Wednesday, February 8, 2012


As you drive to the local grocery store, school, library, or wherever, do you wonder how so many people are able to live side by side with so little conflict? So many cars on the road and yet so few accidents. You know that there are groups in some parts of town that unemployable or unemployed living on the edge or over the edge in poverty. Yet, given the size of the overall population, there is so little crime as a percentage of the population.

Why isn't there chaos?

Laws that punish crime do not deter people who commit crimes. Criminals/law breakers have always been a part of every human group. However, there was a early awareness that groups of people were a good thing. A search for a general set of rules that people would accept and live by would allow the group to grow and flourish. It took centuries of searching and finally a basic set of rules were developed and clearly have worked up to a point. Most of these rules (i.e. guide lines.) are still taught and serve us today.


The first group of the Big -Ten has to do with the people's relationship to God and how to honor him through their beliefs and behavior. The last of this group has to do with a set of values and a moral code that allows people to live together….
The first four are about man's relationship to God….Have no other God, don't make craven imagines, don't take the name of the Lord in vain, and remember the Sabbath and keep it holy…

The rest of the Big-Ten has to do with our moral conduct towards others: Honor you father and mother, don't kill anyone, don't commit adultery, don't steal, don't lie about you neighbor, and don't covet your neighbor's, house, wife, or anything else of his. These moral guidelines are what allows us to be together and stay together in small and large groups, cities, and nations. When these guideline are not adhered to the society starts to unravel.

Being born in America is a fact of life for most of us. Along with this lucky break comes a huge package of goodies… BUT we look around and everyone we know has the same package of goodies…. So what's so special? Ah, in that question lies the rub…. There seems to be a growing confusion as what is in this package of goodies. Or said differently, "What should be in the goodie package?"

What isn't in the package is a new Lexus parked in a garage, next to a six thousand foot house, with a indoor swimming pool. By digging deeper and looking at a different kind of search your find freedom, a right to choose, an opportunity to reach as high as you personal capacity can take you… Along with those goodies you can also choose who you want to be your leaders, a say in how your government works, raise a family and be secure in any home you can afford to buy in any place you choose to live.

As the years of experimenting went on societies still weren't working as well as the leaders and the people wanted. Something was amiss and they knew it. As more attention was paid what was noticed was there were certain traits in people regardless of which group or society that kept getting in the way of building a utopia. These traits keep showing up generation after generation and rubbing up against the moral code interfering with the orderly business of the community. Finally this group of human traits were onerous and began to be referred to as the seven deadly sins. Pride, gluttony, sloth, anger/wrath, envy, and greed.

In human history this moral breakdown has always worked its way from the top down…. from the leaders in government, the bureaucrats, the servants of government, and finally down to the average people level. When the code was gone the seven deadly sins became a way of life and accepted as the norm.

Sooner or later every historical nation was taken down by the human traits. Slowly over time they ate away at the moral codes that held the nation together.

This is a dark picture. I hate looking at it and hate thinking about it…. BUT it is in our faces all the time… Turn on the news every night, watch a movie, listen to our popular music, sitcoms, reality shows…. Listen to our politicians speak to us in 'political speak' having to go along because they don't seem as bad as the other guy... How do we, with many decades under our belt, make sense of this?

Our house is too old and its occupants are too entrenched to repair any longer. Evict the occupants, close the house, and rebuild using the old traditional human Big - Ten building codes. Carefully screen each new want-to-occupant. Make it clear to him that it is our house… Explain to him that he is a short term tenant ONLY. Give him a copy of our moral code book and assure him that any time he breaks any one of the codes he will be evicted.

People born in only a handful of others countries are as lucky. Yet we have spawned a group of citizens who Obama says is a lazy group who lack morals, courage, and practice all of the wonderful indulgent seven sins.

Hello America and where are all your true grit, hard working, god fearing, native sons? Well, many are in the Tea Party...

Politicians, government, and citizens are cornerstones in our package of goodies…. Citizens have the power. They elect (hire) politicians; politicians shape government to fit the dictates of the citizens as to how they want to be governed…. Is this a real goal or some far fetched idea? I think this be real….

Clearly someone has dropped the ball... Until we accept who is the real ball dropper, accept responsibility, and become penitent, what to do will continue to allude us. There is a crisis. Obama needs to be replaced by someone and that’s where we find ourselves.

We may be able to replace this President but that in no way solves the problems that gave rise to this crisis. Until we accept the responsibility, exercise our power as citizens, involve ourselves in our governance, we will continue to hire politicians and blame them for their shortcomings, while everything that makes us who we are continues to decline into socialist squalor.

I am trying to contain my excitement about the voting last night in three states BUT it appears that citizens/voters are waking up to who Mitt Romney is….(finally)... We have begun vetting Santorum carefully and like what we see. Next we need to consider vetting Gingrich once again using good political measurements such as leadership, experiences, imagination, and electability….. (Keep in mind Newt created a revolution in Washington in the 94 elections. Kept all his promises made in the campaign and won the House for the conservatives. Was key in balancing budgets for the next four years.) If you take all three of the other candidates and combine all of their good works together they don't come close to Gingrich's accomplishments.

We need a tough minded goal directed man as our next president because the next four years will be harder for the country than the last four years. AND the last four were awful…. Made worse by inexperienced leadership.

273 days, 22 hours, and 52 minutes till the November polls open. A leader will be chosen regardless of what we do or don't do… BUT what we can do is: 1) Forget Romney, 2) Thank Paul for all his hard work and ask him to go home because his is just dividing the votes.….3) Rethink how we think about Santorum and Gingrich. 4) Stay focused on these two because one of them can become our leader.


Last note: For the next four weeks we will be wondering around central America with a few specific plans but not many. Just taking a break from winter and all the political 'doings'.



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