Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Big Bang

People only accept change in necessity and see necessity only in crisis. J. Monnet

In human experience when confronted with changes, we sense some level of danger and loss.  Loss at all levels of awareness is resisted. Familiar is safe….  If each of us searches back in time to things that we define as missed opportunities we will find our reluctances to grab the moment - stepping outside our familiar boundaries – was simply rationalized in ways that allowed No to be much easier choices than Yes.

These experiences big and small happen on a daily basis. Simple things such as what we eat, where we go, who we visit, what we buy, and even who we vote for.

Anyone who has read even one my articles knows that reelection of good-old-boys is a subject that I harp on about political employees. All elected political folk know if they don’t make waves, stay inside of the middle-of-the-road boundaries, keep a low profile, don’t lie, cheat, or steal too much, the voters will reelect them. Just to assure their success in the next election cycle they throw in a little-pork-barreling around their district or state with money here and there for projects that some socially active or political group of voters want, of course with their names clearly pasted on each of these projects.

If FDR was still alive he might still be president. If Jerry Brown’s father was still alive he might still be governor of California. Because of Jerry Brown’s farther California set term limits for governor and because of FDR the presidency was limited to two terms. What we cannot do is set limits for congressional Senators or Representatives. It seems the Court has limited what we can do with term limits and this group. So it is up to us to limit their time in office through our votes.

Just take my ranting on limiting terms in office as in “Oh well, there he goes again.” In my reading of many Tea Party sites across the country this is not an issue on their web sites or seemingly for any of their members. In my opinion this is too bad. My best bet is they don’t fully connect the GOP guys and gals, who have been in elected office ten or twenty years, with the problems we are facing as a nation. They somehow believe it is the Dems who have done this dirty deed. This may be just a observation but for sure the dots aren’t being connected at some level in lots of minds.

The BIG BANG happens in sixty days. As a start we need control of the Senate. In order to control the Senate we must reelect the good-old-boys there (gag-me-with-a-spoon.) and hire a few more, hopefully, conservatives. It will be close according to the current polls. It looks like the House is safe in numbers and if Romney and Ryan can get some momentum going maybe we can pick up some Senate seats off their coattails. Without the senate vote presidents have a really hard time making any changes what-so-ever.

Cruz is on my support list and he seems safe in the election. A few months back we started sending Mandel a little money. He is running against Brown, who is one of the older five or six term good-old-boys in Ohio. Mandel is behind. (But he seems to be pulling up some.) Go on YouTube and watch some of his speeches. He will remind you of Rubio and Cruz. Please, don’t cross Akin off your list of people to support. (Google him) Read his history. See his conservative votes on all the important issues. The GOP has pulled his funding because he made a gaff concerning abortions. This man is prolife to the core. He is running about four points down in some polls. He needs money badly. He is running against Claire McCaskill, a really hideous liberal senator and a strong supporter of Obama. West has to run in a new district in Florida this time around and money is pouring in against him.

These are my sales pitches for the moment. Know that lots of people will not fully make up their minds until a few weeks before the election. That’s when the candidates’ campaign money can decide the campaign one way or the other.

Well, the Dems show gets underway this week. Rumor is they had about five thousand seats not spoken for a week or so ago. (Don’t know just what that means.) Polls are suggesting that Dem voters are not as excited as they were in 2008. I don’t take that to mean they won’t go to the polls and vote for the guy again. Somehow, I would bet the liberal news media covers this convention very differently than they did the Tampa convention. What do you think?

Going back to the issue of change…. I wonder how we could go about making changes that would be perceived as positive in these various social programs. Over time the social support has morphed into a way of life for a huge group of citizens. I’m not sure just when or how our thinking moved from social support to entitlements to lifetime support for individuals and families. For sure, so long as we are willing to pay young women to produce children they will continue to produce children.

We can’t even talk about these programs without someone yelling “racist”. There isn’t any other part of our society where people are not accountable and responsible for their behavior.

President Johnson was warned about what would happen over time when he and a Democratic Congress pushed these social programs through congress. We are picking up the costs today for what he did three generation ago in the mid sixties. Obama just accomplished the same thing with the national health care program in that generations to come will be paying the ongoing costs of what he did in 2011.

We tend to think of Senator Tom Coburn, from Oklahoma, as a good example of a conservative senator. This is the man who felt he had the right to step into our homes and tell us we could no longer use incandescent light bulbs and that florescent bulbs were good enough. The bill he wrote was passed into law. It was supposed to go into effect January 1, 2013 with outlawing incandescent light bulbs. This was not popular with many voters so the good senator agreed to postpone the implementation of the law till January 1, 2014. I wonder IF he picked up this trick from Obama.

There is a reality with elected folks and it is they can’t seem to see farther than they can spit.

To sum this missive up: Send money (doesn’t have to be much) to conservative candidates -  it is time to start holding people in social programs responsible for their behavior -  and last but not least let’s begin to question our reelecting and then re-reelecting these same old good-old-boys. They are destroying the country.

A society without means to detect lies and theft soon squanders liberty and freedom….

I find it helpful for me to not think about the elected as Democrats or Republicans but as combined as the Elite Intellectual Political Class. In their heart of hearts this combined brotherhood believes that government knows best and that the citizens should appreciate and accept their wisdom and leadership. (Like in shut up and sit down.) Really how different is Tom Coburn’s arrogance of putting his foot in our houses and dictating what light bulbs we can use from Harry Reid or Nancy’s arrogance in nationalizing our health delivery system? (Only - in - degree.) Whoever we leave in these elected positions long enough will become demigods.

We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by force."

Obama 2016… Find a theater that is playing the film, take the children and if grandchildren are old enough take them. Round up all your kin folks that are fence sitters or lack interest in the coming BIG BANG in November. Buy their ticket and popcorn and think of the cost as a political contribution.  We need to pick up seven to ten percent more votes than we are currently polling to win this election without having a lot of coronaries. Most of the people who see this film will not vote for Obama.

"The spread of evil is the symptom of a vacuum. Whenever evil wins, it is only by default: by the moral failure of those who evade the fact that there can be no compromise on basic principles."

Take a minute and watch this short video. If we as a nation and can accomplish such marvels why is it we can’t find men and women who will do what we hire them to do in our federal government?

Let us look to each other for strength. Share our hopes and dreams. Smile quickly, laugh out loud, hold hands, and sing together. There will always be an Obama and bad governments but they are the few and we are many. This is our nation. We are the owners, the stewards, and the protectors. Our history is witness to for all who choose to threaten our liberties our opposed our freedoms. 

Take a moment and watch our neighbors share their dreams.
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