Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Time of Choosing

BIG NIGHT: Oxford Tea Party meeting 6:30 at the Court house....

"GOOD JOB Christine O'Donnell…"

No sooner had she won her primary in Delaware against the (GOP) supported candidate the talking heads started saying she can't beat the DEM candidate that she will run against in the election. Hold on just a moment…That’s what these same folks said about her beating her GOP challenger in the primary four weeks ago. (The GOP is trying to close ranks around these new conservative (outsider) candidates and have become as recalcitrant as the DEMS. Its getting harder and harder to tell the difference between the 'good-old-boy' DEMs and GOPs. Well, just how much difference is there between the really?)

From this point in time, we can almost see to election day. Also, from this point in time at least half of the potential voters are not involved, not interested, couldn't care less, and are focused on the important things in their lives: Their jobs, their homes, bills, their family, the hearth, and table, and rightly so. The deciding votes in this November election will come from this group of folks. As of yet, or maybe never, this voting block does not see that this election may well be the most important election during their lifetimes. Civics and economics for the most part are not taught in public schools and if so very little, and for most, little understood.

Where does that leave the Tea Partiers? To accomplish the Tea Party mission these voters must to be brought into the fold and the sixty-four dollar question is HOW? A large part of this voting block has been bought off pure and simple with government programs with more coming. To talk Constitution to this group will get a blank stare from most. To talk about individual freedom is confusing and deficit spending in the trillions is simply too much for any mind to comprehend. All that seems to be left is TRUTH. Truth about each of the liberal congressmen and senators. The TRUTH about these folks is already showing up in how voters are responding. (Just ask Arkansas - Blanche and Alaska - Lisa ) Both sent home by their enlightened citizens.

Truth, as a thing, is ephemeral at best and often comes down to the eye of the beholder. For the beholder to see it someone has to put the truth in front of them and that costs money. I am getting requests almost everyday, it seems, from some conservative candidate somewhere who is having a hard time raising money for their campaign. Nevada is an example. Angle is running against Harry, the icon, and his 17M campaign chest(and more IF he needs it). If we as individuals send a little money that will go along way for these candidates. 1) The money will allow the conservative candidate to say who they are and what they want to do in congress and 2) Tell the truth about who the "always to be reelected good old boy" and what he/she has done through their voting record.

These few days left "ain't" much time. Conservative candidates simply have a hard time raising money and many that are running are not known to the voters. Air time and posters are very costly. We have a good mission and a just cause in this election but without money our many good candidates will end up as unrecognizable names on a ballot.

Log on to these candidates' web sites and do what you can to help them.

It is in the nature of charisma to appear suddenly and seemingly out of thin air, in times of need and distress, and then dissipate when the magic of the Oracle fails. The magic of 2008 can’t be recreated, thank the Lord. Come November there will be, once again, the usual political madness and the liberal press pushing their liberal agenda. (We can never discount the danger of the liberal press with their "fair" and "balanced" reporting. ) My worry is that I see only Tea Partiers outraged, in the streets yelling loudly, and pounding on the congressional locked doors. Where are the brothers and sisters?

Forty seven years ago a man, on the steps of the Lincoln memorable, shared his dream about this nation… What is our Teaers dream for this nation today? This "great experiment" that is America is always maturing and evolving and that is a good thing. Are the GOP leaders or the conservative candidates telling this story, pointing to new horizons, articulating the steps we need to take to get there? ( Paul Ryan and Jim DeMint are stepping forward and speaking out. Both good men and almost unknown across the country.) That is what the voters in this nation need to hear. Not sound bites such as "smaller government", "lower deficits", etc.

Conservatives hopefully will run our government in ways that government can shrink and will shrink on its own, and fewer taxes will be needed, and fewer "government sponsored programs" will be needed or wanted. Who told our last ten congresses (DEM's and GOP) that government involvement in our lives and in our businesses was something American voters wanted? We did….We did it by taking the lower road and reelecting the "always to be reelected good old boys" without taking the time to really understand this bunch of ethically challenged arrogant people for who and what they are. The price of our passivity to ourselves, our children, and grandchildren has been enormous.

Note: It will be the undecided voters today that will decide the outcome in the November elections. Find him, talk to him/her, help him/her understand the stakes on the table. Candidates will do what they can but the front line in this mission is us as well as the money we put on the table.

Just a reminder about something everyone knows and that is IF we do not get conservative control in both houses we have grid lock. With gridlock nothing that has been done by this current congress and this president can be undone….

So far nothing has been won. Primaries skirmishes have been fought within the national party with its winner and losers but not the war. The war comes in the next few weeks. For the DEM party and this President agenda this war is life and death and will be fought like any other life or death battle. So, its time to get our big sticks out, keep our sticks beside our beds, and pull down your well worn copy of the Art of War by Sun Tu, and reread it carefully.

God willing and if the creeks don't rise, in November, voters are going to give them a hell of a surprise..



Let close this article by watching the opening speech from the Freedom Works Washington Tea Rally last week...
Most of us don't know C.L. Bryant...

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