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We are all flawed to some extent. We have all done things throughout our lives we regret. Most poor decisions were made in our younger years and we learned from the mistakes. However, as we aged and were confronted with new turning points and challenges in our lives often poor choices were made again. Some more critical than others... Some just hurt us but others were also hurt by our decisions. What is most unique about life and living is things once done can't be undone. It not a chalk board that can be washed clean so what is left is consequence and regret. This is true for each of us as well those who choose a political career.

Flawed is the human experience that is part of our lives as well as those who struggle in the political arena. To the extent we can accept our flaws and shortcomings we can be accepting of shortcomings in other. However, in our liberal media there is a rush to cast the first stone. This is not a one time event for the media and a way of life for politicians. No examples are needed because we have seen it in every election cycle. The media has already started exposing every shortcoming in every candidate that does not represent their beliefs and biases. Also, what the liberal media knows about voters is once the first stone get thrown there are many who rush to throw the second and third stone... Hardly a surprise and certainly expected….

With this said, the media is not the problem…. The problem is what lies in our hearts, minds, beliefs, and values. How we judge ourselves and how we judge others is and will be the voter's issue over the next many months. We are in the throws of interviewing someone to represent us in our government. We, in the Tea Party, have a rather clear picture of the job and the job description. To the extent we can stay focused and stay on point we will look at each of the candidates only in terms of whether they do they have the experience to do the job and do they understand what we want their mission, as our representative within our federal government, to be? That seems simple but it is not.

If I, as many of our readers, think back, how many really good potential leaders we have lost because the liberal media drove them out of the political process through their form of mud-raking…The number is astounding…..But know they could not have done this without our help. We are to a point where fewer and fewer potential leaders are willing to step into this caldron of potential personal destruction. Who can blame them… Sometimes a Reagan appears…but are few and far between.

This presidential election cycle offers us only a couple of people who fit The Oxford Tea Party idea of a Presidential leader. Some weeks ago we published a article "Romney VS Romney". We will visit him again. Maybe a few more times before the election so he will not be on the radar screen today.

We now have November 8 behind us. All that we can do has been done. We will know the outcome in a few days but it looks like the 'House' has been moved

From now to the 2012 elections seem like a long time but given the gravity of our nation there is really very little time. We are learning. We are now more than just the 'Tea Party' in the liberal media minds but a force. We are the people and the people are the nation. Our history has said to all who have questioned, ignored, or have forgotten this nation is the sum of all its people who will never accept anyone threatening it shores, its form of representative government, or its people's rights, liberties, or freedoms. Those who have forgotten have paid a dear price whether from the outside or inside this nation.

This Presidential election cycle is about elected representatives who have forgotten. Their behavior has limited our freedoms, taken our rights, limited our liberties, hurt our way of life and damaged our economy. Each will feel the wrath of the American voter. Those who are not replaced in the 2012 election will be replaced in the 2014 election cycle. The Tea Party has a long view of our national problems as well as a long memory of who got us to where we are today. Most elected officials can't atone for this destruction and all who participated will be replaced. 2010 was just a start.

We need a closer look at the candidates we have…I assume most of you know there is a new rule in the GOP this time around…Candidates who win in states do not get 100% of the delegates. They only get whatever percentages they win. Example: If Gingrich beat Romney in Mississippi with 40% of the votes and Romney receives 30% of the votes they would go into the convention with 40 pledged delegates and 30 pledged delegates. Usually after the first round of voting at the convention the delegates are released to vote how they choose. ( I haven't been able to find all the details of the new rules.)

Gingrich: This is the most experienced candidates we have…We have all seen his performance as the House leader…His Contract with America which promised and lived up to…His work in balancing the Federal budget four years running,…and of course his shortcomings in his personal life.

Why Gingrich stands out in my mind is because he is one of the few politicians, in my lifetime, who speaks his mind so I always understand where he stands on every issue and he always lived up to his promises. You would think this should be enough to get him elected but it is not. This man is the greatest threat to the quasi socialist movement in this country and the Democratic Party in general. He has been a consistent conservative for what seems like half of my lifetime.

We will work our way through Gingrich's new 'Contract with America.' One of the main differences between this one and the '94 Contract with America he is asking each of us to participate in it creation. We can read through each section and then go to his web site and add our ideas and wishes.

Newt's Contract:

Repeal Obamacare and pass a replacement that saves lives and money by empowering patients and doctors, not bureaucrats and politicians.

Obamacare is a disaster and the first task of my administration will be to repeal it.
The Obamacare law is unconstitutional, unaffordable, unworkable, and stunningly unfair.

Its so-called "individual mandate" is blatantly unconstitutional and an unprecedented expansion of federal power. If the federal government can coerce individuals—by threat of fines—to buy health insurance, there is no stopping the federal government from forcing Americans to buy any good or service.
In addition to the unconstitutional nature of individual and employer mandates, we are learning that they simply don’t work. Their intractable problem is this: once you have a mandate, the government has to specify exactly what coverage must be included in insurance for it to qualify. This introduces political considerations into determining these minimum standards, guaranteeing that nothing desired by the special interests will be left out. And once the government mandates such expensive insurance, the government becomes responsible for its costs. It has to adopt expensive subsidies to help people pay for the expensive plans that it is requiring. The resulting cost to the taxpayer and strain on the budget leads the government to try and control healthcare costs by limiting healthcare services. The inevitable result is rationing by a nameless, faceless, unaccountable board of government bureaucrats.

The Obamacare law also creates one thousand, nine hundred and sixty eight separate grants of power to bureaucrats, most of them to the Secretary of Health and Human Services and her bureaucracy. It creates 159 new boards, agencies and other government entities to administer health decisions that should be up to the individual in consultation with their doctor. This unprecedented grant of discretionary power to unelected bureaucrats guarantees the rise in arbitrary and corrupted decision-making by the federal government.

For these reasons and more, I will fight for the repeal of Obamacare until it is repealed in its entirety.

We must either limit government or we will have government limit us.


As I carry the banner in fighting for the repeal of Obamacare, I will advocate for specific replacement health policies that will create a free market framework for healthcare, provide affordable, portable, and reliable healthcare coverage, and establish a healthcare safety net focused on those in need. This system will assure healthcare for all with no individual mandate or employer mandate of any kind.
This alternative to Obamacare begins with patient power and localism and the many common sense ideas developed over the past eight years at the Center for Health Transformation.

Over the next year, I look forward to discussing solutions for a pro-market replacement for Obamacare that puts top priority on empowering patients, focusing on the doctor patient relationship, using the best new science to save lives and save money, lowering medical costs, and improving the quality of life for every single American.

We must take advantage of the unparalleled resources we already have: The United States has the best doctors, the best medical schools, and the best hospitals in the world. Our entrepreneurial spirit and drive for innovation has already produced medical advances once considered unimaginable. Replacement legislation must build on these strengths. It must include provisions to make
health insurance more affordable and portable by allowing Americans to purchase
insurance across state lines. It must increase price competition in healthcare. It must improve patient safety and decrease overhead costs by digitizing all medical records, and it must introduce lawsuit reform to stop the frivolous lawsuits that drive up the cost of medicine. Instead of an individual mandate penalty for not buying government approved health insurance, the federal tax code should be reformed to provide every American the choice of a generous tax credit or the ability to deduct the value of their health insurance certain amount. The federal tax code should provide the same tax relief for the individual buying his own insurance as the employer providing health insurance to its employees.

This will lower costs for individuals and families, and will make it easier for people to obtain portable insurance they can take with them from job to job. If you don’t like your employer’s insurance, you get the same tax relief if you buy the insurance of your choice.

Employers should also be allowed to buy individually-owned insurance for their
employees, instead of non-portable, group insurance. This approach provides a foundation of equal fairness for all, rather than the favoritism and rank discrimination of the Obamacare bureaucracies and the current system.
We should extend Health Savings Accounts throughout the healthcare system. Everyone on Medicare should be free to choose an HSA as part of their coverage if they want it. Everyone on Medicaid should be free to choose an HSA for part of his or her coverage.

All workers should be free to use their health insurance tax credit or deduction to choose an HSA in place of their employer-provided health insurance if they desire.
These are a few examples of reforms that we can enact, once Obamacare is repealed, that will transform our current healthcare system into one centered on the individual, where patients and doctors have power, not Washington bureaucrats.

Healthcare is a big deal. It impacts everyone. Drop him your ideas….

If we could pick up a few Senate seats, not lose any House seats, and if Gingrich were to become President is there any doubt Obamacare would be overturned?

Political campaigns have become so ugly, so destructive to the political system, and corrupt at the core. They are an embarrassment for our nation. They don't have to be…For those who missed it click on the link below and see how mature men with similar goals, and good intentions can talk together in a way that elevates the political process. Cain and Gingrich are both gentleman and patriots. It was refreshing to see them talk together.


PS: This discussion was sponsored by the Woodlands Hills, Texas Tea Party.

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