Monday, April 12, 2010

Hattiesburg Tea Party

The Mississippi Tea Party

A Tax Day Tea Party is planned for noon on Thursday, April 15 in downtown Hattiesburg. The event, first held on April 15 of last year, will be held at Town Square Park and will last from 12 noon to 2 p.m.

Among those speaking will be 4th District Republican U.S. Congressional Candidate, Joe Tegerdine, who has been endorsed by the 912 Project Hattiesburg, the event host, as well as the Mississippi Gulf Coast 912 Project and other Tea Party groups in the 4th District. Tegerdine is a conservative who supports and Defends the Constitution.

Dr. Jeffrey Burns, a local orthopedic surgeon, will address the recently passed health care legislation. Chris Newman, a former border security guard, will address the pending amnesty legislation and Pastor Richard Phillips of Faith Arena in Laurel will provide a Christian prospective to the liberal agenda that has taken over our country. David Dearman will talk about the financial implications of government spending and regulation.

“We are calling on every American to join with us in this peaceful protest on April 15 and to unite with Patriotic Americans who are holding events around the country to send a message to Washington that we will not stand by and allow our liberty to be stripped from us by those who have no honor or allegiance to the people of this nation, but who serve their own selfish and idealistic visions of a socialistic utopia that is ruled by an elite class at the expense of the American people. Their attempts to vilify everyone who opposes their radical ideas serves only to confirm their radical agenda.”

While this event is free and is open to the public, donations will be accepted to cover expenses. The 912 Project is made up of political watchdog groups with several hundred thousand members nationwide. They were formed through conservative national talk show host, Glenn Beck’s, ‘We Surround Them’ project with the goal to help bring back accountability in government and work in conjunction with Tea Party groups. Information on this and other upcoming events as well as issues facing our country can be found on the group website at

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