Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It Is Our Turn - It Our Moment

History is written from moment to moment and chronicled from each act performed within each moment. What we do is who we are. We act or we don't act. What each of us chooses to do becomes our legacies as individuals. Who we were lives and dies through choices made in those moments. Our history becomes the sum of the individual acts at critical turning points. Within this combining of moments we, as a group and as a nation, are remembered, debated, and judged by children and grandchildren over time. They reject or emulate, what we did, what we believed, the values and principles we held, and the actions we took.

Our Tea Party is yet another example in our short national history of people making hard decisions. Our nation's legacy is a legacy of hard work and hard decisions. In their moment in time our founders were faced with hard choices. With little more than a belief to hold on to and without support of all the people they acted….They created a government for all the people...A government to serve the people... Our road is not as long or as dark because they lighted a candle for us. For over two hundred years this beacon has burned for all the world to see. Still burning, still bright, this beacon will guide our way back home.

We, like our forefathers, must choose. We must chose to act. November was the first shot heard in some parts of the world, heard by many in America, but not by all. Those that didn't seem to hear were our failing school leaders, our failing state leaders, our failing local leaders wanted to believe the November shot was not pointed at them but at officials above their pay grade and power level…How or what must we do to get their attention….?

American Majority

Out of twenty six people the American Majority trained to run a campaign and run for local offices seventeen were elected to school boards. This is how we get their attention….!(As our current President said in one of many speeches, "We are coming after you.") They can't hide, they will be judged by their performance in the education of our children and they will be turned out. Not because we hope so but because we take action.

Mississippi Tea Party is taking bold steps. They are asking that people who have a willingness and interest in running for local offices to contact them. You can find the address and phone number on the Website….

Between now and 2012 each Tea Parties must tend our hearths. When I was in school, at the end of the day, somebody had to clean the backboard. We are that somebody and it's a darned big blackboard that hasn't been cleaned in a long time. Every school board and every education leader who tells you they need more money to be successful, fire them. Do the same with town alderman and county supervisors. Intentions, regardless of how good or well meant they may be, are not the same as results. They have failed in their jobs and there is no redemption.

IF we had the ability to "RECALL" we could pink-slip all who have failed in their jobs this Friday…(Or any other Friday.) We need this law on our books… There isn't any other way to hold elected officials to their promises and their feet to the fire. Two year or so ago people were coming to our County supervisors meeting and complaining. Confronting the Supervisors on their decisions or lack there of. The Board voted and decided to limit tax payers discussions during their meetings. Can you imagine this kind of arrogance? The next election the people of the county turned our three of the five supervisors.

The recent death of the omnibus tax package could signal a real retreat for the power of congressional appropriators, whom Sen. John McCain (R., Ariz.) described as belonging to their own political party separate from Republicans and Democrats. As many as nine Republicans, led by Mr. Cochran, had initially sided with Democrats to move the bill tax forward. However, with some pressure from the Teasers and others Mr. Cochran reluctantly backed down. (Bless his heart.)

Together, Sen. Thad Cochran the ranking Republican on the Senate Appropriations Committee, and his Mississippi colleague, Sen. Roger Wicker, had 517 earmarks worth more than $1 billion in the spending bill, according to the group report. Both men are Good old Mississippi politicians.…( Maybe IF they had done a better job none of us in Mississippi would have to pay taxes at all.)

Both of these senators are good men. Our house members are good men. All well intended...But the political game they were trained to play and clearly have mastered needs to end. This kind of political governing is quickly destroying our country economically. This political form of governing has corrupted the core values and beliefs this nation was buit on. This political governing has lost the trust of the people.

I truly resent that on the eve of celebrating our Savior's birth this government and all the elected representatives in it are behaving in ways that are hurting the citizens, our economy, as well as most things they have their hands in.

Our mission is not over... The battle is not won...Come next November the next shot will be fired.

Merry Christmas to all… God is with us and America is a Christian nation.


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