Thursday, January 6, 2011

America Is Not An Accident

AND neither is this 112 Congress….. We just watched the swearing in of the new Congress…. It is we, the Tea Party along with other patriots who have reconfigured this congress. We know it. Now they know it…

Each of us has some vision of our shining city. Floating above all the daily fray. A symbol of the people and the nation. A nation of freedom and liberties for all it citizens. Our forefather's mission and our Tea Party mission was/is to build a foundation that supports these awesome ideals. In November 2010 the work crew showed up and the footing got poured. More is needed and more will be done.

At first the Tea Party dreams seemed impossible,,, after a little time they seemed if not impossible at least improbable,,,, from somewhere, not by accident, deep in the hearts and minds of many citizens a realization took place. To lose the shining city was a loss of everything we know, believe in, and value.

The liberals sat through 2010 along with middle ground DEMS, Republicans, and national media, in total denial of the Tea Party so they never had a clue of what was about to happen. Even with us shouting loudly they couldn't hear but other voters began to hear. They joined with us but even our combined voices were not heard. Arrogance of these entrenched group deafened them.

Misleading stopped working, outright lying stopped working, the liberal media was simply preaching to the choirs. Even with the shellacking what happened is the DEMS came right back and started blatantly lying with Nancy once again taking the lead saying the DEMS mantra was reduced spending, lowering the deficit, and job creation and the national press sang her song on the nightly news.

I have no idea what rocks we need to look under or what kind of survey we need to take but 2012 is not in some distant future. Most of the usual suspects are beginning to 'toe the water'. These are the same folks that were beaten early in the last primaries by the candidate who lost the presidential election. I can well understand why the DEMS would want to see these folks run again.

One poor contender, Romney, still is saying his effort to get a State Health Program was a good thing and he would do it again. The reality that is known is Massachusetts is one of the top ten states near bankruptcy and guess what is the state's major burden coming right behind the states workers pensions programs?(Note: Senator Brown (R) voted for the Massachusetts Health Bill and says he would do it again.) What is also known is that almost all of Romney's key staffers and campaign managers are abandoning his ship. They are not showing any confidence in Romney nor do we at The Oxford Tea Party have any confidence in him or Huckabee. The press is being encouraging and accommodating, to each man, with their visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads.

If each runs this will be divisive. To fall back on an old adage, "The more things change the more they stay the same."

It's possible the Tea Party has a coat tail bigger and longer than we might imagine. Rep. Charlie Rangel talking about the new GOP Congress on Hardball with Chris Matthews: "The teabaggers set the standard as to what we are going to fund and not fund” in this Congress. There is lots to say about Charlie but for sure we know he knows which way the wind has just blown and it looks as if he is just one of the few. Nancy doesn't seem to know and her followers hopefully will 'do lunch' with Charlie and get some clues…..

Starting today our new congress folks will start walking their talk. Let us send them e-mails letting them know we are going to watch their backs. We are their supports. We will get them what they need to hold the course and if they do we will see that they are reelected. Washington politics is not a game for wimps. Courage, values, beliefs are what is important to us and we will never buy the rational that you have to go along to get along in Congress. That is not why we sent you there….BUT you must show us some true grit... Tell them they must not lose sight of the mission cause, out here in the hinterlands, usins still have our vote.

Lets learn how better to win…. 2012 will be much harder that 2010.

Note: Ideas garnered from RedState

Its time for the Tea Party to take a close look at the GOP. A national party that has lost it way and failed in it's mission. The Party is in debt and individuals fighting over the leadership position seem to lack leadership skills. I'm not sure why that comes as a surprise. Whoever wins this leadership position, we will be stuck with them for a good while. Given RNC's performance I'm hard pressed to see why anyone would send them money. We at The Oxford Tea Party did not and will not. Jim DeMint we felt was a option.

The national GOP is needed but its strength lies way down the food chain at the local precinct. The time for us to invest will never be better than now. Over the next few months, the GOP will begin selecting new officers at the municipal, county, and state levels. Those people will then pick new committeemen for the RNC, etc. The basics are straightforward. Get involved. Call your local or state Republican Party and find out where your precinct meetings will be. They should be later this month or in February.

It is time to participate in your precincts. (Smaller counties may not have precincts. Maybe only a County group.) You show up at your precinct meeting and, more often or not, you will be the only one there. Guess what? In most states that makes you the precinct captain for the GOP. You will then move on to your county party with a vote.

If enough of your Tea Party activist friends do the same thing, guess what? You now have a voice in your local party. And if the Tea Party members from enough other counties have done the same, you will have a larger voice in the state party.

In 2010 the Tea Party movement led from outside of the GOP. This year the Tea Party may be able to help shape the GOP as well. It isn't very easy. The local old guards are pretty entrenched. This won't be a cake walk.

All you need to do is pick up the phone, find out where your precinct meeting will be, and show up with your friends. That begins the process.

A new Rasmussen Survey:

Increased government spending and higher taxes hurt the economy, and right now the voter concerned about the economy is at its highest level in over two years. (82%) expect to be disappointed in congressional Democrats, still in control of the Senate, by the time the next national elections come around. As for taxes, 49% of voters believe they will go up over the next two years. Sixty-four percent (64%) say the federal deficit will go up over the next two years.

Ralph Nader's pronouncement predicts the new 'tea' congressmen will meld into the political system very quickly and all the hoopla will come to an end.

Starting January 1, 2011 one baby boomer will retire every 8 seconds and each will enroll Social Security and Medicare. This is a huge number and ObamaCare, if not overturned, will add another forty million on top of the new boomers.

November 2012 elections are only 667 days, 22 hours, and 22 minutes away. If each of us could add one soldier to the Tea Party mission each week those election would be enough to build all the pilings under the shining city with lots of guards on the gates.

Notes to our new Congress:

1) Mind your own business: 2) Keep you hands out of our pockets: 3) Leave our business alone: 4) Stay home and mind our hearth.


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