Saturday, July 14, 2012

Two Worlds

Since no one has asked I just decided to ask myself, "How are things?" My answer to myself was, "Not as good as they might  be…."

Just check the  current political polling. Obama is ahead of Romney a few percentage points. OK, that’s not such a surprise….. When the polls came to approving or disapproving on how President Obama in managing the economy, as many people thought Obama was handling the economy well as thought he was not. (hmmmm)

 It has occurred to me for sometime that we are living in two worlds… Two realities… Two cultures… With one group not having a clue what the other group is thinking…. BUT if you drive around the country ever city looks a lot like the last city.  The people more or less talk, dress, and act the same or similar. However, there is something very different just out of reach of the eye's view.

Values, beliefs, and ideals are not visible things. They aren't tangible things but they are drivers in societies. These drivers direct our thinking and behavior which create our culture… That culture defines and binds us as a group, so we say Oh we are Americans, Oh they are French, etc. Americans can show up in most countries in the world and no one there has any problem knowing we are Americans. For a whole bunch of reasons many countries and people simply don't like us and many absolutely hate us… This as been so for a very long time. What has not been so is  for citizens of this country to dislike or really hate other citizens. How in the world did this come about?

Not that everyone was close friends. I know lots of Dems and I don't dislike them. I just think they are naïve and very poor at math. However, what is becoming clearer is that many Dems and the political class are completely un - accepting of conservative people and conservative ideas. If you smoke they are outright hostile. The American house is divided. Divided houses fall.

 Changes in societies never happen overnight. Back in the sixties we came to a fork in the road and we chose one turn over the other. At this point it doesn't matter what the rationale was  but there were good intentions behind the choice. Of course there were many elderly statesman who warned against the choice and where the choice would take us. Few listened…. Because we were going to build the Great Society…. Really sounded good and an idea that we could rally around and we did.

I don't want to labor the various social programs that rolled out of that congress and the following congresses along with the new federal departments implementing these programs.

As social programs were added and the older social programs expanded, we still couldn't see where this was leading. Early in the seventies we had the first housing collapse that most could remember. The debt that had been expanding associated with the great leap forward showed its ugly head and most savings and loan banks along with other banks failed. House prices fell and many lost their homes and jobs. Unemployment was very high. We were years working these financial problems out but before it was over thirty year US Treasury bonds were being sold with a nineteen percent interest rate. No one really wanted to invest in America because it was too far in debt….I still have some of them. 

When these kinds of horrific events happen everyone who had a hand in creating the problem starts pointing their fingers. Always for politicians bank and businesses are the bad guys.

This seventies mess stretched into the eighties. Did we learn anything from this bit of financial catastrophic history? You bet we didn't… The economy recovered and we set about doing the same thing over again and  here we are.

Of course the brunt of these kinds of governmental mistakes always hit the poorer people and the middle class the worse. They begin to feel victimized. They were the ones who were suppose to be helped by these government programs/fixes but they got hurt. This time this hurt will last longer the last one.

President Obama is the story of America and the American dream. Growing up in less that average family conditions, having to figure out what ethnic group would best accept him, figuring out how the various systems that confronted him worked, making the most of his talents, going to any lengths to educate himself, working hard to achieve each goal he set for himself, and becoming president in spite of his color. WOW!!!

Bill Clinton was the new professional class of politician.  His life in politics will be written about and studied by young politician for years to come.  Obama is also part of this new generation of politician but there is a huge difference between Clinton and himself. Obama is a revolutionary who believes American government should be a used as a tool to make social changes. His believes in government governing the people not a government of the people and by the people.

 This president is the first president since Reagan with strong personal beliefs. The ways he expresses his goals is in the frame of 'fair, equal playing field, spreading the wealth around' with government doing the directing and the political class calling all the shots.  He believes government knows better how to manage our economy and people's lives then the people whose government it is and their lives as people. This basic idea has been around a long time and tried in many different countries and cultures. Europe is reeling because they embraced this idea of a government managed economy. Russia completely collapsed. China is trying to move toward a less centralized directive government and towards a freer market economy. 

Clearly there is a huge growing group of citizens who can't, for a multitude of reasons, manage their lives and can't take care of themselves. Just why is not fully understood but many believe it is the government's social programs over the last three generations that has caused these massive problems. (We will leave history to sort this issue out.)

The other candidate for president doesn't seem to have a mission at the moment other than doing a clock count down till voting day. I suppose hoping he will not seem as bad as the other candidate to the voters. There maybe some fire in the belly of this man but it is well hidden from me. (I suspect others also.) Everyone who feels he has a program for fixing America's ills raise your hand. The history is that candidates who are middle or the roaders, who are not passionate about America, that can't identify core problems and articulate simple goals for our future don't get elected. This simple fact keep alluding the national GOP. 

So back to the question, "How are things?" Damn if I know but I have a bad feeling about it all. It reminds me of the time the peanut farmer was our leader. His song was the same as Obama's but he lacked political slickness so he got ejected after one term in office. The other big problem Carter faced was a man by the name of Ronald Reagan…. He is not with us and Romney is not a substitute.  Another big difference between that election and this election is the growth of the group dependent on government programs and the minority voting block. These group can easily account for fifty million votes.

These groups, over time, began to develop beliefs, values, and ideas that have created a separate culture for thems in America. The chasm is now so great even Chinese companies couldn't build a bridge across it.  At the core of this separate culture lies a belief that each working American owes them a livelihood. We are now in our third generation of this growing and evolving group. Most politicians understand this voting block and pander to them. When you hear that Obama was a 'community organizer' this was the group he was organizing. The purpose of organizing this group was to create a larger and ever larger voting block to better make demands on the political class. This is Obama's home turf and he is really good at it. All the while this group was growing in numbers and demands no alarm bells went off. No sirens sounded and the culture schism was as devastating as a tornado and rolled across the country tearing apart the belief in One Nation - One people - Under God…..

This coming election is being talked about as the most important election in our lifetime maybe, in the country's lifetime. This election will be a tipping point election…. Our focus is 1) Elect a different president, 2) If this is not possible then we must make sure we have enough newly elected senators to offset the abuse of power by this current president.

Most of the senate races are close and it will be money that will make the difference. Twenty five dollars a month for the next four months is a small investment but the impact will be huge. Just voting will not get this job done in this election.

 "You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We will preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we will sentence them to take the first step into a thousand years of darkness. If we fail, at least let our children and our children's children say of us we justified our brief moment here. We did all that could be done." (Who said this?)


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