Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Hollow Man

I have been feeling left out….

It seems that most of the national media has a parade of "people-who-are-in-the-know" on all things political believe Obama is a well-meaning good president who should and will be reelected. Not one of the media companies has asked me what I thought or what I think about the president's leadership.

 This is not the first time this slight has happened. I have a few friends in the Tea Party's 'national media' who tell me they too have experienced the same kind of slights.

Something seems to be happening within that august inner circle of liberal sanctum. Both the New York Times and the Washington Post during the past few weeks have begun to put some distance between themselves and the president. I don't blame them for coming so late to the party. In their collected 'minds' they feel they need to be 'fair-and-balanced' in their reporting these last few weeks of the campaign. Certainly the LA Times will never do such a thing.  

In spite of the slight and still without any way to do a real "shout-out' across the country, here is my opinion of what November seventh will look like:

Romney will have an Electoral College count between 307 and 316…...

Before anyone runs to the bank with this 'hot' prediction know that I have on more than one occasion have been wrong. (Like when I predicted Obama would not win the last time he ran.)

However this time I am sure I am right. 

There is an old quotable adage about fooling some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all the time….Or something like it…. The some Obama can still fool do not know/understand that our national debt, under his leadership, has just reached $50,000.00 for each and every one of them and also all of the rest of us. (Children included.) They hear numbers but cannot/do not connect themselves to the paying off this debt.  This is like people in the third generation of welfare folks who do not know, care, or think about whose money is sent to them each month.  They are simply disconnected from this reality.

The 50K is important but not nearly as important as understanding Obama's real goals for the country. Obama is a hollow man full of rage against America's majority, white Christian Americans… He has said so in his writings which most have not read.

This may sound 'racist' but I can't tell you how much I had hoped he would be a successful president. However, on day one in office Obama took it upon himself to raise taxes on a carton of cigarettes seven dollars. Only congress has the power to raise taxes, was what I was taught, but no one complained. I wondered what would come next.

Now, after four years in office, we all can pretty well guess/know what comes next because we know a lot about this man's character. We use this term in any number of ways but the most common way is to apply a common set of values and beliefs along with the score on our trustworthy meter each of us carry around in our daily lives. So when anyone is lying, misleading, manipulating, conning us we sense what they are doing and our trust alarm goes off.

For Tea Party folks Obama sets off our 'trust alarm' and rightly so…. BUT not for all our voters…. Wonder why? They hear and see the same things we are hearing and seeing… Is it possible the Obama supporters have a different set of values and beliefs that are so different from ours? Have we, as a country, become this divided? Obama pitches to sub-groups and not most Middle Americans. I think these groups make up the better part of his base. There is a very large part of his base that is referred to as the liberal. It is this group, who in my mind, has caused the most damage to the nation. The failing education system jumps up first, the taxing and all of the other various departments in government who regulate our personal and business lives. Here is where we can see the differences in values and beliefs most clearly.   

We are crashing under the burden of the liberal ideals and it is these very ideals that allowed Obama to be elected.

The Tea Party folks as well as others have a general set of goals for the next congress and president. I think our goals are very similar to Romney's goals. I think he will hit the ground running BUT we must give him the senators he needs to work with him. Without control in the senate few things that are of importance can happen.

Let us put what little energy is left focusing on the senate races. This will be very close given what the polls are indicating. Akin and Mandel need our financial help quick… I mean like last week…. If a half million of us kicks in ten bucks I think both of these guys could win. AND we need these two to win. Not only do we need their votes in the senate but we need the folks they are running against out of the senate. 

Romney will have an Electoral College count between 307 and 316…

I am repeating my prediction because I had a good time pulling out the Electoral College map and running the numbers. Something you might like  to do also and it will give you a way to decide where you can best spend you last election dollars.

11 days, 8 hours, 9 minutes until the polls open. That’s it. That’s all the time we have left.


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