Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Chicanery… A Change Believed In

"The sovereign extends its arms about the society as a whole: it covers its surface with a network of pretty regulations --complicated, minute, and uniform - through which even the most original minds and the most vigorous souls know not how to make their way…it does not break the wills; it softens them, bends them, and directs them; rarely does it force one to act, but it constantly opposes itself to one's acting on one's own… it does not tyrannize, it get in the way: it curtailed, it enervates, it extinguishes, it stupefies, and finally reduces each nation to being nothing more than a herd of timid and industrious animals, of which the government is the shepherd…

It has at its object to prepare men for manhood, but it seeks to the contrary, to keep them irrevocably fixed in childhood…it provides for their security, foresees and supplies their needs, guides them in their principle affairs." de Tocqueville

This dire warning has rolled across the sands of time and landed itself right smack in America in 2011. This writer clearly did his homework, observed carefully, and studied history. His conclusion was the chicanery used by all forms of progressive government throughout history has the same goals, and produces the same outcome with the people it governs. Progressive governments use progressive small steps with carrots instead of a sticks… Reality TV has becomes our reality... individual responsibility plays no part...history gets rewritten.…lunches must be shared…. liberal media is the only truth…and all is packaged in a glittering box with a personal note that say, "This is what you have always wanted."

A happy childhood for most are memories of getting what we wanted, being taken care of, and having no responsibility. Just look at the numbers: forty plus million are living, more or less, like this as adults today. These are people who believe the Tea Party is out to take away their nanny government programs and force them to become responsible. (If I were in their shoes the Tea Party might well seem dangerous to me also.)

As we look at this current slate of candidates, is there one who has suggested, in any concrete way, how we are going to address these structural problems of Social Security, Medical services, and Social Support Programs? The answer is …NO. If they were to offer any hard suggestions of solving these problems they could not and would not get elected. Our government must get out of the social work business and let our people and our states address these issues.

Did we ever envisage a cradle to the grave social program? Did we ever imagine feeding forty nine million people on our food stamp program? Did we ever imagine that doctors would charge thirty thousand dollars for surgical procedures? Did we ever imagine this country would participate in any program that would ship all of the jobs for our low skilled work force overseas leaving millions of people on social support programs? And yet, it was there for the seeing.

We are a compassionate people. We are never going to let our citizens starve. We are not going to deprive children of health care. That is not who we are as a nation. We are Americans and Americans don't behave like that. Period….

However, the ways in which we have gone about protecting our citizens who are less and less able to manage in our economy is not working. Not for them and not for all the rest who supports them. With the main results being the group being helped is becoming less able to care for themselves. Less able to find jobs they can do…for them the American dream is nonexistent.

In the fifties this nation was the leader of the world in military might and economic might… Russia challenged us with it nanny form of government controls in every segment of their society and the outcome was predictable. The Russian people have paid for their government's mistake for a half century and it's not over. Surely we can learn something from this incredible blunder. Now China is on the rise….I have no idea what would happen there if we suddenly stopped buying products made there. The other side of this coin is what would happen if China stopped buying our national debt. We seem locked into a symbiotic relationship with China and one that is very different than the one we had with Russia. The common thread is power and control. Given China's form of central government it would seem that the outcome there is also predictable given what is happening throughout most of the enlightened socialist countries in Europe.

To win, to survive, to maintain our basic liberty and freedoms, America has to become Americanized again…If there is no willingness left in the idea of, "Live free or die", then die we will. Starting in Washington then looking around the globe are many wanting, waiting, and working towards destroying this great American experiment. America is a threat to all other forms of governments. But still the shining light looks to hope.

However, on our home front we have moved so far from the very things that made us a superpower I don't have a clue how to undo a half century of liberal social chicanery..

We (The Tea Party) are doing what we can given where we find ourselves…. Replacing the old guard politicians who got us here…Finding their replacements is proving more difficult than imagined. Just look at the people who are asking for our votes and assuring us they have the ability to lead the nation out of this morass. Which one can we point to with any assurance and say he/she have the ability to lead the most exceptional powerful nation in the world? So far, I am not seeing in the current presidential candidates the exceptional strong leader we need. It is possible I am simply missing something.

At the state level, "Move the House" Tea Party group is finding us voting options with new candidates... (Join this group on the MS Tea Party.)

Obama's change is change we can believe in? We don't have to believe. We can see his notion of change and it is dividing our people and pushing us to the cliff's edge.

Every day we have examples of our law enforcement preventing children from selling lemonade. Forestry Department invading Gibson guitars with armed agents. Agents from the Student Loan agencies kicking down doors. Fish and Game Department prosecuting a man for killing a bear who came into his house where his children were playing. The man is facing a fifty thousand dollar fine and up to a year in jail. An acquaintance of ours, in California, spent six months in jail and paid a twenty five thousand dollar fine for restoring part of his back yard that had been washed away by the creek that ran along his back property line. Some small protected trout lived in the creek…. Closer to home... Near our house in Mississippi EPA informed a man who raises cattle that he cannot break up a twenty five acre field to plant winter rye grass for his cattle because of potential erosion. The man has been breaking up this twenty five acre field and planting winter rye grass for over twenty years without any erosion. Examples of governmental controls like these are endless. Most citizens have no idea to what extent government has stepped into our lives and has overstepped its power. These kinds of stories seldom hit their local news.

We are in the End Game…. Given the people our President has put in charge of the various federal departments, and should they have another four years of doing their regulatory chicanery, we will be having to install composting toilets at our homes, allowed only one light bulb, (florescence) three gallons of water per person per day, fifteen driving allowance miles per vehicle per day, gas stamps again. ( I threw this in because most reading this article do not remember or know we, at one time, were allotted gas and the government used 'gas stamps' which you got so many a month.) All of these idea seem silly but look closely at some of the states restriction ( such as water use in California and Georgia) and couple them with federal regulations now in place and all at once an alarm goes off. Both California and Georgia have water problems because of lack of government planning. The very job they are paid to do and by not doing their job the taxpayers will do the paying along with trying to manage with less water.

Enough complaining…Our current president is our President because a bunch of our citizens have no clue as to how our economy works.

A dear friend, who happens to be a black lady, was telling us a story about the pears we gave her. She wanted to make a pear pie for her husband and two sons who are still at home. They sat down to eat and the oldest daughter walked in with her child. Well now instead each getting one fourth of the pie now each would get one sixth of the pie. Before dinner was over the husband's parents came in with his Aunt and the Aunt's friend. Now she didn't know what to do. The pie would not be a desert for ten people. So she put her pear pie in the refrigerator for later.

The analogy of this silly story is one that the Obama supporters just can't get and Obama just can't get. No matter if we are talking about a nation, an economic system, or a small family dinner, everyone has to bring something to the table.

Mr. President, you have occupied the Whitehouse and America too long. You have brought nothing to our table. You and your friends are no longer welcome. In November of 2012 we are sending you and your friends out into the real world with the hope you will decide to learn to be responsible citizens.



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