Monday, June 4, 2012

Squanders 0f Liberties

" A society without the means to detect lies and theft soon squanders its liberty," C. Hedges The candle was lighted in the window so we have found our way home from our Central American sabbatical just in time to start all of the spring gardening chores and campaign watching. The lesson from the reaches of Costa Rica that is every country has limits. When the people, along with their government, exceeds the resource limits of their country the punishment is swift and the downward economic spiral takes no prisoners. Seeing the cost of these mistakes, as a outsider in Costa Rica, the question resounds like a cannon shot, "How could they not see?" Possibly this small nation has resources for a million people yet it has four and a half million and growing and at the same moment being bombarded with illegal immigrants. Costa Rica is a third world nation and we are the world's leading nation so how could there be any similarities between the two? From bondage to spiritual faith;  What do we know as a people about our government and its workings? Can our citizenry detect lies? Do we recognize theft? Do we notice when politicians change the meaning of words to hide the meaning of their acts? This reelection game is now getting underway in spades…. Saw my first TV ad this morning by Congressman Cohn out of the Memphis area… The ad tied him together with Obama and a older black lady saying, "They" are trying to take away my President and my Congressman." I suspect this is a simple example of the direction this campaign will take over the next five month. From spiritual faith to great courage;  Simple reality, yet so easily forgotten is the 'bigger something is the more time, money, and effort it takes to manage it. Resources are limited and when growth in terms of people and government out strips the resources of the country the results are predictable. BUT by whom? Americans are hopeful people. If our citizens cannot detect lies and recognize theft and deceit, how can we know who the candidates really are and will be unable to predict their behavior as leaders? From courage to liberty;  George Orwell famously said: “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” Today, conservative truth tellers are the Tea Party revolutionaries, struggling to get a seat at their governments table against the elite political establishment that blankets free speech, conservative ideas and ideals with liberal media blitzes. Once again, like in 2010, the liberal media broadcast the demise of the Tea Party. discounting the Tea Party as yet another grass roots movement who's time has passed. From liberty to abundance; Here we are in 2012 and like in 2010 the Tea Party folks are the only drums sounding out warnings…. Recognizing the theft and deceit … Predicting and fearing the consequence of our governments' direction. Our elected RINO's can't/don't ever look past the next election cycle. We know this about them because we know them….and yet in all likelihood we will reelect many of them again. From abundance to complacency;  Former slave Frederick Douglass advised: "Find out just what people will submit to and you have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them. ... The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress." From complacency to apathy; Societies are always in flux. Adaptation and change has been the corner stone of mankind. Now is no different from yester-year or yester-century with one exception and it a big exception.We have more of everything' than anyone in history and therefore we have more to lose. All our forefathers contributed to this rich society by following the back side of a mule or standing on an assembly line day after day, year after year. Dreaming dreams. Dreams of liberty and the freedom to accomplish all that they were able was the driving force of their efforts. They built the nation one crop at a time... One car at a time... One family at a time... This is a silly thing to say, but most of the people working in America today have never gone without, have never sweated on their job, and few have ever made a deal with a hand shake. Maybe sweat and handshake times have passed but the loss of this community trust is seen in almost everything we do. From apathy to dependence; There are 161 days, 22 hours, 32, minutes, and 22 seconds before the voting begins in November. The choices will be limited so great care and consideration is needed. This voting will take us to a form of governing that offers citizens their rightful place as the head of their government supported by their elected representatives or it will take us to an unthinkable direction of elite political class tyranny that has become so dominant in the last few decades and has escalated under this current president. Obama is not the threat to our freedoms and our historic way of life but the guy that stares back at us in the bathroom mirror every morning… Does the man in the mirror want the responsibility of the governed? Does he want a job? Does he want to contribute to his community? What does the face want? There is and has been the wealthy and the poor. These groups were bound together by common beliefs and ideals and working together a middle tier group grew and the nation prospered. The linkage between the wealthy and the poor is breaking apart. The values, beliefs, and mores in the poorer group began to change. Social bonds, family values, communities unraveled, and work ethics began to disappear. History's finger points to 1964…. The year government decided to intervene in the social structure of the nation and began engineering the Great Society. A half century later we find ourselves in a divided nation. This election will not be about federal deficits, slowing economies, unemployment, failing school systems, lies and deceit of the political class but the torn curtain that separates our citizens from one another, the people from their government, children from their fathers, and the nation from it dreams. Sweat and courage are the tools. Hope points the direction. There are few hands left that have memories of the older nation. Soon Saba's will be gone. No one will know where the candle is to light. From dependence back into bondage. If you take a group of any size where there are the same beliefs, values, the group will be acceptably stable. The group will come together, work together, and be empathic where there are causes and needs that affect the group as a whole and individuals within the group.…. At a national level, in our recent past, this was referred to as, "Being a good neighbor and/or The American Way of Life." This election campaign along with the past three years of national leadership has focused itself on dividing our citizens by defining them as victims within ethnic and economic groups. Our President, from his bully pulpit, is telling them they are being victimized by American business as well as wealthier citizens and if they reelect him he will fix the problems by taking money from this group, the wealthier 1%, and distributing it to them. The question our group along with countless other citizens should ask is , "Will this kind of pandering work?" What we know is this type of political campaigning has worked many time in out past. Many of the good old boys in the House and Senate have used the same tactics and it has worked for them in their states. Our President can’t help but regurgitate these leftist-progressive ideas and ideals. (For as a man thinks in his heart, so is he…) This is who our President is… He believes wealth should be taken from the ones who have created it. He believes government should control the economy and the individual while we at the same moment are watching the demise of the second largest economy in the world built by leaders in Europe who thought and preached the same gospel. We watched Russians citizens suffer seventy years under similar leaders with exactly the same set of government controls. Our goal is to flood the House and Senate with as many new conservative representatives as possible and to replace a President who is well liked by over half our population. Can this be done and can we do it? Yes… The answer is, yes we can… We have fought many battles before and our challengers have always regretted the outcomes. This current leading Republican candidate looks like he will be our only choice. You can bet there won't be any surprises in the convention… I had hoped we would have a candidate that had a little more true grit in him…. Ron Http://

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