Sunday, March 21, 2010

Has the Health Care Question been Answered?

Its seems the struggle will be over, more or less, late Sunday on the "Health Care" bill.….What few DEMS that were "NAYS" are caving in…. So the "Yeas" have it… The health Care Bill will be "deemed" accepted.

If this Bill was perceived as improving the Health Care delivery system, people in general would see it as a good thing. Some would complain but the complaints would be about the details of 'this or those' parts of the Bill.. However, this is not the perception. At the heart of this Heath Care Bill/debate is another issue as important or even more important to many Americans and that is government's control and management of the Health Care system.

The are so many reasons why the public does not and should not trust government's management of anything. Besides all the examples of mismanagement that could be recited, the arrogance with which they so readily take money from us to spend on things they deem important, without ever once asking, "What would you like us to do, what do you think is best, how can we serve you?" Can anyone think of any example, in any part of our society, where the employee tell the boss how much money he/she can have at the end of the day?

Come November… The "Reelecting of Incumbents Bill" will be on 'our' table in 'our' homes not in D.C. come November. History tells us that IF the incumbent has hidden most of his/her unpopular votes, hasn't made too many waves, has pleased their "party's leadership", has raised lots of campaign money, the electorate will reelect them. That is what we have done, more or less, consistently as long as the oldest seniors in our society can remember.

Come November…Come November What will the voters do? On this broad question the question can't be answered. However, the question asked in a different way, "What will I do in November?", is very different and forces responsibility on each of us. Which is right where it should be.

Come November… Come November… Come November… Between now and November what can each of us do to elect representatives that have the courage and foresight to reexamine the Health Care Bill. Representatives who understand and believe in all the rights and liberties that the founding father had hoped for… That we hope for…

Between now and November the liberal press will be relentless in their attack on the individual conservative, conservative groups, conservative candidates. The press will get their cannon fodder from the liberal representatives, liberal parties/groups, and a huge group of voters who are simply frightened of any change in how government goes about governing and their personal responsibly that would be part of that change.

The Tea Party, at its core, movement is about 'something' that has changed over time, in our Country. The Health Bill is an example of that 'something'. This 'something' is referred to as individual rights, liberty, freedom as a self governing nation, where elected representatives serve at the will of the people, where these representatives govern in ways that protect our way of life, our beliefs, and values. These elected representatives and our new President, many feel, are morphing our country into a government managed socialist nation like so many other nations throughout the world. The Health Bill has become a symbol of this government quest.

For the time being we can still demonstrate on our streets. We can make lots of noise which will attract others. However, the real rebellion will take place next November in a small voting booth (s) around our Country. We can look at the incumbents representatives who voted "yea" on this Heath Bill and replace them. To replace them all might be a good thing but not possible. However, we can replace many of the key "Yea" players.

The goal is a conservative majority in both houses.

Is this a doable thing, You bet….

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