Saturday, March 10, 2012

Civic Awakening - Oceania

We must not forget we are the earth in which the American Dream grows. We are we… We are the people…. We are the hope…We are the nation.

“The greatest danger facing us is ourselves. We have an irrational and rational fear of change … Through our representative form of government we have given over to politicians our power …….. This change is rational fear….. Irrational fear springs from the idea that we can't take back our power…. There is a civic awakening… The people are speaking…. The 'good ol boys' are being turned out one state at a time, one district at a time, one school board at a time, one court at a time…. This is the time of transition…. Each new generation is charged with protecting the nation and the rights of the people in the nation…. This idea is not a 'thought-crime'. We, like the ones before us, are accepting this responsibility. So what's the big deal? Or is it a big deal? Yes it is….Is this a familiar deal? Yes it is … Will we have to do this again and again? Yes we will…. The lust for power is a human experience that is reborn in each new generation. Power can be achieved in many different ways and government is one of the most obvious….

The leader, Big -Brother equals = The Party = Oceania…. What silly nonsense trying to link Oceania 1984 with America 2012 in the same sentence… America could never be an Oceania… Oceania was ruled by an oligarchic dictatorship through The Party…. Pervasive government surveillance, and incessant public control of the people couldn't be something that our government would or could ever do to American citizens.

Orwell looked at the socialist road that England had set its foot on in the early part of the last century and could only see Oceania as the destination….. When we finally accept what we have done and look clearly at the socialist road that we have created for America, what do we see as the destination?

Our president, other elected leaders, big business, and academia make up our political class and slowly over many congresses and presidents have begun to function much like the leaders of Oceania…. They freely take our money, they attack our freedoms through regulation, they attack our beliefs, our religion, and liberal media, certainly part of the political class, benefit from their support of each encroachment by nightly in their News Speak filling our air waves and assuring us that what government is doing is a good thing. After enough repeating we say, "Oh sure this is good for us" because we heard it here, there, and everywhere…

Within the political class each group has its purpose and task of garnering and centralizing power to and for the their combined best interests. This is the 1% group that our (Ministry of Truth) the liberal press decries but actively supports. This process is not about who earns lots of money or is paying a 'fair share' of taxes but who has the power to control and direct. Big Bbrother said the enemy was outside and attacking Oceania in an ongoing war…. Our government says we are in a perpetual war and under constant threats of attack by forces outside of America and that we are inconstant danger and they will protect us from these terrorists…

With each ' protective step' our government creates we lose a little more of our freedoms and our rights as citizens. Recently we were outside the country and in order to leave the host country and return we went through five check points where the same searches were used. Getting through these check points took longer than the flight back. What should have been a five hour travel day lasted over eleven hours. A friend told a similar story of reentering the country on a driving trip into Canada. Since the Home Land Security Act became law, with its one hundred and eighty thousand employees, are we safer? We must not be because Home Land Security is growing in employees and offering up new controls daily…

Reagan said, "Government is the problem." What a difficult idea to grasp. As government expand and controls more and more of our lives we become more dependent, less able, and more willing to give Big Brother more control. Get some adult beverage, Goggle up the national registrar and see how many new regulations have been imposed on individuals and businesses this past year. Besides regulations that impact individuals directly, know that all regulations on business impacts individuals indirectly. Wonder why all our representatives don't know that. Wonder why we all don't know that?

People who see the power that government is garnering and how it is imposing itself in every aspect of our lives, one has to also wonder why the people who think about government in a liberal/progressive way don't worry about the loss and danger. The question is not, are we on the road that leads to Oceania, but are we there yet? Certainly the political class is committed and actively taking us there…. Directed by our president, cheered on by the Dems and their cohorts, the liberal media.

But between here and Oceania someone has turned on a blinking red light. That someone 'be' us. Last night in all the hoopla something happened besides Romney winning Ohio. Little attention was given but maybe the biggest news of the evening was in OH-2. Representative Jean Schmidt was defeated in a major upset by conservative challenger Brad Wenstrup.  She is the first of those who voted for the debt ceiling deal … She was the first to pay the political price… Dennis Kucinich is a Dem and was the next to go in Ohio. Been in office a long time and ran for president twice… In north Mississippi there is a growing question as to a second term for recently elect district 1 representative. Nunnelee's voting has not been as conservative and consistent as he promised.

We may or may not get a candidate for president that speaks with a clear believable conservative voice. However, in this election cycle, replacing members of the House and Senate is the major task.  These are the people in Washington that have the power to make a course correction and limit the recently acquired power the President taken for himself along with the cadre of bureaucrats.

Mississippi, at the national level, can contribute by continuing to replace our representatives. No one ever mentions our senators so I guess everyone is happy with them… Both seem to be very adept at porkmanship.

Romney won a bunch of states yesterday… Good for him. (I guess.) Here is a current tracking poll:

Obama 48 - Romney 42
Obama 49 - Santorum 41

Massachusetts poll (same day)

Obama 55 - Romney 38 (Note: This is a very liberal state.)

What seems important to me is the folks in Massachusetts know something about Romney we don't know…. They were not going to give him a second term. If he is our candidate, Obama's campaign will lets us know what we don't know about him.

If we were looking at Romney in any other context other than the leader of the nation here is what we would see and say about him:

"Look: a great country takes all types, and Mitt Romney is one of the kinds of private citizen who contribute enormously to making America great. He’s smart, articulate and fantastically disciplined and hard-working. He was a fabulously successful businessman, intimately involved in the development of many new and growing businesses during his career in venture capital and private equity. He ran the Salt Lake City Olympics well, rescuing it from a corruption scandal as well as the challenge of handling the extra security that came from hosting the Games just five months after September 11. He’s obviously a good family man, a man of faith and unquestioned personal integrity. He seems like the kind of guy anyone would be glad to have as a next-door neighbor or a son-in-law. He’s the kind of shirt-off-his-back guy who would ride out in the dark on a JetSki to say a drowning family and their dog, or shut down his entire business for days to help a co-worker rescue his kidnapped daughter, or give 15% of his income to charity. (True stories.) If we lived in a world without ideological conflict and were simply choosing a manager from among our most upstanding citizens to be a political leader, Mitt Romney would be near the top of anyone’s list."

This is a quote from RedState….

BUT in this context we are considering someone to be our leader and who would be the most powerful man in the world….That becomes a different kind of Romney story.... When a person or a candidate makes decisions based on their beliefs, values, and principles you don't see a lot of 'change of heart' in core issues but when they pander to the political wind change comes often. There is a long history of changes with Romney on core issues. He says his history and strengths is top down management which is great if you want big government.

Enough said…

I was whining about New Albany getting a forty mile walking/bike trail in a recent article well I am happy to tell you that Oxford is getting a four hundred and fifty thousand dollars bike track also…. (I wonder if any tax payer in Alabama knows their tax money is building bike trails in north Mississippi.) Both are part of Obama's Rebuild America scheme… Obama is bonding with lots of city fathers across America….

Outside the political campaign, a short note about the political class. Carbonite pulled its advertising support from the Rush Limbaugh radio show over a remark he made about a young woman who was at a 'committee meeting' explaining to our representatives why tax payers should pay from her birth control pills along with the other meds she might need related to her activities.... The American stock holders sold off their of Carbonite and the stock plunged 12% the next day.... There are many ways to skin a cat but if it’s a public company, such as Carbonite, that is in need of a conservative political lesson just sell their shares and don't buy their product. CEOs of companies are smarter than politicians…..and stockholder don't have to wait two or six years to fire them…

Isn't it dazzling the amount of money being spent on bashing the other candidates in this election cycle by the Romney campaign. What was it , four or five to one in Florida… To hear tell Obama will even spend more…..He has done 191 funder raisers so far and a few at thirty thousand a plate dinners…. Campaigning is costly… Bashing other candidates is considered a good thing and the cornerstone of political campaigns. The sad part is that it works….

Europe is unwinding, people are still losing their homes, unemployment numbers are higher than is being reported and, the debt is rising. CBO (Congressional Budget Office) just informed us that February was the biggest deficit month we have had in our history, 229 billion… Government borrowed that money from somewhere (or just printed it) and the interest we will pay will be around 300 million per month….

We have to replace them all….

Oh well, spring is here in North Mississippi…Trees are leafing out, roses are leafing out and the male robins are showing up in mass.

If we are able to get this government back on some reasonable track let us all have "Never Again" tattoo on our forehead.




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