Monday, December 27, 2010

Love Is A Verb

Here in Oxford Town everyone is in the process of recovering from yet another busy Christmas. No matter how many promises we made ourselves about 'not doing' such a BIG Christmas ever again seems we never stick to our guns. (Maybe it's just DNA stuff, or maybe it's tradition, or just maybe behind all the hoopla is something more significant.( Rasmussen's current national survey found that 71% of us celebrate Christmas because we see it as a religious holiday…. CHRIST mas... Don't you wonder why he had to do a national poll to discover this and how do many other folks miss the obvious as well... Oh well...)

It really is just too easy to keep doing things like we have done them 'all our lives' regardless of cost or stress. The simplest level of change is hard and in a general way we always try and protect ourselves from it. Like so many politicians who make promises upon promises and then don't follow through and who are forever missing the obvious.

Even with all the hubbub around the holidays our congressional folks have been hard at it. Trying to change our country, change our way of life, and adding to the national debt all in the name of taking care of us'ins their poor dumb constituents.

I propose a new and radically different schedule as to when Congress can meet and what they can or cannot consider. My suggestion is that Congress meets twice each year. First meeting on the third Thursday morning from 9 to 12 in March but only if it is raining. Then again of the last Thursday in August from 1 to 3 but only if it is snowing. The focus of these two meetings will be on redemption (as it applies to elected officials). The debate must be spirited with each member ending the meeting with a pledged list of promises from each as to the things they will do in their home state between now and the next congressional gathering to build trust and hopefully find forgiveness from the voters who elected them. Until these core problems (redemption and trust) are solved I don't know what else is important or how they can ever think the Tea Party will go away.

The large incoming freshman class is filled with Tea Party kinds of representatives. Yet the GOP’s old guard leaders are inhibiting this new freshman class already by appointing the most liberal possible choices to chair key congressional committees such as the Committee on Environment and Public Work, Fred Upton (R-Mich.) In this act GOP leaders signaled to us they are not serious about expanding the nation’s energy-producing capability. Upton, after all, is most recently famous for highly unpopular legislation on incandescent light bulbs. ( I think this is a clue as to his beliefs and values.) He is hardly the choice for a nation desperate for energy through an expansion of domestic oil drilling and the relaxation of regulations on nuclear, coal and other energy sources. Do Republicans really believe that he is the best choice for this important committee chairmanship? Stuck in the politics of the past, Republicans went for seniority over principle — and ignored the clearly expressed will of their supporters. Senator Upton changed his position on the light bulb issue during his run for the chairmanship of this committee. (As a reminder: This is the Senator that wrote and got the bill passed to do away with incandescent light bulbs by 2014.) Which makes him look like a politician who does not plan to act on principles but on what can help him get a chairmanship. (Note: At this time the light bulb legislation is still on the books.)

Rep. Jack Kingston (R-Ga.) is a qualified and proven fiscal conservative, supported by Tea Partiers nationwide. Yet instead of Kingston, Republicans decided to put the powerful panel under the control of a liberal Republican — and one with a seemingly insatiable appetite for pork.

Another example of "Turning on a Dime."

Sen. Thad Cochran (R., Miss.), the ranking Republican on the Senate Appropriations Committee, and his Mississippi colleague, Sen. Roger Wicker, had 517 earmarks worth more than $1 billion in the new spending bill, according to the group report. These earmarks were attached to the omnibus tax package bill that just failed. Sen. John McCain (R., Ariz.) has said this group belong to their own political party separate from Republicans and Democrats. As many as nine Republicans, led by Mr. Cochran, had initially sided with Democrats to move this tax bill forward. But under pressure, Mr. Cochran reluctantly backed down. Anti-spending Republicans credited the Tea Party and the rising power of the conservative grass roots as the cause of Senator Cochran's about face. (BUT don't think this bill is dead. When it is revived our 'always to be reelected good old boys' will be right there back at the trough. )

One More Whistle Blower (One more big leak)

WaPo (not WiKi) leaked another intelligence bomb titled "We are all being surveyed." Nothing will ever be private again. Facebook is a monster and the U.S. Government is keeping tabs on all of us. To wit: The Washington Post (our home grown whistle blower, known as WAPO) has released another data bomb in its series of leaks on the intelligence industrial complex. According to WaPo, "The FBI is building a database with the names and certain personal information, such as employment history, etc., on thousands of U.S. citizens and residents whom a local police officer OR fellow citizen believe to be acting suspiciously. It is accessible to an increasing number of local law enforcement and military criminal investigators along with increasing concerns that the information could somehow end up in the public domain." Other things WaPo uncovered: "The Department of Homeland Security sends state and local partners intelligence reports with little meaningful guidance. The State reports sent back to them have sometimes inappropriately reported on lawful meetings, etc...." So, basically, what we got is a left hand not even knowing there is a right hand and this is a dangerous systemic issue (Good tracking guys. I feel safer already. My add on. ) and terrifying."

We have WiKi Leaks, WaPo, blowing whistles on our government. Here is a test: When did Congress enact the very first whistle blower law? (Year or Congress will do … extra points if you know why Congress put the law in place….and what they paid the whistle blowers.) Every government relies on whistle blowers for information….Many think if the people could have gotten some leaks about what was being put into the Health Care Bill early enough they would have stopped it from passing.

Some good 'guessers' are saying that we will have only about ninety days to get this new Congress along with the new congressmen to know we are still out here. We are still watching…..We are ready to act… If they lose sight of us, before we know it, the new group may well be 'going along' with the old guard….Wanting to be part of the ruling class.

Most miracles get passed off as coincidence. The rationalizing that has been done around the November election by elected folks and the media cannot hide the obvious. November was a miracle.

Given the two months since the election everyone of them have been trying to rethink what happened… They can't get it…They can't get it because they are trying to figure us out intellectually. The Tea Party cannot be understood through the intellect or through intellectual measurement. The first news we have for them is the Tea Party exists because they don't understand what the Tea Party is about and the second news we have for them is they don't have to get it.

We don't want Dems from the right, left, or center and we don't want GOPs from right, left, or center… We want to govern ourselves and we will govern with or without any one of the current sitting elected officials. We are going to pilot our ship of state and they are on board or they aren't. They are paid employee and we just fired almost ninety of the rascals. This is just the first ninety. The third little news clip for them is we know they don't understand who we are, what we are about, and what we want, and that makes them vulnerable. This is not the time in this nation's life to have weak men in leadership positions. Man up, make tough decisions, don't compromise, don't just go along politically, stand up, be counted, and we will stand up with you. Anything short of this and we're coming after you. November was your assurances that we will keep our promises.

To the shame of our state, our two Senators have sold their votes to proudly bring home tainted bacon.

I don't know one single Tea Party member that ever wanted us to have another Tea Party. Not one. Also, I don't know one who isn't angry that these measures we taking have to be taken. The founding of this nation was a miracle. A silent hand was moving hearts. As we take this country back the same silent hand will be at work. Another miracle is going to happen.

The lesson learned is we are the ones who must be in charge and guard the gates. The founders knew it is we the people who must guide and direct. We are the nation. The nation exists through us and for us.

Before this next election cycle starts to gin up we need to take a hard look at what we have done over these last many decades that has allowed/caused this crises. 1) Through our complacency we have reelected and reelected the always to be reelected good old boys. These good old boys, over time, came to believe it was their country to do with as they liked and come to believed we would shut up and obey. 2) We don't have recall laws that allowed us to make corrections. Particularly with our Senators with their six year tenure. Over time we will make mistakes in the election process therefore we need a way to correct those mistakes.

The Court has ruled that we cannot set by law term limits on federal congressmen or senators. Only the voters can do that. Only voters….We didn't set limits. We didn't hold anyone accountable. We didn't set agendas...We just kept reelecting.

I'll give the liberal press, the national party leaders, and the sitting federal congressional folks a clue…"Love is a verb." A verb is a action word … Love is the act of giving of the self to the others and/or causes. (I love, you love, he loves, you love, she loves, they love) So when they hear our loud talk, when they see us on the street, all they are noticing is we are angry. God, country, individual freedoms are intellectual concepts for them so they simply miss what is being done.

The obvious is we are giving of ourselves, we are investing ourselves, we are encouraging others, we are sharing deeply held beliefs. These acts are the underpinning of miracles. These acts built the shinning city on the hill...Lest we forget.

The other bomb shell discovery Rasmussen reported was that states that didn't impose personal income tax on their people were the states that attracted the most new business, jobs growth, and their population grew. Another breath taking discovery.

Just a parting thought. America has problems. Social problems in minority groups and now spreading out into the larger population groups, public education system, and the loss of the jobs base for our low skilled workers. All of these problems are growing with each passing day. Core problems with food, shelter, and clothing are daily struggles for millions of our citizens. Older people trying to live off their social security is another growing problem and more retirees coming on board by the millions over the next few years. We can elect the most conservative congressional officials. They can cut taxes and shrink the size of government but the social problems still will not go away. We know this... We all know this but we don't usually see these problems because there are so many government programs in place the problems are mostly masked from our view... Christians in Christian nations have real moral dilemmas. Seemingly from day to day or worse from moment to moment.

What we have seen are many of the government's social programs, over generations, create a dependency that ends up destroying the very people they set out to help. That’s what we know but what to do.? Which way to turn?

So the train left the station in November with close to ninety of the always to be reelected watching it pull out scratching their heads assuring each other they were ruling us really good.


First whistle blower law was during the civil war....Business were shorting orders to the government. Whistle bloweres got from 30 to 50% of the settlement.

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