Friday, September 28, 2012

Workers, Jobs, and Other troubling things

Hey, hey what do you say, how many jobs got kill today?

Time is running out…. November  is only a few weeks off….

To say the liberal media is not doing its job in covering Obama and his speachifying objectively is so. AND so what? Who I complain about is our conservative press. The Fox people and others who are supposed to be conservative. Each and everyone of them turned into a caricature of the Andy Griffith character in the old movie "A Face In the Crowd." They simply pick up the liberal media's story of the day and say, "Gosh That’s Not Right." We need to accept the fact that they are simply part of the Political Class and move on…. The richness of the internet give this group more than simply clues as to what is important to conservative voters as well as the nation.  We do their research for them. We deliver it to them and get ignored.

The greatest disservice to the American voters has been the news medias' beliefs  that Obama wants to do what all presidents before him have done to protect the nation, encourage business development, and create jobs. Nothing could be farther from his agenda. This man is a revolutionist whose goal is to change this country. The fastest way to do this is to push the country off the financial cliff.   He has no interest in job creation. He wants and needs a larger group of dependent citizens to accomplish his goals..… Obama does have an interest in growing the national debt, growing a dependent underclass, lowering America's leadership in world affairs, protecting Islam, taking wealth from earners and transferring their wealth to non-producers…. These are the things done in all other socialist nations.  The conservative press says he is failing in goals they imagine a president should have. Liberal media is saying he is simply hampered in his efforts by the Republicans and thank goodness for them. This President is winning. He is accomplishing his goal which is to overwhelm all  the systems in government until it fails. Out of these ashes he will, if given fours more years, build a true socialist system of government. Read his writings and see the Obama - 2016 movie… Homework works…..

We need to accept that this election is a tipping point. Should the conservative voice win,  maybe we can start reconstructing a government for and by the people. If the election gives Obama four more years then we will see a rapid slide into socialism which most don't have a clue as to what this would mean to them.  (I have a friend who was telling me he wakes up every morning and says, "Why me Lord?"  I asked him since there is trouble isn't it a good thing that we are here to deal with it rather than simply pass it on to our children? He nodded, Yes, but not happily.

Obama and Nancy would have us believe that Occupy Wall Street is made up of well educated, out of work, spontaneous group of American citizens. Do some home work and see what organizations support and sponsor these demonstrations.  Each of these supporting groups' goals are to change America in similar ways as Obama… AND certainly the liberal media is not shinning any light on them or their goals and neither is the conservative (pardon my use of the term) press. These demonstrations remind me somewhat of the "love-ins" of the late sixties. This quote below, written by some clever writer, certainly reminds me of the sixties.

(I'm really bummed out, Man. I took out major student loans to attend a prestigious university for six years while studying Pre-Colonial Bantu Poetry, and now I've had no success in finding a job. I don't understand it. I ask for interviews, I put on my cleanest Che Guevara t-shirt, straighten my dreadlocks and polish the stud in my nostril, and those weird fascists in the fancy offices won't even take me seriously. This country sucks, Man. And my Mom....she's so out of touch...she wants me to move out of the basement. And I'm running out of pot. It's all George Bush and Karl Rove's fault. )

Here is a list of people we need in office and they need us to get some money to their campaigns quickly. The clock is ticking and the Dems are flowing money against them. If all of us in the Tea Party sent five or ten buck to each candidate that would be a real chunk of change and might make a huge difference in outcome. 

Josh Mandel (Ohio)
Ted Cruz (Texas)
Jeff Flake (Arizona)
Richard Mourdock (Indiana)
Deb Fischer (Nebraska)
George Allen (Virginia)
Tom Smith (Pennsylvania)
Dan Bongino (Maryland)

Note: We all know what the major problems are so I won't recant each of them but here are some numbers, that have become shocking, just on Social Security:

As of June - 2012 the civilian labor force was 155,163,000.
As of June - 2012 there were 111,145,000 in the private workforce.
As of June - 2012 there were 56,174,538 collecting some form of SS or disability benefit.

The ratio of SS beneficiaries to private employees has passed the 50% mark.

There are now half as many people getting some kind of Social Security benefit as there are workers in private employment paying into Social Security. Solving the Social Security problem is one of the easier problems to fix if compared, lets say, to the national debt or health care.

Looking at a a problem which is much more complex. Jobs that are required in order to stay afloat. It takes about 125,000 new jobs per month just to keep up with population growth. (These are the younger group reaching working age and/or finishing college.) We need 250,000 new jobs per month for a year to drop the unemployment rate by a little more than 1%, …..We have seen one million people drop from the official labor force numbers in just the last two months. So they are no longer being counted as unemployed. So the unemployment figures stay the same. Isn't that a neat smoke and mirror government trick! The government does similar tricks with GDP and housing numbers. Using these 'tricked'numbers" Obama can say ,"Things are looking better."  Liberal and conservative media can say, "Thing are looking better."  I wonder what these one million folks that got dropped say?

Using these government reports Lou Dobbs over the last few weeks has been taking shots at businesses and their failure to hire. Lou, I don't think, has ever been accused of being the sharpest tool in the shed. This is a man, like so many others, in the media or congress who have never run a business of any kind...Never signed payroll checks to employees…AND never filled out a business tax return… who somehow has knowledge of those who do these things in their business life on a daily basis. These businesses just got hit with yet another 1571 pages of new federal regulations. These businesses don't have a clue as to what their federal taxes will be come  January 1, 2013. These same business can't estimate the health cost of each new hire over the next few years. These are the businesses Lou broadly condemned that are mostly small businesses and are just barely keeping their doors open during this economic recession. 

Businesses are the anchor of the economy. They are the engine that drives everything. They are the job creators, not government. Businesses should be considered by all as valued friends. They are the goose that lay the golden American dream.

Shame on government, shame on the media, and shame on us for letting this happen. Fire anyone who attacks our goose.

We must elect the conservative candidates in the list above…. We must end this election cycle in control of the Senate.

If we can take a depth breath for a moment and consider who we are fighting, and we are in a fight, is it Obama or other American citizens? (Could be both.) One of the funny things I keep running into with the Tea folks is the idea that there is a huge group of liberal voters who want this country to become a socialist nation. The word "liberal" is misleading and the word "socialist" is not understood by most. This voting block is made up of people who have no idea how government works, national history, economy, politics in general, and are totally disconnected from what Tea folks assume is known, thought  about, or understood. The are unconnected and ignorant.

Forty three day, eight hours, and forty two minutes until the voting begins.

I think Obama will be dazzling in the presidential debates. Many are believing Romney must win these debates clearly in order to win the election. In my naïve way I think it is our votes along with the undecided voters that we might sway who will win this election. BUT watch the 'youtube below' and see who Obama's core voters are.

I just watched a brief interview with a young black women who had just left an Obama campaign stop… She said, "This was one of the greatest moments in my life. For the first time I know that I don't have to worry about my house mortgage, my food, and cost of gas.  Obama will save me." 

Take a look at the Obama followers (video below) and accept that these are your neighbors, maybe some co-workers, a few friends thrown in, and maybe even some distant family members.  


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