Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tea Party Has Elites on the Run

Well, aren't you glad that you are a 'conservative' and not a Dem. Senator Kerry (the very same one who thought he should be president) talking to the press ( I will try and paraphrase) said that all this 'mess' was being caused by unformed 'dumb' voters. We know he must have been talking about Dem voters because a day or two before the Vice President Biden (who also thought he should be president) said the DEMS were a bunch of whiners…..He told them all to shut up and do something.

Congress passes major bills without reading them and wonder why 'the voter' is ill informed. They do business behind closed doors and when 'the voter' complains about what they are doing they are a bunch of whiners. What is the world coming to? None in this august intellectual circle of power seems to get or understand why we don't 'shut up and obey'. We always have…. The change Obama promised is coming in about four weeks. Not from him and not from our sitting congressional folks.

I have included a article by Tony Blankley who, I'm sure, some readers know. For you that don't this article it is a good introduction. At the end of the article he asks that we share it and that’s what I am doing and you might want to also. This is one of the very best articles I have read that recognizes what is at the root of this 'grass roots' movement called the "TEA PARTY". In this article I find great hope for America.

A Commentary by Tony Blankley

Not long after the tea party sprang into being in the spring of 2009, America's elites started vilifying the movement. In an article worthy of a class-action libel suit, The New York Review of Books depicted the tea party's first march on Washington as a parade of bigots.

Ex-president Jimmy Carter spit venom at tea partiers by saying they resented an African-American president -- a baseless charge of racism willingly echoed by the media.

When they weren't being defamed as racists, tea party supporters were described as irrational, enraged, seething, and livid. Constituents at town hall meetings who rejected the superficial Democratic Party talking points and demanded answers instead of political spin were portrayed as mobs on the verge of riot. At the very time that real Muslim terrorists were planning a record number of attacks inside the U.S. right under their noses, political apparatchiks in the Department of Homeland Security warned ominously of imaginary right-wing violence as the nation's newest terrorist threat.

When the elites weren't depicting their fellow Americans as out-of-control racists and anti-government zealots, they tried to downplay their social and political importance. They did so with a demographic attempt at marginalization; the tea partiers, they said, were too old, too white, too middle class to matter in contemporary America, and thus could be safely ignored.

This liberal critique of the tea partiers -- a dangerous mob, but of marginal importance in post-racial America -- is a curious paradox. Why fear and loathe a movement said to be narrow in its views and scope?

The answer was given to us in a remarkably prescient book, Christopher Lasch's "The Revolt of the Elites and the Betrayal of Democracy," posthumously published in 1995. The noted historian, whose intellectual journey carried him from the left in the '60s to the populist right by the '90s, would have been giddy over the tea party.

Lasch believed the only hope for American democracy lay in a revival of the middle class, particularly what were once known as middle-class virtues. The book title is an explicit ironic commentary on Jose Ortega y Gasset's 1932 (first English translation) classic: "The Revolt of the Masses."

Ortega famously argued that a materialistic mass population had no self-restraint, only takes from its civilization -- in contrast to the elites who still sacrificed for the greater good. Lasch's point -- and mine -- is that roles are now reversed. It is the elites who are the materialists and the tea party/middle-class American who is prepared to sacrifice for our grandchildren's freedom and prosperity.

The very idea of virtue, and other absolutes, has fallen into disfavor with the elites.

Lasch described the emergence of elites who "...control the international flow of money and information, preside over philanthropic foundations and institutions of higher learning, manage the instruments of cultural production and thus set the terms of public debate." These elites would undermine American democracy in order to fulfill their insatiable desire for wealth and power and to perpetuate their social and political advantages. Middle-class values, Lasch warned, would be hollowed out by a value-neutral educational system preaching multiculturalism. Their replacement would be narcissistic values based on self-gratification and worshipful of fame and celebrity as the ultimate values in a world devoid of deeper meaning. Sound familiar, Paris Hilton?

Against this relativistic tide, Lasch found the middle class's antiquated values -- hard work, family, faith, community -- a possible bulwark. He did fear the middle-class squeeze, both in a cultural and economic sense. Had he lived, he would no doubt have been a severe critic of globalism, the 21st century's logical extension of multiculturalism and the economic damage it has done the middle class.
The German philosopher Hegel saw history as a progression of culturally dominant ideas. An original thesis, Hegel says, is followed by its antithesis, and that in turn evolves into a synthesis of both.

Applying Hegel to Lasch, I would argue that the tea party movement constitutes such an historic moment. Make no mistake. What we are witnessing is the antithesis of elite-driven greedy self-serving government debt creation, multiculturalism and soulless globalism.

The tea party movement will assert middle-class values, economic nationalism, patriotism and other concepts derided by post-modern elitists. The movement's central tenets -- small government, decentralization of power and end to profligate spending -- are precisely what Lasch prescribed to restore American democracy.

The elite's fear and loathing of the tea party movement is rooted in the recognition that the real change is only now coming. They are right to be fearful, for the ultimate outcome of the tea party's triumph will be to constrain the elite's economic and cultural hegemony. This reversal of fortune, with power flowing from the elites back to the middle class, will take time to fully manifest itself. But an inexorable movement has begun.

If Lasch were alive, he could write a new book, "The Revolt of the Middle Class and the Rebirth of Democracy." Among its observations might be this: The Obama presidency is both the high watermark, and the beginning of the end, for elite multicultural materialism in America.

Tony Blankley is executive vice president of Edelman public relations in Washington.

Come November… It seems that I have been waiting for November to come for a long time…AND literally it is just around the corner…. The politics are about to get real ugly. The liberal media have become alarmed. The money has started flowing….History tell us that about ninety five percent of incumbents get reelected. So political challengers have lots of powerful enemies. The difference this election cycle is they have US.


Friday, September 24, 2010

We are holding the Hammer

I just read the Republicans "Pledge To America" for the second time…. The second read was because I couldn't believe, given what is going on throughout the country with the elections, the GOP leadership would write, release, and expect to get by with such platitudes as are in this "Pledge." The document shows us just how uncommitted the GOP House members are to addressing the problems in government. While behaving as if they, these elected Republicans, didn't play a major part in creating the catastrophic government debt along with burdensome social programs, hidden taxes, as well as a myriad of the other problems we are now facing. Never acknowledging that their behavior was as arrogant and as dismissive to the voters' interests during their control of government as the last eighteen months with the Dem congress and the current Dem President are with their control of both of our government houses. Never acknowledging that when they had control government grew and the burdening regulations coming from each and all of the federal bureaucrats departments kept pouring into the business community as well as our homes and impacting how we manage our lives and crippling our economy in this highly global competitive market place.

Terms such as , 'fight for', 'cut taxes', 'support the constitution', 'roll back', 'limit government growth', bla, bla, bla, and some etc., thrown in just for good measure to assure us they really, really mean it. Not one, 'This is what we are going to do come January one', can be found anywhere in this Pledge. (In 94 GOP pledge was specific, 'things we will do' and all promises made in the 'Contract with America' in 94 were acted on as soon as the new congress started….Promises made and word kept..)

So what we have with this group of GOPers in this Pledge is 'lack of courage', 'lack of vision', or maybe something much worse… They, as a group, believe they can still fool us, bamboozle us, placate us, trick us, and continue to deal with us as if we are all going to the voting booth in the back of the watermelon wagon.

The only thing smart about this Pledge is that our Republican leadership chose to release it only a few weeks before the election. If they had put this missive out in the spring when voices were calling for, " throw all the bums out" we would have had the summer to look at that side of the isle more closely. The copy of the pledge I read did not have a list of signers. So, we don't know which Republican leaders supported this claptrap. ( I meant to say Pledge.)

This Pledge can be found in it full text on the government web site.. Read it and know just how little leadership is left in this party.

Liberty Central is taking a poll. So far 1200 folks have voted as to how they see this pledge and over 700 have given it a "D" or "F". That is a lot of disappointment. (again) However, about 15% thought the Pledge was just fine. Lord help us.

South Carolina's Republican Senator Jim DeMint's response to the Pledge: "I can't believe what happened yesterday. Just when I thought Republicans in Washington were beginning to get the message, they went back to business as usual." (Jim DeMint is a conservative Senator and IF he is surprised and disappointed then I suppose it OK that I too am surprised and disappointed by their pledge.) I think if we had started looking at some of these ellected GOP folks last spring and created a little 'heat' this Pledge would have told a different story.

Senator DeMint is stepping forward as one of the conservative leaders. We need more.

I have to wonder about myself…. What was I hoping for….? What could I really expect…? Why am I so unwilling to accept President Reagan assurance that "government is the problem." Not one congressman or one senator but as a functioning group, they have become the problem. They work to secure their position and power regardless of costs to the individual, the economy, and the security of the nation. Within six months all of these NEW elected folks, we send to Washington in January, will be fully incorporated into the most elite club in the world and will be schooled in the correct party behavior. (Check out what has happened to the 'brand new Senator Brown' and his quick transition.)

What is the most reasonable things we can hope for? 1) Get rid of most elected officials that we believe are the most threatening to our freedoms and our country….2) Stay organized and start looking to the 2012 elections to finish the job started in this election cycle. Hopefully one of the messages we send this time is that the national parties no longer have the final say in who runs for office. This will go a long way to ending "the always to be reelected good old boy " system. So long as this system is at work there will always be a silent hand directing our government.

Is it really too much to ask these elected folks say to us, the citizens who elected them and for whom they work, "We have made mistakes. We are going to fix these mistakes on January 2, 2011. Here is the list of mistakes that we are going to fix and we are sorry for all the problems we have caused?"

As individuals when we make mistakes, when we hurt someone or some thing, we say we are sorry and we'll never do it again….This way we can learn from our poor behavior….We will make other mistakes in our lives but we don't have to continue repeating the same mistakes over and over. History tell us people in power never do this simple act of contrition. (Fannie May and Freddie Mack are wonderful examples of failed government programs and the elected leaders will keep pouring our money into the programs.)

Good men are corruptible. Arrogance develops over time. Power is addictive. Power corrupts over time.. We have all seen and we know these are true adages but when it come to electing officials, at all levels of government, we vote as if it isn't true. The price we pay as individuals and as a nation are horrendous. Mississippi history had Senators and Congressman that were elected, reelected, reelected, reelected over generations.

One of the most current and glaring examples of this " reelected, reelected," is John Dingell. Congressman Dingell a good man who has served his country. I would assume so but Rep. John Dingell is 84 years old. He is the only sitting member of Congress who was elected when a veteran of the Civil War was still alive. If Dingell wins again in November, it will be his 28th consecutive reelection victory. Dingell and his late father have represented Michigan’s 15th congressional district for over 75 years. It’s more than a little odd that one of Dingell’s campaign ads begins with the narration, “Across America, you can feel it. Change is coming.”

Dingell is in electoral danger for the first time in many years because of a voter backlash against President Obama and Democratic control of both chambers of Congress. Maybe the voters in Michigan's 15th district are waking up and just maybe the conservative, Republican Rob Steele, will unseat him.

If the late Senator, John Stennis was still alive (and we could have selected other late senators also as examples) and wanted to run for the senate again after serving for 41 years would the people of Mississippi vote for him? The answer to this question is at the core of how, we the people, have conducted ourselves while wondering, every election cycle, "What's wrong with our government?"

Why I use a congressman from another state (John Dingell) as a example of national political problems is because when a congressman or senator votes on any bill that bill affects all of us. Not just his or her state or district. ( A really old political saying is, "All politics are local.") It is a old trick with both parties to focus the voters on their immediate district or state because it give the parties more power to control and manipulate voter perceptions and control over who will or will not run in the elections.

The Tea Parties are working locally but taking a national view in this election cycle. They are interacting with the Tea Parties in other states, realizing that who gets elected at the Federal level, no matter where they are from, their vote will impact all citizens in every state. That’s a good thing and hopefully the general voting public will see and understand the important of this connection. Federal politics are not just local.

What to do with what little time is left? At the end of voting day, only one vote at a time is counted. That one vote makes a difference…Where is that vote going to come from? That one vote could be the one that makes it possible for the country get back on some kind of a common sense track. That one vote could be the vote that finally teaches the entrenched elected folks who their bosses are.. Where can we find that one more vote? Where can we look? Who can we talk to that we've not talked to already?

The polls are looking better…. New candidates are gaining confidence. We are also gaining new confidence in the new candidates and that a important thing.

Come November...Come November we are the ones holding the hammer...

(Note: Click below and hear a great Tea Party song.)


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Time of Choosing

BIG NIGHT: Oxford Tea Party meeting 6:30 at the Court house....

"GOOD JOB Christine O'Donnell…"

No sooner had she won her primary in Delaware against the (GOP) supported candidate the talking heads started saying she can't beat the DEM candidate that she will run against in the election. Hold on just a moment…That’s what these same folks said about her beating her GOP challenger in the primary four weeks ago. (The GOP is trying to close ranks around these new conservative (outsider) candidates and have become as recalcitrant as the DEMS. Its getting harder and harder to tell the difference between the 'good-old-boy' DEMs and GOPs. Well, just how much difference is there between the really?)

From this point in time, we can almost see to election day. Also, from this point in time at least half of the potential voters are not involved, not interested, couldn't care less, and are focused on the important things in their lives: Their jobs, their homes, bills, their family, the hearth, and table, and rightly so. The deciding votes in this November election will come from this group of folks. As of yet, or maybe never, this voting block does not see that this election may well be the most important election during their lifetimes. Civics and economics for the most part are not taught in public schools and if so very little, and for most, little understood.

Where does that leave the Tea Partiers? To accomplish the Tea Party mission these voters must to be brought into the fold and the sixty-four dollar question is HOW? A large part of this voting block has been bought off pure and simple with government programs with more coming. To talk Constitution to this group will get a blank stare from most. To talk about individual freedom is confusing and deficit spending in the trillions is simply too much for any mind to comprehend. All that seems to be left is TRUTH. Truth about each of the liberal congressmen and senators. The TRUTH about these folks is already showing up in how voters are responding. (Just ask Arkansas - Blanche and Alaska - Lisa ) Both sent home by their enlightened citizens.

Truth, as a thing, is ephemeral at best and often comes down to the eye of the beholder. For the beholder to see it someone has to put the truth in front of them and that costs money. I am getting requests almost everyday, it seems, from some conservative candidate somewhere who is having a hard time raising money for their campaign. Nevada is an example. Angle is running against Harry, the icon, and his 17M campaign chest(and more IF he needs it). If we as individuals send a little money that will go along way for these candidates. 1) The money will allow the conservative candidate to say who they are and what they want to do in congress and 2) Tell the truth about who the "always to be reelected good old boy" and what he/she has done through their voting record.

These few days left "ain't" much time. Conservative candidates simply have a hard time raising money and many that are running are not known to the voters. Air time and posters are very costly. We have a good mission and a just cause in this election but without money our many good candidates will end up as unrecognizable names on a ballot.

Log on to these candidates' web sites and do what you can to help them.

It is in the nature of charisma to appear suddenly and seemingly out of thin air, in times of need and distress, and then dissipate when the magic of the Oracle fails. The magic of 2008 can’t be recreated, thank the Lord. Come November there will be, once again, the usual political madness and the liberal press pushing their liberal agenda. (We can never discount the danger of the liberal press with their "fair" and "balanced" reporting. ) My worry is that I see only Tea Partiers outraged, in the streets yelling loudly, and pounding on the congressional locked doors. Where are the brothers and sisters?

Forty seven years ago a man, on the steps of the Lincoln memorable, shared his dream about this nation… What is our Teaers dream for this nation today? This "great experiment" that is America is always maturing and evolving and that is a good thing. Are the GOP leaders or the conservative candidates telling this story, pointing to new horizons, articulating the steps we need to take to get there? ( Paul Ryan and Jim DeMint are stepping forward and speaking out. Both good men and almost unknown across the country.) That is what the voters in this nation need to hear. Not sound bites such as "smaller government", "lower deficits", etc.

Conservatives hopefully will run our government in ways that government can shrink and will shrink on its own, and fewer taxes will be needed, and fewer "government sponsored programs" will be needed or wanted. Who told our last ten congresses (DEM's and GOP) that government involvement in our lives and in our businesses was something American voters wanted? We did….We did it by taking the lower road and reelecting the "always to be reelected good old boys" without taking the time to really understand this bunch of ethically challenged arrogant people for who and what they are. The price of our passivity to ourselves, our children, and grandchildren has been enormous.

Note: It will be the undecided voters today that will decide the outcome in the November elections. Find him, talk to him/her, help him/her understand the stakes on the table. Candidates will do what they can but the front line in this mission is us as well as the money we put on the table.

Just a reminder about something everyone knows and that is IF we do not get conservative control in both houses we have grid lock. With gridlock nothing that has been done by this current congress and this president can be undone….

So far nothing has been won. Primaries skirmishes have been fought within the national party with its winner and losers but not the war. The war comes in the next few weeks. For the DEM party and this President agenda this war is life and death and will be fought like any other life or death battle. So, its time to get our big sticks out, keep our sticks beside our beds, and pull down your well worn copy of the Art of War by Sun Tu, and reread it carefully.

God willing and if the creeks don't rise, in November, voters are going to give them a hell of a surprise..


Let close this article by watching the opening speech from the Freedom Works Washington Tea Rally last week...
Most of us don't know C.L. Bryant...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Self-rightness, altruism, and arrogance, are cloaking devices used by this current group of congressional democrats and this temporary President. Hidden in all this hoopla is their lust for more power, more control, and a belief their legacy will be "the ones that changed this nation."

Anything less then outrage will not get Tea mission done. Wheels of time are turn and the polling reports look good…. However, in this world, 6 or 7 weeks is a life time. So much more to be done and so little time.

We need more drum beaters: More street walking: Larger groups in the streets: and many more loud talkers. So many of our congressional people lie, cheat, and they steal from us and our President misrepresents what is happening with his programs daily. Our President says his programs are going just fine.

Example one: New high-risk insurance pool draws only a few applicants

Few Iowans are showing interest in a new state health insurance program for people with medical conditions, such as cancer, diabetes or high blood pressure. Such high-risk pools are among the first programs to take effect under the federal health reform law. When the Iowa pool opened early last month, there was some concern that it would be unable to meet demand. Federal experts estimated that 34,500 Iowans would qualify, but the federal government provided enough money to cover only about 975 of them.

However, the program has received just 32 applications so far. Cecil Bykerk, executive director of the effort, said he was surprised by the lack of interest.

Example two: Race to the Top

White House perverts Race to the Top results for political gain -- A study by the American Enterprise Institute alleges "there is a strong correlation between states that won Race to the Top and states that are of great interest to the White House this election season," reports The Daily Caller's Amanda Carey. "In other words, states with contested races that threaten Democrats got put at the top of the list regardless of any progress in their schools systems." These allegations are contained in a study put together by AEI fellow and University of Arkansas professor Daniel Bowen. According to Carey, Bowen "conducted an independent study of the states that entered RTT, based on their sores from round one and the political circumstances. Bowen found that it’s quite possible political interests influenced RTT winners. Not only that, but in some cases, the status of a state’s Congressional and gubernatorial races accounted for a 77 point increase in final scores (out of 500). In Washington, D.C.’s case, for example, those 77 points were enough to move it from its position as dead last in round one, to first place in round two." How's that for ALL morally challenged vote sellers to the person. Selling out to assure support from special interest and party support. (Just ask Lisa and Blanche if this really works in political world of the Tea Party.)

The good old boy system is alive and well in the national medias' world and they will hide all the short comings and misrepresentations and report the Teasers are red neck racist out to destroy the nation.

This is a war and a very special war. There are no battle lines. There are only limited boundaries easily crossed by truth. Truth as to what these entrenched congress people have done and just how, what they have done, will effect our nation and each citizen into the future. Loud passionate voices cross these limited boundaries.

These last few weeks needs to be a street fight. No hold bared and no quarter. Life or death of a free nation is a stake.

Below is a link to one of many of loud talkers, out of Texas, who cross boundaries. Clear on what's at stake and passionate about the outcome.

Just click to view.

Come November…Come November come with us and let us elect new leaders that understand they must listen to the people who they work for.

Visit us at The Oxford Tea Party.


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Waive bye, bye to Lisa and Blanche

Great ability without discretion comes almost invariably to a tragic end."
Leon-Michel Gambetta

Winning primaries get a candidates names on the ballot but no cigar. Winning elections get the candidates in congress….. Obvious…..Efforts must be expanded. No kicking back, no let down, no vacations. The hardest part of this TEA mission is still to come...

“A man’s admiration for absolute government is proportionate to the contempt he feels for those around him”. Tocqueville

Tocqueville came to our shores, saw the people, and grasped clearly who we are…His writings have stood the test of time. The spirit of the people that he saw and understood still exist and has culminated, once again, in "Our Tea Party."

Free people….God help the ones that tamper with our freedom and safety.

This day has started early, as usual, but what is not usual is there is a good deal of "good news" to share. Below is the up-to-the-minute report from the RedState daily report along with some ideas from the Heritage Foundation that our NEW congress needs to act

Hay Mitch, what's happening?

Asked by RedState:

Knee Capping Mitch McConnell: Lisa Murkowski concedes to Joe Miller
Lisa Murkowski has conceded the senate primary in Alaska.(Sarah Palin endorsed Joe Miller.)

This news is bigger than Lisa Murkowski. While establishment Republicans will bristle at it, this is a near total kneecapping of Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, not to mention another rejection of the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

Consider this inside baseball fact: McConnell has chosen as his loyal lieutenants at the leadership table Robert Bennett (R-UT), Judd Gregg (R-NH), Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), and Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX).

Judd Gregg is retiring and McConnell sought to replace him with Trey Grayson of Kentucky. Grayson, however, lost to Rand Paul in the Kentucky GOP Primary. Conservatives threw Bob Bennett out at the Utah GOP convention, replacing him with firebrand conservative Mike Lee.

Now Lisa Murkowski is defeated, like Bob Bennett, by conservative activists concerned by the fiscal drift of the Republican Party and the overall direction of the American republic.

McConnell is and has been seen for years as a leader in the GOP. The party put him in charge on the National Republican Senatorial Committee. The committee identifies new potential candidates and offer support and guidance to the incumbent senators who are running for reelection. IF we look closely at his choices for members of the committee he is in charge of should we not question his sanity or should we wonder HOW he, as a major leader in the GOP, be so out of touch with the voters and worry even more about all of the other leaders of the GOP.

Consider another fact: Conservatives, led by Jim DeMint and Sarah Palin, are potentially creating the most conservative Senate Republican Conference in the last thirty or so years: Sharron Angle, Ken Buck, Mike Lee, Joe Miller, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, and Pat Toomey will be joining Jim DeMint, Tom Coburn, and David Vitter. The major GOP leadership did not get behind any of these candidates.

TEN Senators is what is needed. It seems the House is going to become a conservative House. What can "we" do to come up with TWO more Senators? Eight of the conservative senate candidates are doing well at the moment….

Consider this an open thread and an opportunity for Red State America to suggest further ideas to forward the cause of freedom, limited government, free markets and a strong national defense.

Here are a few of the concrete ideas for change from The Heritage Foundation and RedState offer up:

Cap Federal Spending - It is important for Conservatives to come up with a plan to stop the overspending in Washington, D.C. that has lead to a $13.3 trillion national debt. “place a firm cap on overall federal spending, and limit future year-to-year growth to inflation plus population growth. Federal spending is on an unsustainable trajectory because we lack a mechanism that forces Congress to live within agreed upon spending limits. A binding cap will force lawmakers to make the tough decisions required to get us back to fiscal sanity.” There are other great ideas in cutting federal spending and your ideas would be much appreciated."

Put Entitlement Programs Under the Budget - According to The Heritage Foundation, “the middle class retirement programs, Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare, will cause federal spending to jump by half, from the historical average of twenty percent of the economy to thirty percent by 2033. This tsunami of spending is a major threat to limited government because it runs on auto-pilot with automatic increases locked in by each program’s governing laws. While other programs are constrained through annual budgets, entitlements get the first call on resources.” Solutions for America urges policy makers to consider “require(ing) the Big Three entitlement programs— Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security—to live within firm, congressionally approved budgets. If Congress is ever to control spending, it must end the era of open-ended entitlements. Currently, Big Three spending is on autopilot—increasing automatically year after year. Entitlement spending must be brought into the congressional budgetary process. Lawmakers should establish a five-year budget for these programs and include protective mechanisms, such as triggers, that will automatically keep spending within the congressionally approved limits.”

Do Red Staters have any other ideas on how to reform entitlement programs?

Revive Federalism- ObamaCare imposes a federal mandate that all Americans in the 50 states buy health insurance. This is a clear violation of the idea of federalism. Solutions for America argues that “the federal government has usurped the states’ traditional role in areas such as transportation, education, health (especially Medicaid), homeland security, and law enforcement. Washington must cede vast swatches of its policymaking authority—and the funding that goes with it—to states willing to reassume leadership in these areas.” Congress needs to consider ideas that will restore the traditional role of the states.

Loan Welfare Money to Able Bodied Recipients - As Robert Rector and Chuck Donovan have written for The Heritage Foundation that Congress needs to take another run at Welfare Reform. “Why not treat a portion of welfare assistance to able-bodied adults as a loan to be repaid, rather than as a free gift from the taxpayers? Such a policy change would reduce the moral hazard associated with dependency, while providing temporary help to those in need. Clearly, welfare as we knew it did not end, as so many of us had hoped 14 years ago (the 1996 Welfare Reform Law). Adjusting for inflation, total welfare spending is nearly twice what it was before 1996.” Solutions for America argues to “limit the unsustainable growth of welfare spending, and require recipients to give something back. Aggregate welfare spending now approaches $1 trillion annually and does more harm than good. Congress must treat all 71 means-tested welfare programs holistically, as a discrete category of federal spending, and cap annual year-to-year welfare spending growth at inflation. This will force Congress to consider new approaches that could actually help the poor surmount poverty. To this end, Congress should require able-bodied adults to treat a portion of certain welfare benefits as loans to be repaid rather than as an open-ended grant from taxpayers. Also, Congress should study how many of those 71 means-tested welfare programs are redundant and eliminate the ones that allow for double dipping. Seem reasonable?

Stop Overpaying Federal Workers- Federal employees are overpaid at a time when the private sector is experiencing great pain. Solutions for America argues, “pay federal workers wages and benefits comparable to what their counterparts earn in the private sector. Federal employee compensation is far too generous. Total compensation—hourly wages plus benefits—is 30–40% above that of comparable private sector workers. By bringing federal compensation in line with market rates, Congress would save taxpayers approximately $47 billion a year.” James Sherk of The Heritage Foundation recommends the following: Abolish the General Schedule and implementing market-based performance pay; Expand the contracting out of non-essential tasks to the private sector; Reduce the generosity of the benefits the federal government provides; and end restrictions on dismissing underperforming federal employees, thus incentivizing increased productivity. These seem like some common sense solutions to the problem of federal bureaucrats making more than the average American in the private sector.

Keep Taxes Low - Do not implement a Value Added Tax, a Carbon Tax, nor the Obama Tax Increases of 2011. Solutions for America suggests that “tax increases, especially those loaded on small-business owners (our most productive and entrepreneurial individuals), are counterproductive at any time. To raise taxes during a recession is a recipe for crippling economic growth and job creation. Maintaining the tax burden at its current level is the least Congress should do.” Red Staters must have other suggested taxes to reduce or abolish.

Implement a Pro-Growth Strategy- President Obama’s $862 billion monstrosity stimulus Plan has lead to a $1 billion earmark for a special project in Illinois and a program to study the effects of Cocaine on Monkeys. A real strategy to encourage investment and real job creation would be to reduce government interference in the free market. Solutions for America argues for policies that ”encourage investment and job creation. Reduce the top tax rate on corporate earnings—currently the second highest among all industrial nations—and let businesses immediately deduct investments in new plant and equipment. These two changes to the tax code will unleash the most productive investments and create the most private sector jobs. Specifically, lawmakers should align the top rate on corporate earnings to those that prevail in our 30 largest trading partners—approximately 25%.” This is a target rich environment for pro-growth ideas that retreat from the President’s failed economic policies.

Stop Taxing Seniors- Why do seniors have to keep paying taxes as they get older? The federal government should not maintain policies that essentially force older Americans to retire when they still can work. Here is another solution for America. “As part of the broader effort to reform entitlement programs, seniors who wish to work beyond retirement age should be freed from the burden of paying Social Security payroll taxes. Employers willing to retain or hire these older workers also should be exempt from paying the employer share of the FICA tax.” This would be a stimulus program for older Americans and an idea that makes sense.

Peace Through Strength - President Ronald Reagan promoted the idea of maintaining a strong military as a means to protect American citizens. Solutions for America argues that ”a robust military is the surest way to deter aggression and reinforce U.S. diplomacy. To accomplish this, the Pentagon procurement holiday must end. Congress must refurbish our armed forces, especially our depleted Navy fleet and vital missile defenses.” Congress needs to make sure that our defense infrastructure stays strong in the face of emerging threats from rogue nations and entities.

Well, these ideas would be a really good start. Better still all these ideas are pointing in the right direction. Given where we are today it is clear, if we are not clear, with our elected congressional employees they will run amuck. So as this campaign rolls along over these next few weeks we must tell these candidates what we will expect of them IF they want our votes.

Fifty nine days is not much time but the rolling thunder that is moving across the country foretells a devastating storm for the liberals in both of the national parties. Just look at how out of touch Mitch McConnell has been along with the majority of the establishment Republican leaders. Out of touch? They are so focused on getting all the "good old boys and girls" reelected they cannot/will not look at their behavior. Behavior that has weaken what has been thought to be "the" conservative party. Such reckless arrogance.

Fifty nine days may not seem like much time BUT watch what the CURRENT CONGRESS can get passed in the next few weeks "to get the economy moving" with the hope of buying the "undecided" voters.

Come November…Come November come with us and let us elect new leaders that understand they must listen to the people who they work for.

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