Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Self-rightness, altruism, and arrogance, are cloaking devices used by this current group of congressional democrats and this temporary President. Hidden in all this hoopla is their lust for more power, more control, and a belief their legacy will be "the ones that changed this nation."

Anything less then outrage will not get Tea mission done. Wheels of time are turn and the polling reports look good…. However, in this world, 6 or 7 weeks is a life time. So much more to be done and so little time.

We need more drum beaters: More street walking: Larger groups in the streets: and many more loud talkers. So many of our congressional people lie, cheat, and they steal from us and our President misrepresents what is happening with his programs daily. Our President says his programs are going just fine.

Example one: New high-risk insurance pool draws only a few applicants

Few Iowans are showing interest in a new state health insurance program for people with medical conditions, such as cancer, diabetes or high blood pressure. Such high-risk pools are among the first programs to take effect under the federal health reform law. When the Iowa pool opened early last month, there was some concern that it would be unable to meet demand. Federal experts estimated that 34,500 Iowans would qualify, but the federal government provided enough money to cover only about 975 of them.

However, the program has received just 32 applications so far. Cecil Bykerk, executive director of the effort, said he was surprised by the lack of interest.

Example two: Race to the Top

White House perverts Race to the Top results for political gain -- A study by the American Enterprise Institute alleges "there is a strong correlation between states that won Race to the Top and states that are of great interest to the White House this election season," reports The Daily Caller's Amanda Carey. "In other words, states with contested races that threaten Democrats got put at the top of the list regardless of any progress in their schools systems." These allegations are contained in a study put together by AEI fellow and University of Arkansas professor Daniel Bowen. According to Carey, Bowen "conducted an independent study of the states that entered RTT, based on their sores from round one and the political circumstances. Bowen found that it’s quite possible political interests influenced RTT winners. Not only that, but in some cases, the status of a state’s Congressional and gubernatorial races accounted for a 77 point increase in final scores (out of 500). In Washington, D.C.’s case, for example, those 77 points were enough to move it from its position as dead last in round one, to first place in round two." How's that for ALL morally challenged vote sellers to the person. Selling out to assure support from special interest and party support. (Just ask Lisa and Blanche if this really works in political world of the Tea Party.)

The good old boy system is alive and well in the national medias' world and they will hide all the short comings and misrepresentations and report the Teasers are red neck racist out to destroy the nation.

This is a war and a very special war. There are no battle lines. There are only limited boundaries easily crossed by truth. Truth as to what these entrenched congress people have done and just how, what they have done, will effect our nation and each citizen into the future. Loud passionate voices cross these limited boundaries.

These last few weeks needs to be a street fight. No hold bared and no quarter. Life or death of a free nation is a stake.

Below is a link to one of many of loud talkers, out of Texas, who cross boundaries. Clear on what's at stake and passionate about the outcome.

Just click to view.

Come November…Come November come with us and let us elect new leaders that understand they must listen to the people who they work for.

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