Friday, January 13, 2012

Ideas Breed

If you put six people around any coffee table or in any café in any town in America discussing almost any conceivable topic, they will share their ideas. Each will hear the other's ideas…. These new or different ideas will add to each person's knowledge base. They now come up with their own new ideas. It is as if when ideas get shared they breed new ideas and then even newer ideas. Just average folks doing common everyday things. Shared ideas breed ideas …. Ideas then spread…and breed more ideas...
This goes on across the nation everyday about every single pursuit where there is common interest. If this is so, why aren't all of our problems solved? Well, first there is usually not enough understood about the subject and given each person's history there are biases and beliefs that each person brings to the table. So that slows the breeding process.
More often than not in the cafes the folks at the table drift in and out of discussions of politics. Here knowing is represented mostly by the latest sound bites the liberal media has spawned presented to their audience in such a way each night saying 'this is truth' and being accepted by many as truth... Now that we have access to more information and at the very least the same information the media has, we are no longer chained to their 'news speak.' That is a good thing There are more and more citizens searching out the information they need. And their shared ideas are growing along with their understanding of the government's workings. It appears that more citizens are realizing that the elected do not consider the goals of the voters and that they are acting without their consent. Though limited in numbers, it is a tsunami kind of awakening. The 2010 election, were the frontal edge and the larger wave is on its way.
It's not how smart each individual is that counts. It's how well they communicate and exchange ideas with each other that makes a society, a town, or a nation work. Informed voters communicating with each other is the death knell for politics as we have known it. Informed voters with knowledge and understanding can't be manipulated as easily. Where we in the Tea Party find ourselves is at a moment in time where there aren't enough informed voters. What can we do? Or can we do more than what we are already doing?
I hope so, and more importantly, I believe we can. Also, I believe this is the last time the Tea Party will tolerate this kind of group of presidential candidates. We are learning how to find candidates, train candidates, and replace inept destructive elected representatives. We cannot ever again allow the national parties and their sources of financial aid to manipulate us through their hidden campaign agenda. We knew Romney was their pick long before Iowa. We knew any other candidate who showed any promise would be a target. We have seen this movie before. This was the same core GOP group, with different names, that did not see Romney as a electable candidate last go around and this same group did not see Reagan as a electable presidential candidate either. The ideology of this elite group in the upper echelons of the GOP doesn't change by changing its members. The core of this failed ideology is that power should be concentrated in the hands of a few and they see themselves as that few… Their belief is that the people should sit down and shut up and they will run the nation…. Isn't that just ugly…. And isn't this a ugly thing to say…But/and this is the ideology of our Prez, the GOP's and the Dems….
We at The Oxford Tea Party believe that the home discussion groups are a good way, if not the best way, to help spread the knowledge needed to make informed decisions. Showing up on the streets is very important. That gets our ideas in front of people. Educating, we think, is most powerful. Ideas spread by informed people.

Sooner or later, and hopefully sooner, we in the Tea Party will find ways to spread our ideas faster because time is not on our side….. Move The House was one good lesson that has been learned… And the accomplishment of the goal was profound to all and the politicians in particular. Coming soon to our local theaters and TV screens is the most important election most of us have been confronted with. All of the nation's chips are on the table.

By next week in South Carolina the 'contest' (Is that not a hideous term for what is going on? Contest makes it seem like a game.) for the candidate for president could well be decided. Clearly the national GOP has picked Romney….. Ron Paul may show well if it is a small turnout. As clearly as the GOP are backing Romney they are clearly against Gingrich…. (Gingrich is a threat to the national GOP group. As president he would become the head of the Party. As such he could clean out that group and most probably would.) Santorum's liberal big government positions is his history and will do him in….With this many candidates on the ballots the vote will be spread thin…. All that can be said is the national media, the same group that cheered Romney's victory of 14 votes in Iowa, will hit the headlines once again should he show well or wins. (Margin be damned.)

There are many of Tea groups in South Carolina and they are active. Last election they were the difference in the elections. It seems that no one is sure how they will come down and support which candidate.

I personally have a terrible record in voting for presidents. John Kennedy when I was a young person, Ronald Regan with I grew up, and Bill Clinton by voting for the third party candidate Ross Perot. So, given my poor 'president picking' history I don't think anyone should pay any attention to who I think could and should be elected. I voted for Perot knowing that he could not be elected. I called that my voting on principle vote. If I paid attention to or even cared what the liberal media says about Gingrich being a bad candidate and a terrible person Newt will continue to get a check from us every few weeks. If he should become the presidential candidate and at some point later this year, even if I am sure he cannot win, I will still vote for him.

I am not going to offer up a campaign speech on Newt's behalf. We have all known him over twenty plus years of service. Clearly, for many, his mistakes and short comings have become more important than his accomplishments. The 1994 elections were as important as the 2012 elections. Newt transformed the House and reset the Washington agenda. Maybe it's my age but I just cannot see these leadership skills in Romney.

Enough pondering. It time to hit the send key.

There are 298 days, 23 hours, and 10 minutes till the voting starts. Not much time and so much to do...


I have a video link below that I think is interesting from New Hampshire voting booths. What a great film for supporting voter's ID.

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