Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bold Steps And A Good Giggle

Glen Beck played a major role in the phenomenal win on Tuesday….

Below is a clip from his radio show…. This is funny. The first little section is from an advertiser so be patient. When the video starts open it to full screen so you can see all of the people involved. I laughed more the second time I watched it.

We got the announcement from the MS Tea Party for a call for people who might want to run in the next election cycle. I am glad to see we are getting started because we have only 730 day, 7 hours, 36 minutes, and 5 seconds left before the next election day on 11/2/2012…We are happy to see that the Tea Party is stepping up to the plate and participating directly in the selection of candidates.

If the National Republican Party learned a lesson from the Tuesday election results they 'may' want to have a seat at our table. They 'may' even want to joint with Jim DeMint, Colburn, and many of the newly elected congressmen and begin to move the National Party back to the traditional conservative positions. Who knows? Strange things do happen..In spite of their whimpy participation sixty plus Dems (lots of blue dogs) got sent home.

Hopefully this time around we will be able to focus more on state problems along with the national elections.

Obama was very helpful with the Tuesday event in that he has been drawing the 'line' so deeply in the sand that voters could clearly see it. It seems that he will continue to be helpful, in the same ways, during these next two years given his long rambling press conference yesterday. Clearly he does not see that it was his political agenda that is the issue not his ability explain clearly, to the poor dumb voters, that his agenda will save the nation, preserve its values, not impinge on individual freedoms, or confiscate voters' hard earned dollars.

With that being said, we at The Oxford Tea Party fall into that category of "poor dumb voters". We don't get it. We don't believe in his agenda…. What we do believe is that his agenda is socialist to the core. With his agenda, over time, America would join the league of the other socialist nations of the world along with France, Spain, Greece, etc.... This election was only a momentary 'pause' for him. Nothing more...

He is off today with three thousand people, almost as many planes to India, at a cost of two hundred millions dollars plus of tax payers' dollars, in the middle of a recession, with ten percent unemployment.(That’s' even more money than his wife spent on her vacation to Italy with the children.)


Thank you Mr. Beck for all your effort, hard work, emotional support, guidance and a good 'giggle.'

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