: 15% of the US population lives in poverty •  44% of those 46.2 million poor Americans are in "deep poverty," which is half the level of the poverty line, defined as $22,811 for a family of four.

Can these unemployeement numbers come from this country? This is what is expected in third world countries. Just consider that more than 45 million Americans are in the food-stamps program, which is 15% of the population, compared with the 7.9% participation from 1970-2000. Food-stamps enrollment has been rising at a rate of 400,000 per month over the past four years. In August -2012, nearly twice as many people went on the food-stamps program (173,000) than managed to find a new job (96,000).

So many think Obama is doing just fine with the economy while there are more than 11.2% of the labor force is out of work, if we include the 7 million people no longer seeking employment. This number (over 17 million workers) is unchanged since 2009. Nothing has improved and full-time employment remains 1.4 million BELOW its 2009 level.

No matter where in these numbers I look I cannot find the  American Dream anywhere. I don't want to recant how we have come to this but know that government (as we know have come to know it) through social programs, federal regulations, unions, and  international agreements has destroyed all the jobs most of these unemployed did in yesteryear. These jobs are gone and this group of low skilled, poorly trained, and poorly educated are now relegated to poverty, and the ones who are left with jobs are supporting them. This won't work much longer because the working folks are having a hard time supporting themselves and families. Nor has this group of workers been able to support them throughout the last decade. So government, in it wisdom, has borrowed the extra money needed for their support as well as other questionable government activities.

Simply, you can't know that you don't know something that you don't know. Most voters get 'news' from sources who either don't know something and think they do or they have an agenda that is designed to mislead. They pass this on through the media outlets and the mislead now think they fully know and understand what is at issue. They now know what 'IS'  and never question the issue again. So should the misleading be exposed to them at some later point they simple dismiss it. Lying and misleading in politics is the most used and overused political part of any campaign.

When a society loses its ability to ferret out the lies in political campaigns, society loses its freedom. It loses its way… It is then and only then that government can step into this vacuum and begin to direct and control the citizens. Is this a done deal or is this still hiding just over the horizon.

Where are we today in this transition from a government for and by the people to a  dictatorial form of government? We have a president who is more than willing to by-pass congress using executive orders granting government greater power over citizens lives. We have a congress who is more than willing to take more and more money from business and working people to use any way they see fit. 

The American voters have participated in this political transition and have condoned this behavior by our government through electing and reelecting the same group of officials over and over. We have lost the ability to recognize the political lies and deceits. There is a growing group of voters that are trading their votes for government handouts. Either way it is a sad commentary.

2010 election was our step forward. A first step in the taking back of our government. The battle in this campaign is not with Obama and all  the problems he has caused but with the ignorance in the population  at large  and the liberal media. (watch the video below)

Below is the wrap-up paragraph from a speech of Patrick Caddell on September 21 at Accuracy in Media's Conference --Obsmanation: A Day of Truth

 The fundamental danger is this: I talked about the defense of the First Amendment. The press’s job is to stand in the ramparts and protect the liberty and freedom of all of us from a government and from organized governmental power.  When they desert those ramparts and decide that they will now become active participants, that their job is not simply to tell you who you may vote for, and who you may not, but, worse—and this is the danger of the last two weeks—what truth that you may know, as an American, and what truth you are not allowed to know,  they have, then, made themselves a fundamental threat to the democracy, and, in my opinion, made themselves the enemy of the American people. 

And it is a threat to the very future of this country if we allow this stuff to go on. We have crossed a whole new and frightening slide on the slippery slope this last two weeks, and it needs to be talked about. (He is referring to the news releases in support of the President stories about Libya.)

We have seen the media wrap themselves with the flag and champion causes and cover-ups for this administration while campaigning for the current president. We have seen the press misrepresent Romney and his ideas and goals without any effort to understand them. The media is the core element the elite political class uses in its efforts to deceive and direct uninvolved voters as to who they should vote for and what information they should have. They are the voice of the political class. With the help of the media liberals have sold the idea of government being the most able to decide what is best for the voters, who should be taken care of, and where and how all resources should be allocated.  Without the media the liberals would be relegated to a small third party with exhausted socialist ideals.  

The Tea Party cannot educate all the people who may or may not vote. Theres are simply too many in numbers. But we know and we can encourage voters who have given up on government.  People who government has disenfranchised. People who feel betrayed. In a way we understand this voter. Their feelings resonate with our own. Often time these very voters make the  difference and few understand that their choice in not voting becomes an indirect vote for the incumbent.

So much to do and so little time. The first debate is Wednesday night. Obama should be his brilliant self and Romney must find the skills to deliver a conservative agenda that will be understood along with a clear message as to the financial and international dangers this country is facing. Over the course  of these debates Romney will win or lose the election. I believe this, many people I know believe this and hopefully Romney knows this. It was in such presidential debates that Reagan won the election by beating Carter. By the time the third debate was over the polls had moved twenty points from Carter's lead to Reagan leading. Annuit coeptis….

In our hands the pot has been shaped. Romney must now fill the pot with conservative ideals and invite the nation to grow the fruit. 

Below is a video of Pat Condell. I don't know how many readers know Pat. He lives in England and writes and talks about the impact of the liberal government that has been in control of England for over a decade. I attached the video to this article because I feel this man's directness and passion is what is so sorely needed during these next four weeks. When I watched this video I wondered what would happen if Romney was as direct and as passionate as Pat for the rest of this campaign.  What do you think? 


Pat Condell