Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Assault

Today I am focusing on an article by Floyd and Mary Brown because in my mind it is just a shadow of things to come between now and the November elections in 2012…Their article is the story of the assault on Russell Pearce. The article speaks for itself. I think both are good reporters and I read them often.

Floyd and Mary Brown

Today one of America's most important conservative leaders is under brutal assault from the radical left, and he desperately needs conservatives from across America to rally to his defense. His name is Russell Pearce and he is the President of the Senate in Arizona.

In a replay of Wisconsin, labor unions, radical green movements and left wing Latino organizations are pouring money into a recall effort against Senator Pearce. The recall launched by these shadowy groups spending buckets of cash of paid signature gathers.

While Arizona Governor Jan Brewer makes headlines around the country for standing up to Obama and the unjustified regulations and lawsuits spewing from Washington, DC, it is Senator Pearce that is her backbone and the legislative leader that has shepherded the conservative agenda thorough the endless labyrinth to make it law.

Because Senator Pearce is so effective, he is despised by the left. He helped vanquish the Janet Napolitano allies that run the Democratic Party in Arizona from power. They see the personal destruction of Russell Pearce as a pathway back to the power they lust.

In many ways he is an unlikely leader. He spent most of his career in law enforcement. He served at every level rising to become Chief Deputy for Maricopa County Sheriff's Office. It was here that he learned how to make tough choices under the mentorship of America's most famous Sheriff, Joe Arpaio.

Republicans elected him as Senate President, and at that time he promised he, "would be vigilant in the promotion of the core values that our Founding Fathers so long ago sacrificed and committed their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor for this Republic."

His legislative record over more than a decade of service is legendary. In 2006 he authored Proposition 100 to deny bail to illegal aliens who commit serious crimes; he authored Proposition 102 to deny punitive damages to any illegal alien who sues an American Citizens; he authored Proposition 103 to make English the official language of Arizona and he authored Proposition 300 to deny day care and tuition assistance to illegal aliens.

In 2007 he wrote the toughest employer sanctions law in the nation to stop illegal employers from hiring illegal aliens by revocation of their business license. What he calls, "The profits over patriotism crowd." Arizona won a 5-3 victory in the United States Supreme Court as a result. It is one of the largest states' rights victories in decades.

In 2010 he wrote and authored SB-1070, Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhood Act to eliminate "illegal" sanctuary policies in Arizona. As we all know this bill allows law enforcement to arrest illegal aliens for immigration violations. As a result, Arizona has seen a reduction in violent crime of over three times that of the national average.

Under Senator Pearce, Arizona is the undisputed national leader in the restoration of the rule of law. As he said recently, "over 100,000 illegal aliens having left the state since 2007, saving about $500 million in K-12 annually, a huge reduction in violent crimes as high as 30% in some cities and the first time in Arizona history a declining population in our prisons, reduction in social services cost and preserving jobs for Americans.

Floyd and Mary Brown: Thanks, without your article most of us would not know about Senator Pearce and the problems he is having as a result of the political conservative work he has done in Arizona.

The question this raises is far reaching and has such political overtones. Our president is out courting Hispanics and the illegal aliens, that simple. This courting in many ways has had a funny consequence in the black voting community. Many black leaders are chastising him by implying he is abandoning them. It appears that the core of this fracas has to do with the allocations of monies in the social programs that historically were developed for the black community. There may be other reasons as well but since what he has done while in office has made so little sense its not surprising he cannot get reelected without these groups support. 'Bless his heart' even in the Hispanic groups he is having a hard time continuing to fool them with his now famous Obama two step.

The Tea Party is also a subgroup. (I'm really sorry to say that.) However, the difference is this subgroup comes together because of beliefs, values, and principles. We believe in limited government. (Bit my tongue.) We value our freedoms along with the things that belong to us. Such as the money we earn….We are not willing to give over our freedoms and rights to government. In Obama's view this is simply a 'crazy bunch of ideals' held by a few unlearned throwbacks.

Is there common ground with our President and his subgroups supporters? If there is/was any common ground our President is busily trying to destroy it by clearly defining 2012 as class warfare. Shame on him and shame on us for electing such a man.

The assault on Russell Pearce gives a good view of what we can expect leading up to the 2012 election. All state and federal elected conservative officials, I believe, will be on the assault list. It will be savage - no holds barred - take no prisoners from our President's supporters. The show will be Chicago politics at its best. If the Obama campaign fund- raising meets its goal of a billion dollars, that advertising budget would be able to buy a lots of votes.

Even under this assault, Russell Pearce, is not and will not roll over and neither will the Tea Party members.

Mr. President, the pandering you are doing will not save your presidency. Your behavior is unacceptable…Your ideas about this country are unacceptable. This is our country. Government governs only with the consent of the people and we are the people. Can you get your mind wrapped around that idea?


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