Sunday, November 6, 2011

How to move a Barn and a "House"

November 8…The day that we have been waiting for and working towards. Or could it be November 8 has been waiting for us?

Cotton on the road side, cotton in the ditch. It must be election day, cause the cotton got picked…

It seems like it has been a long wait…but finally, election day is here and we are here…. It is our time... Mississippi and history have been waiting for us….

A lesson has been relearned….We are the leaders, we are the owners, we are the guides, and we are the roots of this nation….Never them…Never them…

The people we hire on November 8 will work for us. We are their bosses and we pay their salaries… I am confident in saying that the people who get the most votes do not understand this simple dynamism…With this said, our next mountain is the educating the newly hired and the inherent warning that November 8 teaches the older group of shoe in 'good-old-boys.'

So, come November 9 with elections fresh in their minds, they must know we are the committee that all bills must be vetted by…The House, Senate and their committees are there to do the groundwork but the finished bills must be reported to us as the final decisions makers.

Below is a link to a video. Many of you may have seen it. It reminded me so much of Tea Party people and the Tea Party movement. It is well worth watching because tomorrow is election day. Clearly if the barn needs moving or the "House" needs moving one person, one family, can't do it but once the American community understands the problem, mission, and what is at stake they can and will move whatever it is…….

Carpe diem


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