Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th?

Just to say HI on this most important day…I have decided to send you a LINK to "The Daily Caller"… This is a article/series of videos of a interviews with Daniel Hanna who I suspect many do not know nor have even heard of……The interviews were done by Ginni Thomas who I often read….

In trying to think of something that might be either interesting or worth saying on this special day I happened on this article. For us, on this day, I can't think of anything more directly related to the enormous struggle the Tea Party and its members have taken on…Mr. Hanna is a cheerleader and rings the bell loudly of the dangers this nation is facing….

When you click on this site it will take a while for the videos to fully load… Notice the bottom of the page and it will keep saying 'done' but still has more to download…. I think you will enjoy this….


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