Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Rubber Meets the Road

I need some help… Try as I might I simply cannot get excited about Mitt Romney being our president. (Of course whether he can beat Obama in the elections is another question.) Out the door in this campaign the Tea Party members, for the most part, haven’t been able to ‘jump on’ his bandwagon….

Romney appears to be the choice of the national GOP..? It seems they see him as a moderate in his politics. (Code word for: Big Government.)

Romney is clearly the liberal media candidate of choice. My thinking is the media, on the whole, are liberal. They want him to run against ‘their incumbent hero’. Obama is their hero. He reflects their desire for large government committed to managing all aspects of our lives.

I don’t see how Romney can beat Obama. Romney can’t even deliver his political platitudes that he has rehearsed well.

We all love Ron Paul…. Many don’t see why Ron can never be President. If Ron ran against Obama it would be a greater lost than Carter’s loss against Reagan. His ideas about government are attractive…. BUT Ron’s politics simply cannot work in this complex connected world we live in….

IF South Carolina should pick Romney in a decisive way that could well mean he would be our candidate for president. At that point I would need to find some way to support him.

If he were to lose South Carolina, I think he would be much marginalized. He would then only have won New Hampshire. Then what? Who does that leave besides Newt? Many Tea members for very personal reasons don’t really want to get behind Gingrich.
Either of these scenarios would weaken the Tea Party’s passion and confuse the group goals.

I really would like to hear how others are seeing this evolving saga and, in particular what they are seeing in Romney that I can’t identify.


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