Friday, July 27, 2012

A Time of Reckoning

The sad tale of Amy and her pie problem:

This is a friend of many years… Her husband has been very sick so she wanted to do something special for him. One of the favorite things he liked was home made apple pie. So she got some Granny Smiths and while he was napping she made an apple pie for him and the two sons for supper.

They sat down to eat  and in comes her oldest daughter with her grandmother.  
Amy said the first thing that crossed her mind was that she could cut the pie into six pieces instead of four. Supper progressed and in comes a sister-in-law with her two children. She said at that point she decided to leave the pie in the refrigerator and have it the next night. There were just to many mouths to feed.

When she came home from work the next day she found that the two boys had found the pie and ate most of it.

When she told us the story a few days later she was still upset about the pie and her husband's little treat.  Besides feeling sad about her pie story what struck me is how simple it was for her to calculate the number of people and the size of the pie and knew that her good intentions towards her husband was not going to work out.  Simple math quickly done equals a simple decision to save the pie for a better time. (Her logic was right even if it didn't work out.) 

As individuals we make these kinds of decisions all the time. We don't buy this or that because this or that bill is coming due. Or we choose to buy one thing that costs a little less than the other. This is just a common sense thing all of us have to do or choose to do because each dollar has a value to us. (Then, of course, some people don't.)

How is it possible that a nation of citizens such as ours who live their daily lives managing money in common sense ways (with little treats every now and then)  allow our elected representatives to run our country's finances as if the money that we earn and turn over to them to run the country is spent so unwisely and without any regard to the source? 

I realize this is a naive question… that boarders on being simply silly. These elected representatives do not connect the dots. Once this money is deemed taxes it is no longer our money but their money. Like an allowance. Like a kid getting his/her allowance never gives a moments thought as to where the money came from and what dad or mom had to do to get it.  

What the political class says is there will be no new taxes. One of the greatest tax hikes in the history of the world will happen if Obama get reelected. Every day he promises there will be no new taxes. The half of our citizens who pay no taxes in the first place don't give his promise a thought because it means nothing to them. They also, like the kids getting the allowance, never connect the dots, therefore never realize the money they receive has been taken from some individual, family, or business that had to do productive work for the money…. Never...

I don't really expect the political class folks or the social program folks will come to the realization that the pie can only be cut so thin and if they want to continue to have a seat at the table they have to bring something to the table.

The ones who can't provide for themselves must and will be taken care of. Period…But the ones who choose not to take care of themselves, who choose not to contribute, their allowances should be cut. If that doesn't motivate responsible behavior then further steps must be taken. With our kids we take away allowances and their Iphone and we keep it up until we get their attention. One in five Americans rely on federal aid in obtaining housing, food, income, healthcare or education….  67 million people if you give or take a few million here or there... Currently the federal government is advertising on radio and in news papers around the country encouraging people to get on the food stamp program. This is especially true in states where Obama is close in the polling.

We must stop rewarding irresponsible behavior by the president, congress, and many in the 67 million group. I'm sure this notion is just one more way I am being politically naive?

Will there be (or is there) a long term consequence lurking in this political cow pile? If so, for whom? I can't think of any national election that couldn't have been won if one of the candidates could have started with a core 'block' vote of 67 million people.

Could it  be we are already there in this election cycle with this voting  block of 67 million dependent voters? How much do they know or understand about pies and math? Do they are care so long as their check-is-in-the-mail?

Why I have been talking about the importance for us in the Tea Party to begin to look outside of our state and support senate candidates is because we need to understand 'this' math. If Obama were to be reelected he would veto any bill that would overturn Obamacare, and any bill that would reduce taxes and regulations.
To override his veto, a supermajority vote of two-thirds of the voting members of each house, the House of Representatives and the Senate, is required. There are 435 voting representatives in the House. If all these representatives voted, it would take 2/3rds of 435 = 290 votes to override a veto. In the Senate, it also takes a 2/3rds of 100 members = 67 votes to override a veto. (But if only 90 members actually voted, then it would take only 2/3 of 90 = 60 votes to override). Assuming all members turn out to vote, and I think all would, 290 (House) + 67 (Senate) = 357 total votes are required to override a presidential veto.

We are a long way from the 47 senators now to the 67 votes needed and the 241 congressmen in the house is a long way from the 290 votes needed to overturn an Obama veto

Romney is going to continue to be Romney and do what he is doing….. With things as bad as they are across the country you might think he should be running higher in the polls then he is…. BUT where we can make a big difference is in states where the incumbent Dem senator and/or congressmen are having trouble. Many of the races, so far, are close and money is often the deciding factor.

We, along with and including these 67 million federal dependents, are starved for truth, leadership, and solutions….

What is our current leader or the potential leader running against him offering in the way of solutions to the national woes? We know our president is a non-truther and we know the other candidate did not get a second term in the governors office in his state. (Unclear why.)

With all of this said I am optimistic.  Mainly because I think many of the Dem politicians in congress will cross over and vote on a presidential veto vote. By then they will have seen more of their fellow Dems replaced in this election cycle and the next election for them will be within twenty four months. When the public spotlight get focused any in the political class their fear of not being reelected overrides any sense or right or wrong, good or bad, party loyalty and their survival mode kicks in. Being reelected is the prime directive.

Example: THINK  the insurance commissioner in Mississippi: Just last week, the commissioner backed off setting up an insurance exchange in support of Obamacare. I know he really wanted to get his hands on all that federal money but he wanted out of the spot light more. He thought he might wait till after the election…. (Hummmmm)

Concerning the senate: Cruz VS Dewhurst, Texas…Cruz has pulled ahead in the polls 49 to 44. Two week ago Cruz was well behind in polling. (A little bit of good news is needed.) Dewhurst has lots of bucks in his campaign bag - Cruz does not. So this race is far from over. 

The rain has finally stopped and we are back to our sweltering summer Mississippi heat. However, air conditioners are working well so all is well… The corn burned, good tomato crop, beans are filling out, watermelons are coming on what more could this poor conservative redneck want? ….I'll make a list….

I have added a link to a youtube video from the Catholic church. It speaks clearly as to government imposing itself on the people of this nation. Please, take a couple of minutes and watch it.

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