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We said...Hey

On November 2 we said 'hey' to Washington and all its members. Being one of the 'dumb red neck tea partiers' the liberal press refers to, I thought the message was clear enough for them to understand. However, congress continues to see us in similar ways the press see us as people who are not to be listened to and congress has rationalized November as a blip on the computer screen of history. One of the first votes taken in this 'lame duck congress' was on 'pork barreling'. They said 'hey' back to us. Through this vote they said we are going to continue to do what we have done in the past with 'earmarking' because we think it’s the right thing to do and it's good for us in congress. OK…I get it…I wasn't surprised…I didn't expect them to vote down pork barreling...but I was disappointed never the less.

This week our President announced that federal employees salaries would be frozen. Turns out he was talking about the 'COLA' part of their union contract. However, what else is in their contract is a 2% yearly raise that will not be frozen. So they will get their raise but not any extra from the 'COLA' but that shouldn't have happened anyway because inflation is not high enough to justify the 'COLA' kick-in. This group however did get a COLA increase last year even though folks on Social Security did not get a COLA increase. OK…I get it…I can see where this is heading. These dog and pony shows work for him with the liberals, and with the press…(and maybe a whole bunch of others)…

And speaking of dogs and ponies… So long as politicians know that voters don't have the power to recall them at anytime, they will promise anything they think will get them elected and continue to vote anyway they want….This has been the history of elected officials throughout time. Our unique representative form of government was fashioned to try and prevent this very thing from happening in this country. (Congress just voted to unseat a federal judge. They can do it, so why can't we?)

For the most part, the goal of people seeking power is to rule not to serve….but without power concentrated in a centralized place, such as Washington and national political parties, they are not protected. That is from their side of the desk and from our side of the desk we are not protected so long as we don't have the ability to fire the people we elect at anytime they cease to serve us.

It’s a cold winter morning. In lots of ways I was looking forward to this year being over… It's almost seven and the sun isn't up yet but there is enough light to see the ducks swimming in the pond. The oaks are giving up their leave grudgingly. Things seem to be the same from these windows as they have been in yesteryears. "Seems" is the operative word. I know they are not the same and I know laws have been set in place that will prevent this from ever being so. This year and last year have been stressful on everyone….These past few years have truly tested us as a people and our form of government, a form of government that everyone said couldn't work and couldn't last. A government, at its very roots, was to be a government by the people. Certainly there were many around when the nation was founded that were naysayers. Sooner or later, they believed, that government would concentrate power in the hands of the few…..Just like before and before and before. These founders did everything they could think of to prevent this from happening. Going back into the sixties and in many ways earlier we began to fumble the ball. Taking short cuts…sliding on principles…distaining values and beliefs one vote at a time....Ignoring all the while what the good old boys were doing…

Now we find we are knee deep in the great all American game of catch up. Trying to come from behind. We are the leading country in producing technology and the only developed country in the world without a 4G network communication system. We are producing i7 computers and nothing to do with them but play games that demand high levels of graphics. Want to know how this can happen? Ask our FCC. This slippage in our standing in the world is directly related to our government through taxes, mismanagement, and regulations. It is and was our 'good old boys' that did the voting that allowed this to happen. It was us that did the voting that kept them in their positions of power.

If we don't clearly accept where the finger needs to be pointing we cannot find our way out of this hideous mess. Assuming, for the moment, we are not so far down the road and there is a way out.

Years ago, Californians joked about going to restaurants with waiters who were high school dropouts or had master's degrees. Now most have master or doctorate degrees and the high school dropouts have disappeared. Where did they go? What are they doing? Look at our state with its drop outs and poorly educated graduates. What will they do? They can't move to the northern cities any longer and find jobs. The jobs aren't there or here, once again, primarily because of taxes and government regulations. For the readers who have never run a business, know that OSHA and EPA through regulations have destroyed many if not most of the jobs this group of young people could do. According to California, its EPA (not Federal EPA) in the state was responsible for the loss of forty five businesses a week leaving the state and many of these companies simply moved across the border to Mexico. ( I think it was Barbara Boxer who responded to this announcement by saying, "Good riddance. We didn't those business anyway.") No one has to wonder why businesses large and small are fleeing the state and leaving it unable to support itself.

At this point, in this ranting about our government and its abusive business policies, I want to say that the 'law givers' that we vote into office have, on average, no experience running business a or meeting payroll. They take advice from people who have no experience running business or making payroll. They are the blind leading the blind. To go a step further, most elected people in congress have never had a job where they had to balance a budget and that most voters have never had those experiences either. Most voters have a hard time balancing their check books and their family budgets so its hard for them to understand the importance of this experience with the people they vote for. With this being said, we have to find a way to vet our future candidates better with a careful eye on experience. What we are doing cannot continue.

Attached is yet another important article from the Red State web site. (Get on their
e-mail list you will like the reading.)

Friends --

There are few organizations that I give an unqualified endorsement to and wholly support in their efforts to further the conservative revolution in this country. American Majority is one of those organizations.

With campaign season over, it is time to get ready for the next steps in the revolution. Giving to American Majority is one of those steps. It has the added benefit, at the end of the year, of being a 501(c)(3) so your contribution is tax deductible.

You'll make no better investment in our fight for freedom. American Majority's results speak for themselves.

Since January of 2009, American Majority's work was phenomenal. In that period of time, it:

Trained 12, 774 activists on how to hardwire precincts, build coalitions, be effective online, and work for greater transparency and accountability in our government;

Trained 1,099 candidates on how to run for office and win politically so that the new leaders can implement policies that reflect free enterprise, limited government and fiscal responsibility; Conducted 395 trainings in 40 states.

Simply put, American Majority is building a farm team for our movement and so far, the results have been nothing short of remarkable.

In Minnesota, 94 of 100 American Majority alumni won their primaries.

In Arkansas, 74 of the 78 alumni who ran won their primaries.

In Oklahoma, 45 of 79 alumni who ran won in their primaries.

In Kansas, 44 of 59 alumni won their primaries.

38 of the 65 AM Texas alumni running for office won their primaries.

We're talking school board all the way up to federal office. In the general election, the results were much the same, with 56 of the 74 candidates winning in November, 30 of the 44 in Kansas, and dozens winning in Minnesota.

It is because of American Majority's proven results in recruiting and training candidates and activists that I have agreed to lend my support to it and their recently launched New Leaders Project. Working with local tea party, 9.12 and other conservative groups, American Majority plans to have 1,000 local groups identify 10 new leaders to run for anything from school board to Congress in 2011 and 2012; this project will not only impact elections in the immediate future, but for years to come.

American Majority

We can longer look at the Tea Party movement simply as a group of voters with a cause. That will not get us to where we need to go. We must seek out, educate, train, and elect people with similar values, beliefs, and principles at every level of government. Waiting for a white knight to come to the rescue or continuing to vote for the lesser of two evils are failed alternatives. American Majority has laid out a simple and direct plan of action.

In closing let me thank all of you who have sent 'comments' on these last few articles from You encouragement and support is important…
If you would include your e-mail address with your comments I can put you on the mailing list and you can also see what else we are up to…Frankly, I don't always remember to post to the various Tea sites. I'm sure it age. However, the best way for Tea Party blogs or groups to be effective is for everyone to have a say and voice their ideas. Comments are a one good way of getting this done. Example of this is if I have a dollar and you have a dollar and I give you my dollar and you give me your dollars we each end up with a dollar. However, if I give you an idea and you give me an idea we both end up with two ideas and each of us end up richer.

Only 698 days, 23 hours, and 24 minutes till the 2012 elections. Really, that is not much time…

We must continue to substitute action for hope…..(while never giving up hope)


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