Sunday, March 21, 2010

BIG Change is a coming

President Obama finally made it official: He wants Congress to ignore Senate rules - and the American people - and use a parliamentary trick "deemed as passed" to pass his health care takeover legislation.)

It looks like the next ten or twelve hours will tell the tale.

It looks like the key vote on the Healthcare Bill will occur in the House of Representatives late today (Sunday).

Speaker Pelosi will use every procedural congressional trick in the book to try and find the 216 votes she will need to ram through the health care bill passed "pre-Scott Brown" with 60 votes in the Senate back in December. This will be the defining vote.

2,700 plus pages of big government waste, fraud and abuse... corrupt back-room deals including the "Cornhusker Kickoff" to buy Ben Nelson's vote, the $300 million "Louisiana Purchase" to buy Senator Landrieu's vote... $1 trillion in new spending that will run up the deficit…(Where is the CBO when the DEMS need them..On the job...)

Tens of thousands of new government bureaucrats and dozens of new federal agencies... government medical boards will decide what medical treatments will be allowed. ... This vast new entitlement program comes at a time when current entitlements like Medicare, Social Security, and Medicaid are already on track to bankrupt the Country and States.

Democrats in the House will try to justify their votes for the disastrous Senate bill based on vague promises that it will be "fixed" later. But no changes could fix this disastrous bill. The bottom line of this Health Care Bill is the federal government taking charge of the health delivery system. Given their track record we should be worried.

We must make sure the individual members of the House of Representatives know beyond a shadow of doubt what their "Yes" vote cost them. Take another step and thank the house members who say they are a "NO" vote.

Yesterday, the president actually said the nation is "waiting for [Washington] to act" on the health care issue. This is arrogance and political posturing at its worst. Every reputable public opinion poll for months has clear majorities of the American people saying "NO" to the health care "reform" coming out of Washington, D.C.

IF this Health Bill gets passed what will be next?

We may have seen "a sample of what's next" earlier this week. What was added to the Health Bill was the Government taking over Students Loans program… (See the main parts of the Student Loan bill on the Tea Party blog. LINK below.) The President has said he believes every one should have access to a College education….The Government takeover of this program will end up with a price tag almost the size of the Health Care Bill.

The mainstream press along with our liberal elected representatives really don't understand what all of our fuss is about…. They see the purpose of government one way and we see it another. They cannot and will not look at what they are doing in any other way than "government control is good".… There needs to be some balance of views in our congress…. These DEMS are good people and good citizens… What has been lost over these last few election cycles is the balance on views in Congress. This cannot be fixed till November…However, by November what will be needed is a swing to another "out of balance" so that some of these ("Obama, Pelosi, Reid) laws can be amended or overturned completely.

Lots of work and effort…. Question? Are we as a People up to the task and is the will of the People going to be the laws of the Land? The answer to this question is, "Yes maybe" depending on who we replace these incumbents with… Come November the answer will be in our hands… and that’s just where it should be.

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