Thursday, April 21, 2011

Under Heaven

There is a time for every purpose under heaven. Now is our place in time.…Now is our moment in history and our purpose is clear... We have returned to the path our forefathers created. A road forgotten by many. We have become the reminders…the guides... models for our younger… we are the unelected leaders…and if not us who and if not now when…?

The road we travel, absent of foot prints, is overgrown and hard to see. There are no sign posts and none are needed. We remember.. The farther we go the more familiar the road seems. Good stewards cut this road with axes and sweat and left hidden notes pinned here and there saying "go this way", "don't go that way', and always assuring us the we can do it. Our confidence builds with each step taken. We just forgot the simple lesson taught and it was that freedom is never free. Liberty did not come down to us in perpetuity. We simply lost sight that we and the generation before and after us must pay the toll. The creation of this nation was about the pursuit of life and liberty, and the operative word is pursuit. There was never a promise from anyone at anytime that we would own freedom, that it would simply exist for us. Only the idea itself was set in concrete...What our founders assured us is that government would be pursing its quest for power over people relentlessly. Yet another lesson forgotten. Forgotten even with their dire warnings that we should always keep our guns for a time we must protect the nation from external enemies as well as the enemy within. In our time our votes are the guns... experientially as well as intuitively. The forefathers knew that government, no matter what shape or form, would always strive to secure it position and garner power/control over the people it had sworn to serve and protect.

Our current president has, along with elected governmental officials, pursued governmental powers over citizens like no other government before in our history. They overwhelm us daily with some new law, regulations, or social program that takes not only more or our income but burdens us with debts that we cannot pay in most of our lifetimes.

Without liberty and freedom happiness can't be achieved. Nor a sense of safety, well being, or stability for ourselves or for our children.

Below is the congressional history of not passing a budget and shutting down our government. Many of our readers lived through all of the 'shut downs'. They have occurred so often and for so long it means nothing more that a big YAWN. And yet, the president, the DEMs, and the press were still able once again to frighten the citizens with suggestions that the country was coming to an end with the potential shutdown.

How easy it is to manipulate naive citizens. All of this to-do about shutting down the government and the disasters that would follow. As you look at the list note what congress did, in terms of shutting down the government, in 1977…All of us lived through this political silliness many times before. It is as if the American voter doesn't understand that 'shutting down the government' during budget negotiations is a political ploy that has been used and reused by GOP and DEMS. How is it we forget this?

Government shutdowns

Started Ended No.Days

9/30/76 10/11/76 10
9/30/77 10/13/77 12
10/31/77 11/9/77 8
11/30/77 12/9/77 8
9/30/78 10/18/78 17
9/30/79 10/12/79 11
11/20/81 11/23/81 2
9/30/82 10/2/82 1
12/17/82 12/21/82 3
11/10/83 11/14/83 3
9/30/84 10/03/84 2
10/3/84 10/05/84 1
10/16/86 10/18/86 1
12/18/87 12/20/87 1
10/5/90 10/09/90 3
11/13/95 11/19/95 5
12/15/95 1/06/96 21

We are coming to the same moment with the 'raising of the debt ceiling'. The drums are already beating…The DEMS along with their brothers in the media are already chanting that the world as we know it will come to an end if we don't raise the debt ceiling. What nonsense, the world as we know it would be happy if we don’t agree to go into to debt ceiling….Tax money flows into Washington every day. There is plenty of money to pay the bills. What is obvious to those of us who do not work on the east side of the Potomac, just put some projects on hold. Cut other projects and extend some payments for thirty days. The same thing every business in America does when money gets tight. This is Econ 101.

The question is will government, with support of the press, be effective in frightening the citizens over the debt ceiling issue? If so the ceiling will be raised again… Like the list above another list can be made around the raising of the spending levels. Each time a big to-do is made and in the end and without the voter's consent the debt ceiling has been raised.

Raising spending ceiling = more long term debt
More long term debt = greater tax burdens on our children

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey taken a couple of week ago finds that only 26% of Likely U.S. Voters feel that the spending cuts proposed by congressional Republicans will significantly reduce federal spending and deficits. Fifty-three percent (53%) recognize that the proposed GOP cuts will have little impact on overall levels of spending and deficits. One-in-five voters (21%) are not sure.

While recognizing they won’t make much of a difference, voters still support short-term budget cuts. Fifty-seven percent (57%), in fact, think making deeper spending cuts in the federal budget for 2011 is more important than avoiding a government shut down. 

Voters expressed similar feelings about the three-year freeze on government discretionary spending that President Obama proposed in his State of the Union speech last year.  While most approved of the freeze, 81% said it would have no impact on the nation’s historic-level budget deficits.

It’s not energy or tax dollars we’re in short supply of. It’s vision in which we have a deficit. We have no leaders who can fill the American canvas with a picture of a positive future and then lead us there. Instead, we have the leadership of failure and diminished expectations, as if by design.

We are being told by the president that the future will be rationed, portioned off, each according to his needs with Big Brother watching over every aspect of production from healthcare to energy, from retirement to immigration enforcement- defining for us who gets to stay here and who does not, instead of letting the law decide. We have a government of men, now, not laws.  

Shenanigans pure and simple….. What are the poor voters to do? AND the answer is just what we are doing….We are in the throws of replacing as many of the 'old guard' as we possibly can each election cycle after another at the Federal and State levels. The GOP leaders in the House must go….either by leaving office or by adding more new members to override them. Same is true with the Senate. Senator's Ryan's budget he says will bring the nation to a balance budget in 2025. Who cares…2025 this man doesn't know where he will eat breakfast next Tuesday much less what congress will be doing a decade from now.

Not only is the GOP leadership an embracement and they are just as destructive as the DEMs. For sure, neither has our best interests at heart.

American poet Ella Wheeler Wilcox once wrote that “to sin by silence when we should protest makes cowards of men.”

562 days, 6 hours, 15 minutes till the polls close on the 2012 elections. The way to predict the outcome is to enlighten and co-op one person a day to the Tea Party mission.


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