Sunday, February 26, 2012

Crippled Inside

IMF (International Monetary Fund) stated that in 2016 China will surpass the United States in GDP. That will make China the most productive and economically the most powerful nation in the world, a position we have held for well over a century. The president elected in November will be the president of possibly the second economically strongest nation in the world during his term in office. If these predictions come true, this coming president would be the leader during the decline of the greatest nation that the world has ever seen. No real bragging rights, but he will be able to blame the nation's decline on all the presidents before him going back to President Johnson.

Leadership is not about how many people show up for the rally or what the latest poll numbers, show. A leader comes to the people with a set of goals, beliefs, ideas, and a commitment to a cause greater than himself. If the goals and beliefs resonate with the people more show up at the next rally and the next set of polls. Excitement builds for the candidate. (i.e. Look back at Obama's first campaign.) Obama, unlike like Hillary, had a set of beliefs and he believed in them. Like it or not he was elected and has carried out his beliefs just like he promised. You can't say that often about politicians.

Here we are, yet again, in a another presidential election cycle….. It seems like just yesterday we selected McCain even though many thought he would not be the best man for the job…. BUT the second choice was Romney…. There was very little excitement for either in the conservative voting block…I see myself as part that voting block and find I have little interest and no real excitement for the two candidates that seem to be 'leading' the pack in this election cycle either. Romney doesn't seem to be doing any better this time with the voters than he did last time…. Rick is where he is in the polls because of who the voters perceive Romney to be and not because Rick has a voting history to support the notion that he is a conservative leader. He is mouthing political hot buttons, getting attention, but without any concrete plan as to how he would solve the national problems. ( I was wondering, if both of these men were neighbors, which would I ask to look after my house if I were going on vacation? Maybe trust is what it really comes down to.... Which of these candidates would you ask to look after your house?) That is what we are about to do…select a man to look after our house.

We are in the throws of choosing a candidate for president and whoever is selected/elected will be president in one of the most difficult times in our history. Since time can't be turned back, a leader with a vision of the future is needed along with a simple clear plan of how to get there. We are well past the point of 'changing a little bit here and a little bit there'…. Insidious socialist beliefs have wormed their way into American laws, social programs, and lead to a moral decay in to American way of life. A bold plan is needed along with a bold leader.

Past presidents have had to fight and win wars outside of this country. The enemy was always 'over there'…. This current challenge is from within. This enemy looks, walks, talks, and lives within the hearts and minds of many politicians and citizens who live next door. Who are the parents of our grandchildren's friends? The question is how many? The answer is enough to have elected the current President and they are still out there.

There is nothing the next president can do to stop us from slipping from our first place in the world economies. Nor can he mollify the loss that attend second place players, such as a lost way of life most of us have known. Such as a population who cannot pay its way and lives on money borrowed and borrowed time. Already, there are millions in the growing group of citizens who are not able to find a place in this national economy, as it is now structured, and much less able to care for themselves and their offspring.

Its all been here for the seeing… The warnings have come to us over many congresses, over many years, from lone voices….Pandering politicians and the liberal press who pander to them followed by both pandering to businesses and businesses who in turn who pander to them effectually silenced the lone men ringing the alarm bell…This group have all denied, distorted and reframed reality to the point that what we are seeing and sensing was something other than their failures. Their failures have become our failures because we are the ones at the end of the day that pick up the tab, buy their products, reelects, and watches willingly daily news stories spun to direct and distort what happens within the political class. A fraternity of elected and appointed officials, mega businesses, along with the helpful talking heads in the liberal press…. The political class sees us as consumers who are to be directed.

There is an old John Lennon song that has a refrain, "One thing you can't hide is when you're crippled inside." Crippled. Our economy is crippled along with the nation's moral life. Technology has replaced many thousands of skilled workers already with the promise of better technology coming on board. We still have our high end economical muscle. It is the low end manufacturing jobs that are gone. There aren't low end or low skills jobs and none of the candidates have voiced any plans to address this problem. Left unresolved, this unemployed low end worker's group will continue to grow along with all the related problems. The problem is so large that the President is able to pit this group and the 'occupy-wall-street' group against the wage earning group. Can this possibly work in America? Given his failed economic programs, his nationalizing the health care system, etc., look at his favorable ratings polling numbers. They are consistent.

Spain, Italy, and Greece, etc. are second tier nations. They are a few years ahead of us in this financial/social morass. We need to watch closely and see how and if they can claw their way out of the political - financial - social hole they are in. Their people and their nations have been living a life style they cannot afford and have borrowed money to prop up their national social/financial costs. We are on the same road. It is offensive to me, at this point in my life, to accept these similarities between European nations and ours. I am an arrogant American and had hoped to die one.

Most problems are solved by finding the right question to ask, but before we can create the question we must know there is a problem. Some major crisis has to occur. Problems aren't considered major until the problem ends up in our homes and on our dinner tables. Anything short of that we don't seem to notice. Even if noticed our response has been to complain but not act. Even as these words are typed half the voters in our country like our current president and think he is doing a pretty darn good job. That half is still wanting to believe his direction of America will lead to a better future. That is the half that did not do well in basic math and who did not read the writing on the wall when NAFTA was signed into law….. They trusted the political class and liked the cheaper foreign products.

The current president says America is not exceptional and he was proved right by being elected…. At the core of his campaign was the promise of redistribution of wealth. This key element in the president's belief system is un-American. At no point in history would we have considered such a shameful idea of taking the toil of one man by threat of force and giving it to another who doesn't toil.

Have you ever seen the news media more happy and excited than with Romney? He is their guy. He is the one they want to run against Obama… They are not to concerned about him winning. Rick either. Newt was/is the only candidate with a vision for America as well as sharing our founders' ideals. It is doubtful, at this time, that he will be able to run for the office of the presidency. Romney couldn't even beat John McCain in the primaries last time around. This time around Romney is outspending in advertising the other candidates five to ten to one and still hasn't gotten a firm lock as the Republican nominee. Still many, including the national Republican Committee, seem to believe that he can beat a sitting president who also happens to be one of the best political campaigners in our history….

Let me suggest that everyone find some Tea Party sites where Romney served as governor and ask some of their members what was their experience with his leadership. Why was he unable to get reelected…. Do the same in Rick's state and ask why they didn't reelect him as their Senator.

As Tea Party members, we believe there is something bigger than ourselves. As a group we believe what we are doing is bigger than the group itself….We know that what we are doing others are not able or willing to do. But if we accomplish our goals the people and the nation will be the better place because of our efforts. Without being arrogant, we must believe in ourselves and have faith that what we are doing is right and useful for the good of the whole. The nation is in danger and what we do at the most basic and fundamental levels will make the difference for its future. Already Mississippi's leadership has recognized the political power in the Tea Party movement and have invited Tea Party members to participate.

Last night I got a call from the national Republican Committee asking me to renew my membership and send them money. Without thinking, I refused. I will not renew and I will not send any money because I no longer trust the organization. Until that moment I hadn't fully realized how strongly I felt about the National Republican committee.

It's time to hit the send button but know there are only 260 days, 22 hours, and 16 minutes before the voting begins in November. Know that a government for and by the people starts with the people governing themselves and their individual lives well. Our lives must be the model by which we measure our government and the model for leaders in government to govern us. For sure, government can never be more than the model we set.

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