Saturday, July 13, 2013

There are no WHIPPED dogs here

Now is not the time for ease and comfort but time to dare and endure…
W. Churchill

Not such a long time ago, in the shining city on the hill, there lived a group of men that strode into the darkest corners of the earth. Little about them was known. Few that met them understood them, but they became the leaders wherever they walked on the earth. The important thing that was known was they were men you just didn't want to mess with. They had a big stick. They walked softly. If you crossed them you put your life on the line.  

Some of these men believed one thing and others believed something else.  It didn't seem to matter who believed what and what each believed they believed with passion. Each stood on those beliefs. Each walked with those beliefs. They  bumped into each other, they yelled and argued over the things they believed.

Each day as the sun set, there was something that pulled all back together around the dinner table to share bread and to thank God for their brothers.

There was a knowing and understanding and acceptance that was a bond that existed well beyond differences. Differences sometimes were seen as enriching and everyone added what they could to the dinner pot. To cross one was to cross all. To short change one was to short change all. These soft walking men got their stick and as one came after you. 

In that long ago time, their government took care of government matters and these men took care of the Country. Like good stewards, they tended, protected and shaped both the land, their families, and their communities. There was no equivocation. There was no half-heartedness. Things were done with discipline, correctness, and a passion that reflected love and responsibility. Most of the men are gone but there are a few still with us. The few left, with weak voices, telling the stories of how things were and how they can be. With their stories discounted they are discounted, like the rubble of torn down buildings in our intercity. So scattered that no one can imagine the service they provided or to their reach into the sky. Somewhere in the rubble the building's placard is buried so no one can recall the builders, or its time, or its contribution, or its purpose much like these older men with their told tales of past glories and triumphs.

Every society throughout history has its own evolving history, its stories of the forefathers with their values and beliefs and the society they shaped  and passed on. Ours is a young society. Still arrogant, still undisciplined, still impulsive, and as destructive as adolescent boys.

Much like young boys, this Congress and President are arrogant,  undisciplined, impulsive, and destructive. Tearing down our laws, discounting our beliefs, reshaping our nation by pitting one group against another, dividing a country of brothers. Being reelected through scheming, conniving, lying, manipulating are tools in this high stake poker game. These tools have worked well for them in our past. Few can remember when Harry and Nancy first came to Congress. If listed, the list would be long with both Dems and Republican incumbents who have WON reelections more than three terms and many six or more terms. To our shame, many applaud and say at each reelection "At-A-Boy".

The corrupting effect of power has been know and written about since the early days of Greece. Once acquired, power is hard not to abuse. What makes this abuse so insidious is because it's always denied. The abuser plays his part, the liberal press plays their part, and we play ours. Our part is to trust, reelect, and feel disappointment. This current group has simply gone farther than previous congresses and their arrogance is so arrogant that it can't be denied or "spun" or hidden. Is their behavior so egregious, this time, that  we will actually change our role in this play before it become a tragedy? This country is at a tipping point. This President/Congress wants us to change ourselves as free Americans to fit what their imagined political/social/economic America should be. The Health Bill is where they drew the line. So it will be "They" win and we lose. Or "We" win and they lose. Come November we will  take up our big stick and march into the voting booth.

 All the mighty nations throughout history have fallen through political suicide. Their suicidal demise always began through government's corruption of national and religious values. This destruction always begins by the discounting of a nation's history. The national history says to each new generation who we are, who they are, and how we got to where we are. This President in so many ways and in his short time in office has traveled the world discounting who we are by apologizing for America. Armed with a liberal congress this President began discounting each of us, the American people, directly by creating laws that limits our rights and freedoms. 

We have not forgotten our heritage. We have not forgotten our values, nor have we forgotten the men and women who built this Nation.

We cannot stop change..... Change is the hart beat of time and life... What is possible is that we have a voice in what and how change takes place... Our goals and purpose must be clear and easily understood by all... This is the element that has been missing during our last few election cycles... We have left the liberal media to define our goals and purposes... They will do it again IF we let them... 

Senator Wicker is beginning to find his name on the list of Senator who need to be re-vetted before that next primaries. During the past century Mississippi senators have been known to sell their votes for a handful of 'pork bones.' Can it be that Wicker is joining this august body? One can only hope not. 

Regardless of what we do or say between now and the next election there is a problem that we must think about and consider with empathy. The growing number of people who, for a whole variety of reasons, cannot find work that they can do.  The low skill jobs are simply gone.... (Again for a variety of reasons.)... This group along with the growing group of people who are here illegally are a burden on all the working families. Whatever else our purposes  are as a group we must include and offer hope and some level of solutions to this group of citizens. Through reduction in regulations on business and changing tax laws business would be willing to bring back a lot of their low skilled work back to this country. 

When businesses  price their good or services they price in the federal and state tax. In doing so they become a tax collector for government. Putting this burden on our businesses inhibits their growth and their ability to complete at the international levels. 

We need business to reach our goals as a group. We need a strong economy and they are the only ones that make this happen.  

As our group begins to fashion our goals for 2014 the elimination on all taxes on businesses and a flat tax on individuals and families.... This would be a simple goal that can easily be understood.  


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