Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Jackie - 'G'

There has been so much said in the media that clearly is misleading about Newt Gingrich that I thought this simple short article from his daughter would put some of the rumors to bed. At least for some.

My father, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, has been in politics as long as I can remember.

And as long as I can remember, media coverage about him has contained misstatements of facts. The vast majority are simple mistakes that are easily corrected, understood and rewoven into an ongoing storyline.

But one of them seems to have taken on a life of its own, and simple corrections have not sufficed to set the record straight. Why does this happen? I can't be sure, but I suspect that the narrative created by these untruths proves to be so much more compelling and more dramatic than what actually happened that it proves irresistible.

I'm talking about the story of my father's visit to my mother while she was in the hospital in 1980.

For years, I have thought about trying to correct the untrue accounts of this hospital visit. After all, I was at the hospital with them, and saw and heard what happened. But I have always hesitated, as it was a private family matter and my mother is a very private person. In addition, for the four people involved, it was one of a million interactions and was not considered a defining event by any of us.

My mother and I have both recently run into quite a few people who hold an inaccurate understanding of this hospital visit. Many think my mother is dead.

So, to correct the record, here is what happened: My mother, Jackie Battley Gingrich, is very much alive, and often spends time with my family. I am lucky to have such a "Miracle Mom," as I titled her in a column this week.

As for my parents' divorce, I can remember when they told me.

It was the spring of 1980. I was 13 years old, and we were about to leave Fairfax, Va., and drive to Carrollton, Ga., for the summer. My parents told my sister and me that they were getting a divorce as our family of four sat around the kitchen table of our ranch home.

Soon afterward, my mom, sister and I got into our light-blue Chevrolet Impala and drove back to Carrollton.

Later that summer, Mom went to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta for surgery to remove a tumor. While she was there, Dad took my sister and me to see her. It is this visit that has turned into the infamous hospital visit about which many untruths have been told. I won't repeat them. You can look them up online if you are interested in untruths. But here's what happened:

My mother and father were already in the process of getting a divorce, which she requested.

Dad took my sister and me to the hospital to see our mother. She had undergone surgery the day before to remove a tumor.The tumor was benign.

As with many divorces, it was hard and painful for all involved, but life continued.
As have many families, we have healed; we have moved on.

We are not a perfect family, but we are knit together through common bonds, commitment and love.

My mother and father are alive and well, and my sister and I are blessed to have a close relationship with them both.

My sister and I feel that it is time to move on, close the book on this event and focus on building a great future. We will not answer additional questions or make additional comments regarding this meaningless incident, which occurred more than three decades ago.

As I said, my mother is a private person. She will not give media interviews. She deserves respect and should be allowed to live in peace.

Jackie Gingrich - Cushman
Townhall. com 11/15/2011

As we approach these first two primaries, it is so important that we do so with a willingness to measure the candidates on their abilities as a leader. Each of us along with our hopeful candidates have histories. Each of us along with our candidates have strengths and weaknesses in different areas of our lives. However, the sum of our lives lay in our strengths over a lifetime and not in bad judgments made throughout the course of a lifetime.

As the people and the nation have grown so have our problems as a nation and as a people. To try and compare the last national crisis to the current crisis is simply not doable. None of the previous crisis's core issue had to do with how the nation would govern itself. The country has transitioned itself away from a powerful lower skilled manufacturing based economy into a technological manufacturing based economy. In so doing it has displaced and limited so many citizens in search of the American dream. And in so doing it has moved the greatest capitalist nation the world has ever seen to a threshold of a partially open door with a sign hanging loosely that reads, "Welcome, welfare state, enter here."

If the 2012 elections do not flood the halls of Congress and the White House with leaders with foresight, courage, resolve, and experience that door will swing wide and once opened it can't be closed. Just ask England, France, etc. None of us born and raised here can fully appreciate just how a socialist nation works. It looks good from the outside because the people get more than they pay for….. That is until there is no money or things left to pay them with….All of Europe is flaming out. America and Canada are the last holdouts and both are drifting.

In the elite upper circlers of the GOP they are waiting for a candidate to show well in the primaries they say. But the money along with their organization is pushing towards Romney. The voters have said "No" to Romney already so what has he done between now and the last time to change their minds? I suspect most who are reading this article said "No" to him in his last go-around. (Barney Frank in his, I'm not going to run for office again announcement said, " Mitt Romney would be the best thing that has happened for Democrats since Barry Goldwater." It has taken thirty years for me to find one thing this man has said or done that I have agreed with.)

I spent most of the past week, in Texas, with family who think of themselves as conservative Republicans. They along with their circle of friends seem not have an awareness that the house is on fire. Their discussion hinges around the notions that all that is needed is to tweak the tax code one more time and things will be OK.

The polls say that 80 to 90% of voters feel the country is going in the wrong direction but what does that mean to them? To us?

In thirty days the conservative votes will start getting counted. Without a conservative leader who can articulate what the wrong direction is and what a right direction needs to look like we will end up with a second term Obama.

There is a little trick I use on the computer that I have found helpful. Put a copy of the National Debt clock on your home page so every time you open your computer you see the clock ticking and tallying…. This tallying is a constant reminder that these liberal Republican leaders who are trying to pass themselves off as conservatives were and are major contributors to this national destructive debt.

Barney Frank and Chris Dodd may go down in history as two of the most destructive congressional members in our history. Both seem to realize their game of liberal vote buying politics are over and left on their on volition. Even while California and Nevada are crashing and burning, Nancy, Barbara, and Diane from California along with Harry cannot read the writing of the moving hand on history's wall. So go be…..

Eight governments in Europe have collapsed in the last few months and have been replaced with conservative leaders or so they say. This change was to late in coming. These countries have crashed and burned already. Our country's leaders have crossed the same line….They have to go…All of them…


Monday, November 28, 2011

College KIDS? - Hardly

I am very excited because today is the opening day of the College Conservative web site…..It hasn't been more that a month since I was bemoaning the fact that there wasn't much conservative political activity on colleges campuses. I wasn't surprised there weren't many conservative groups, given the professors who stride those stately halls, but simply disappointment. Disappointment along with a recognition that our Tea group needs to find ways of encouraging our next group of college students/leaders to be conservative.

Below is one of the first postings on the College web site and at the bottom of the article is a link to their site. The site does have a way to make comments and hopefully we will be encouraging.

The War That Must Be Won

Domenic Gelsomino // 11.28.2011

According to Ronald Reagan, the 11th Commandment of politics is: “Thou shalt not speak ill of another Republican.” Well, in today’s day and age, I think that commandment can and ought to be bent a bit. The stakes are too high and the need is too dire. Conservatives across the nation have been searching for the next Ronald Reagan. Unfortunately, he (or she) has yet to appear.

All America got out of the Republican Party were RINO’s (Republicans In Name Only) – moderates and liberals of the party which, for political purposes, would break away from their conservative roots and sway to the other side on many policies.

George H. W. Bush raised taxes and increased entitlements because he could not stand up to the Democratic-controlled Congress. While he kept us safe for eight years, President Bush passed historic tax cuts and No Child Left Behind – a massive growth of power to the unconstitutional Department of Education. He expanded federal spending to Lyndon B. Johnson extremes (according to the American Conservative Union), and bowed to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid from 2006 to the end of his second term in 2009.

Congressional Republicans in the post-Reagan Era did not kid around either. In 1994, under the leadership of Newt Gingrich, Republicans were swept into historic numbers in both chambers of Congress—ending a forty-year Democratic rule of the House and an on–and-off control of the Senate. After sustaining a comfortable majority for nearly a decade, many of them slowly began entering a power-induced coma and slipped away from their conservative platform. They started spending taxpayer dollars at Democratic Party levels, failed to end useless federal departments, created programs that further strengthened them, and began chipping away at their pledges in the Contract with America.

Today, the tables have turned. Conservatives are tired of RINO’s holding the GOP mantle hostage. We are ready to fight to bring the party back to where it was originally meant to be. Thanks to the Tea Party and clear-cut conservative messages, conservative Republicans overwhelmingly won the House back in 2010, kicked out several moderates in the Senate, and picked up a majority of state legislatures and governorships.

We have a wide range of presidential candidates and a handful of true conservatives ready to make President Obama a one-term President. Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain and Rick Santorum are within that range. On many issues, I would dare to venture into mentioning Newt Gingrich, as well. The man is a genius—make no mistake about that.  Now that conservatives have been dealt their hand, they must play the right card to the voters and ensure that a true conservative clinches the nomination.

Conservatism in its purest form is the form of governance the Founders intended for our country. It is embodied in the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights that accompanies it. Limited government, free market capitalism, traditional values, individual liberty and a strong national defense define (and must continue to define) conservatism. As a result, a new generation of conservatives is ready to stick to this platform and usher conservatism back into the Republican Party.

Will the Republican Party be ready to follow? Or will it allow the Establishment and the RINO’s to dictate its every move and hold it hostage with liberal policies? If so, will this enable President Obama to win a second term?

The survival of the Republican Party and the future of America depend on the next GOP presidential nominee.  Let us show America that we don’t want an establishment puppet as a nominee.

Domenic Gelsomino // Boise State University // @ChrmnDomG

This morning I had to take this (blank, blank) computer to a computer shop to have it fixed, for the moment, once again. Tim, fresh out of college, did the work. I noticed a poster above his workspace of Ron Paul…. We struck up a political discussion. He said he had been, along with a small group of friends on his campus, the only conservatives there…. Clearly he was a Ron Paul fan….

So the young folks are out there. We just need to find a way of interacting with them. (Knowing there is a possibility they may not want to interact with us.) It was pretty clear that Tim felt we are the ones who went to sleep at the wheel.

Thirty days to the first primary…. So important…. Iowa will follow shortly… From these two primaries we will have a pretty clear sense of how the wind is going to blow. Hopefully all the candidates will read the signs and choose to do what is best for the Presidential race.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

We Can't Wait

To borrow the 'newest' trite catch phrase from our President's arsenal of trite catch phrases…."We Can't Wait" and he is right. We in the Tea Party can't wait…. His campaign is running full speed ahead and our campaigning candidates are still in the sort-out-phase.

We need to decide very soon who will be the candidate we support. I haven't talked to anyone in the Tea Party that is happy, gung ho, or ecstatic with the current slate of candidates…. Even when Reagan was running, at this point in his campaign, there wasn't a happy, gung ho, ecstatic group of voters either. BUT something begin to happen. As we listened and watched him speak we began to sense the depth of understanding and beliefs Reagan held about our government, America, and our people. His understanding and beliefs resonated in us… We began to trust the man and somehow knew he held the same principles and values we did. He not only talked them but walked them.

In looking back over that campaign, you can't really put your finger on the turning point in voter's minds. Carter was just being Carter in the campaign and Reagan was just being Reagan…It was as if some silent hand moved across the nation. There wasn't some big moment but a simple growing awareness that Reagan understood the depth of the problems facing the nation. He was the one we needed as our leader. It turned out that Reagan beat a sitting president by the greatest landside in history. The fact is it was we who selected our new leader and it was we who fired a sitting president…

Now, with the obvious said, know that we are less than sixty days from our first state primary for our group of presidential candidates. These first few state primaries often set a pattern that will be followed in other states. It is for that reason these early primaries are so important.

Clearly the upper core of the GOP wants to see Romney as 'their' candidate. That by itself is not such a bad thing but when you couple their push with the liberal media also giving Romney lots of attention, the two together become a really a bad thing.

When Romney ran against McCain, what were his highest poll numbers? IF Romney couldn't make a better show against McCain, how could he possibly be a competitor against Obama? After all this time and after all the years he has worked at becoming president, look at his polling numbers that hang around 25% I don't even know where the 25% is coming from. Certainly not from the people I know.

Watching Romney it seems that his claims on his personal business experience can be questioned. His ideas on social programs are almost nonexistent. His notion about taxes and the IRS in general is a nonstarter. When he speaks of his business abilities it is likely that most voters do not know what he did in his investment company.

Rather than trying to explain Romney's business acumen read a good description of how and what kind of business he did through which he made a lot of money and seems very proud of what he did.

Bain Capitol

"By the green-hued yardsticks of Wall Street, the 1990s buyout of an Illinois medical company, Dade International, by Mitt Romney's private equity firm was a spectacular success.

Mr. Romney’s career at Bain Capital, which he owned and ran as chief executive, is a cornerstone of his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination — a credential, he argues, that showcases the management skills and business acumen that America needs to revive a stalled economy. Creating jobs, Mr. Romney says, is exactly what he knows how to do.

Mr. Romney’s company, Bain Capital, sent in a team of 10 turnaround experts from Boston to ferret out waste, motivate executives and study untapped markets.

By the time the Harvard M.B.A.’s from Bain were finished, sales at the medical company, Dade International, had more than doubled. The business acquired two of its rivals. And Mr. Romney’s firm collected $242 million, a return eight times its investment.

But an examination of the Dade deal shows the unintended human costs and messy financial consequences behind the brand of capitalism that Mr. Romney practiced for 15 years.

At Bain Capital’s direction, Dade quadrupled the money it owed creditors and vendors. It took steps that propelled the business toward bankruptcy. And in waves of layoffs, it cut loose 1,700 workers in the United States, including Brian and Christine Shoemaker, who lost their jobs at a plant in Westwood, Mass. Staggered, Mr. Shoemaker wondered, “How can the bean counters just come in here and say, Hey, it’s over?”

From 1984 to 1999, Mr. Romney and his deputies made fortunes by investing in, acquiring and then selling about 150 companies. It was high-stakes work that shaped Mr. Romney’s values and views, taught him the art of salesmanship and negotiation and took him deep inside the boardrooms and factories of American business.

Because financial data for many of the acquisitions are not publicly available, it is difficult to fully tally the wins and losses, the jobs created and the jobs eliminated on Mr. Romney’s watch. But the experience with Dade, Bain’s biggest transaction at the time, shows how Bain managed its investments, structuring deals so it would be hard for Mr. Romney and his partners not to come out ahead.

Bain and a small group of investors bought Dade in 1994 with mostly borrowed money, limiting their risk. They extracted cash from the company at almost every turn — paying themselves nearly $100 million in fees, first for buying the company and then for helping to run it. Later, just after Mr. Romney stepped down from his role, Bain took $242 million out of the business in a transaction that, according to bankruptcy documents and several former Dade officials, weakened the company."

Writer: Michael Barboro's article in the NYT (today…..)

During this same period of time there were many companies like Brian Capitol doing the same kind of business…So the business ethics are not what is being questioned but the substance of the idea that Romney created companies, ran companies, and created jobs… He bought and sold companies along with a small army of Harvard business school graduates. Jobs always get lost in mergers and acquisitions. It is the nature of that kind of business. Also, this business model is not so unlike the Obama business model for this country. So if Romney starts sounding a little like Obama to you in terms of how he would fix the problems of this country you can better understand why.

Romney's heath plan as governor is as much of a direct step towards a socialist form of health service at a state level as the Obama's health plan is at the national level. He has been able, it seems, to do a 'two step' around this health bill issue every time it's raised.

The polls are telling us that Romney is the front runner in the Republican party and will be the nominee. However, no matter what he does, his poll numbers don't go up or down much…..It seems that most of the candidates will barely get through the two early primaries.. Huntsman may hang in because, like Romney, he looks to the national GOP like a vice-presidential candidate and has international experience. ( To me, both appear to be both shallow and slick and I'm sure I'm misreading both men.)

I like what Perry has done in his state of Texas and I like what he says but he doesn't quite understand what he is up against and is not prepared. I really hope he can get his campaign on the road...Also, no one would imagine him in second place on the ticket. So, it would seem that he must be the top of the ticket or nothing.

The question for us is, who is the best qualified, most experienced, trustworthy candidate for us to pick ? ….. I may be over reading this but what is beginning to happen for Newt Gingrich is similar to what happened for Reagan. People are beginning to listen to what he is saying. I think we all knew or assumed he is the only candidate in this bunch who has the knowledge and experience to actually get things done in Washington from the get-go.…. The incredible thing that has happened and it has happened so few times in our lifetimes, is we have a candidate who we have known and watched for twenty plus years who has not waivered in his conservative views or actions. If this situation was not confounded by the political process, common sense would tell us this is a candidate the Tea Party can trust to guide our country. However, this is politics and common sense doesn't often play a part.

For all we know Obama, like Bill Clinton, might wake up in his second term in office and become a better president. For all anyone knows Mitt Romney might make a great president….. If you were down to your last dollar, which we seem to be as nation, which of these two would you bet on?

If we talk about Newt possibly becoming our presidential candidate then we must also look at his history outside of government and the focus moves to his marriages.

In watching the polling numbers and looking at the questions being asked by the polling organizations, it appears that many women look at Newt's personal history with wives and find him unacceptable as a candidate. If this is so, then that is where the story will end…..He nor any other candidate can win this coming election against Obama without the women's vote.

Marriage is important to the well being of societies. Every society has laws and rituals concerning marriage. Clearly they differ depending on culture and religion but are there in one form or another. Mexico has introduced a new legal marriage contract that is outside religious sanctions. More of our young people are choosing to live together instead of marrying. This is not new news.. What, if anything, is important about any of this is that attitudes and customs are changing with close to fifty percent of marriages falling apart…This trend in marriages ending is not going to change in any foreseeable future. We have had a president and a good number of presidential candidates who were into their second marriages. Ronald and Nancy turned out to be a pretty good president and first lady.

Now the challenge for women who find Newt unacceptable as well as the rest of us is, 'If not Newt - then who?".

1)Who can we find that meets our criteria of a conservative leader?
2)Who can we find to possibly beat Obama in the coming election?
3)Who has the statesmanship qualities and experience to lead this nation?
4)What candidate can we trust to keep his/her promises?

Let us invest a little time listening to Newt outside of simple sound bites in the news media. Below is a link to a speech he made in Iowa where he begins to lay out the new contract with America. Besides the conservative ideas in this contract his call to the country and challenge to each of us to participate is a far cry from any other politician in recent memory.

Even if Newt does not become the presidential candidate his ideas of what needs to happen to set the country on a better path reflects most Tea Party beliefs and hopefully whoever may become the candidate will be able to incorporate the ideas in their campaign. (Click - listen - write him…..)


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Australian Tea Party

I thought I would drop this note to everyone about what is going on in others parts of the world. I have been a member of the Australian Tea Party for a year or more. In that time I have gotten all of their activities notices as well as everything they put on their web site…. They are an active group of Tea Party folks... What is also so clear is we, in this country, are not alone in this struggle against the socialist movement taking place in seemingly all representative forms of government everywhere. Australians are complaining about the same things the American Tea Party groups are complaining about and fighting against.

Here is their latest notice:

G'Day TEA Party supporter/friend/contact.

As I hope you are aware the Australian TEA Party is diligently planning to spoil the Gillard Obama love fest planned for the 16/17th November in Sydney and Canberra.

I'm sure most of you are acutely aware of the strong links between the left around the world and between Obama and Gillard in particular.

The intention is for both P.M Gillard and Pres. Obama to stage manage a carefully crafted propaganda event to distract their domestic populations from deeply unpopular policies they have each implemented despite their original campaign promises.

It is our duty to make sure they do not get away with that!
PLEASE make every effort to attend this rally. Also please promote this to your friends and/or interested parties.

We will also be conducting opportunistic spot protests in addition to the rally.
The list of calamity being visited on the Australian and American peoples by these 2  left wing ideologues is considerable.

The chance to confront both Obama and Gillard at the same time is a rare opportunity indeed.

THIS IS THE BIG ONE ... This is your chance to REALLY help make a difference.

Please contact us if you are able to help in any way..please include a contact phone number.

If you are not able to help by geography or circumstance perhaps you know of someone who can.

We need as much help as we can get in order for this to achieve a memorable result.
David Goodridge 
National Director
the Australian Tea Party
Drop David a note. Let them know we understand and support the efforts they are making and told them of our success in the Mississippi elections.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


We are all flawed to some extent. We have all done things throughout our lives we regret. Most poor decisions were made in our younger years and we learned from the mistakes. However, as we aged and were confronted with new turning points and challenges in our lives often poor choices were made again. Some more critical than others... Some just hurt us but others were also hurt by our decisions. What is most unique about life and living is things once done can't be undone. It not a chalk board that can be washed clean so what is left is consequence and regret. This is true for each of us as well those who choose a political career.

Flawed is the human experience that is part of our lives as well as those who struggle in the political arena. To the extent we can accept our flaws and shortcomings we can be accepting of shortcomings in other. However, in our liberal media there is a rush to cast the first stone. This is not a one time event for the media and a way of life for politicians. No examples are needed because we have seen it in every election cycle. The media has already started exposing every shortcoming in every candidate that does not represent their beliefs and biases. Also, what the liberal media knows about voters is once the first stone get thrown there are many who rush to throw the second and third stone... Hardly a surprise and certainly expected….

With this said, the media is not the problem…. The problem is what lies in our hearts, minds, beliefs, and values. How we judge ourselves and how we judge others is and will be the voter's issue over the next many months. We are in the throws of interviewing someone to represent us in our government. We, in the Tea Party, have a rather clear picture of the job and the job description. To the extent we can stay focused and stay on point we will look at each of the candidates only in terms of whether they do they have the experience to do the job and do they understand what we want their mission, as our representative within our federal government, to be? That seems simple but it is not.

If I, as many of our readers, think back, how many really good potential leaders we have lost because the liberal media drove them out of the political process through their form of mud-raking…The number is astounding…..But know they could not have done this without our help. We are to a point where fewer and fewer potential leaders are willing to step into this caldron of potential personal destruction. Who can blame them… Sometimes a Reagan appears…but are few and far between.

This presidential election cycle offers us only a couple of people who fit The Oxford Tea Party idea of a Presidential leader. Some weeks ago we published a article "Romney VS Romney". We will visit him again. Maybe a few more times before the election so he will not be on the radar screen today.

We now have November 8 behind us. All that we can do has been done. We will know the outcome in a few days but it looks like the 'House' has been moved

From now to the 2012 elections seem like a long time but given the gravity of our nation there is really very little time. We are learning. We are now more than just the 'Tea Party' in the liberal media minds but a force. We are the people and the people are the nation. Our history has said to all who have questioned, ignored, or have forgotten this nation is the sum of all its people who will never accept anyone threatening it shores, its form of representative government, or its people's rights, liberties, or freedoms. Those who have forgotten have paid a dear price whether from the outside or inside this nation.

This Presidential election cycle is about elected representatives who have forgotten. Their behavior has limited our freedoms, taken our rights, limited our liberties, hurt our way of life and damaged our economy. Each will feel the wrath of the American voter. Those who are not replaced in the 2012 election will be replaced in the 2014 election cycle. The Tea Party has a long view of our national problems as well as a long memory of who got us to where we are today. Most elected officials can't atone for this destruction and all who participated will be replaced. 2010 was just a start.

We need a closer look at the candidates we have…I assume most of you know there is a new rule in the GOP this time around…Candidates who win in states do not get 100% of the delegates. They only get whatever percentages they win. Example: If Gingrich beat Romney in Mississippi with 40% of the votes and Romney receives 30% of the votes they would go into the convention with 40 pledged delegates and 30 pledged delegates. Usually after the first round of voting at the convention the delegates are released to vote how they choose. ( I haven't been able to find all the details of the new rules.)

Gingrich: This is the most experienced candidates we have…We have all seen his performance as the House leader…His Contract with America which promised and lived up to…His work in balancing the Federal budget four years running,…and of course his shortcomings in his personal life.

Why Gingrich stands out in my mind is because he is one of the few politicians, in my lifetime, who speaks his mind so I always understand where he stands on every issue and he always lived up to his promises. You would think this should be enough to get him elected but it is not. This man is the greatest threat to the quasi socialist movement in this country and the Democratic Party in general. He has been a consistent conservative for what seems like half of my lifetime.

We will work our way through Gingrich's new 'Contract with America.' One of the main differences between this one and the '94 Contract with America he is asking each of us to participate in it creation. We can read through each section and then go to his web site and add our ideas and wishes.

Newt's Contract:

Repeal Obamacare and pass a replacement that saves lives and money by empowering patients and doctors, not bureaucrats and politicians.

Obamacare is a disaster and the first task of my administration will be to repeal it.
The Obamacare law is unconstitutional, unaffordable, unworkable, and stunningly unfair.

Its so-called "individual mandate" is blatantly unconstitutional and an unprecedented expansion of federal power. If the federal government can coerce individuals—by threat of fines—to buy health insurance, there is no stopping the federal government from forcing Americans to buy any good or service.
In addition to the unconstitutional nature of individual and employer mandates, we are learning that they simply don’t work. Their intractable problem is this: once you have a mandate, the government has to specify exactly what coverage must be included in insurance for it to qualify. This introduces political considerations into determining these minimum standards, guaranteeing that nothing desired by the special interests will be left out. And once the government mandates such expensive insurance, the government becomes responsible for its costs. It has to adopt expensive subsidies to help people pay for the expensive plans that it is requiring. The resulting cost to the taxpayer and strain on the budget leads the government to try and control healthcare costs by limiting healthcare services. The inevitable result is rationing by a nameless, faceless, unaccountable board of government bureaucrats.

The Obamacare law also creates one thousand, nine hundred and sixty eight separate grants of power to bureaucrats, most of them to the Secretary of Health and Human Services and her bureaucracy. It creates 159 new boards, agencies and other government entities to administer health decisions that should be up to the individual in consultation with their doctor. This unprecedented grant of discretionary power to unelected bureaucrats guarantees the rise in arbitrary and corrupted decision-making by the federal government.

For these reasons and more, I will fight for the repeal of Obamacare until it is repealed in its entirety.

We must either limit government or we will have government limit us.


As I carry the banner in fighting for the repeal of Obamacare, I will advocate for specific replacement health policies that will create a free market framework for healthcare, provide affordable, portable, and reliable healthcare coverage, and establish a healthcare safety net focused on those in need. This system will assure healthcare for all with no individual mandate or employer mandate of any kind.
This alternative to Obamacare begins with patient power and localism and the many common sense ideas developed over the past eight years at the Center for Health Transformation.

Over the next year, I look forward to discussing solutions for a pro-market replacement for Obamacare that puts top priority on empowering patients, focusing on the doctor patient relationship, using the best new science to save lives and save money, lowering medical costs, and improving the quality of life for every single American.

We must take advantage of the unparalleled resources we already have: The United States has the best doctors, the best medical schools, and the best hospitals in the world. Our entrepreneurial spirit and drive for innovation has already produced medical advances once considered unimaginable. Replacement legislation must build on these strengths. It must include provisions to make
health insurance more affordable and portable by allowing Americans to purchase
insurance across state lines. It must increase price competition in healthcare. It must improve patient safety and decrease overhead costs by digitizing all medical records, and it must introduce lawsuit reform to stop the frivolous lawsuits that drive up the cost of medicine. Instead of an individual mandate penalty for not buying government approved health insurance, the federal tax code should be reformed to provide every American the choice of a generous tax credit or the ability to deduct the value of their health insurance certain amount. The federal tax code should provide the same tax relief for the individual buying his own insurance as the employer providing health insurance to its employees.

This will lower costs for individuals and families, and will make it easier for people to obtain portable insurance they can take with them from job to job. If you don’t like your employer’s insurance, you get the same tax relief if you buy the insurance of your choice.

Employers should also be allowed to buy individually-owned insurance for their
employees, instead of non-portable, group insurance. This approach provides a foundation of equal fairness for all, rather than the favoritism and rank discrimination of the Obamacare bureaucracies and the current system.
We should extend Health Savings Accounts throughout the healthcare system. Everyone on Medicare should be free to choose an HSA as part of their coverage if they want it. Everyone on Medicaid should be free to choose an HSA for part of his or her coverage.

All workers should be free to use their health insurance tax credit or deduction to choose an HSA in place of their employer-provided health insurance if they desire.
These are a few examples of reforms that we can enact, once Obamacare is repealed, that will transform our current healthcare system into one centered on the individual, where patients and doctors have power, not Washington bureaucrats.

Healthcare is a big deal. It impacts everyone. Drop him your ideas….

If we could pick up a few Senate seats, not lose any House seats, and if Gingrich were to become President is there any doubt Obamacare would be overturned?

Political campaigns have become so ugly, so destructive to the political system, and corrupt at the core. They are an embarrassment for our nation. They don't have to be…For those who missed it click on the link below and see how mature men with similar goals, and good intentions can talk together in a way that elevates the political process. Cain and Gingrich are both gentleman and patriots. It was refreshing to see them talk together.


PS: This discussion was sponsored by the Woodlands Hills, Texas Tea Party.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

How to move a Barn and a "House"

November 8…The day that we have been waiting for and working towards. Or could it be November 8 has been waiting for us?

Cotton on the road side, cotton in the ditch. It must be election day, cause the cotton got picked…

It seems like it has been a long wait…but finally, election day is here and we are here…. It is our time... Mississippi and history have been waiting for us….

A lesson has been relearned….We are the leaders, we are the owners, we are the guides, and we are the roots of this nation….Never them…Never them…

The people we hire on November 8 will work for us. We are their bosses and we pay their salaries… I am confident in saying that the people who get the most votes do not understand this simple dynamism…With this said, our next mountain is the educating the newly hired and the inherent warning that November 8 teaches the older group of shoe in 'good-old-boys.'

So, come November 9 with elections fresh in their minds, they must know we are the committee that all bills must be vetted by…The House, Senate and their committees are there to do the groundwork but the finished bills must be reported to us as the final decisions makers.

Below is a link to a video. Many of you may have seen it. It reminded me so much of Tea Party people and the Tea Party movement. It is well worth watching because tomorrow is election day. Clearly if the barn needs moving or the "House" needs moving one person, one family, can't do it but once the American community understands the problem, mission, and what is at stake they can and will move whatever it is…….

Carpe diem


November 8

A friend sent me this brief video….What caught my attention was this group of people have the awareness of their future and instill in their children a sense of responsibility….I look around and realize that we, in the greatest nation the world has ever seen, have lost our way…. What we do today directs out future… Our children need to know, not simply intellectually, but experientially what they must do to protect the nations legacy….

This needs to be done in a 'hands on' way just like the father in this video teaching his daughter. Take them to the polls…..Talk to them about the importance of what is being done…. Let them see your commitment…If possible, let them be part of the experience...

November 8 is a turning point… The direction of the State, over the next four years, will be decided…We will decide it…

Carpe diem